Competition: Dusty Girls Mineral Make-Up Set

Inspired by how fresh and lovely skin feels after a day of exploring in the country, popular skin company MooGoo developed an all-natural mineral make-up range to recreate the healthy-faced look.


We’ve been having a play with some of the products recently and are quite impressed. We wish for you to have a chance to try too.

We have 1x Dusty Girls Mineral Make Up Pack to give away to 1 lucky Beauty and Lace reader. (Winner picks what shades she prefers)

The pack contains: Natural Mineral Foundation Powder, Tinted Earth Cream, Natural Mineral Bronzer, Natural Mineral Blush, Natural Mineral Mascara, Natural Mineral Lip Gloss , Natural Mineral Lip Shine and Kabuki Brush.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what’s your favourite thing to do in the country?

Competition closes 01/09/14 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

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133 thoughts on “Competition: Dusty Girls Mineral Make-Up Set

  1. My favourite thing when we go to the country is to enjoy the peace and quite, have a nice picnic lunch and enjoy the quite time before we have to head back to the city

  2. Oh I am really interested in trying this, I already love their skincare. My favorite thing to do in the country is wander around the little towns, they are always so unique and the people are always so friendly.

  3. I live in the country & my favourite thing to do is take a Sunday drive & stop for a picnic with my family . Fresh air & beautiful surroundings , what could be better .

  4. Go to the country pubs and have a ploughmans lunch a bottle of wine outside on the lawn – Fantastic relaxation at it’s finest.

  5. In the country I love to go Quad biking and get really dirty. There is nothing better than a big mud puddle! This surprises most people as I am always dressed nicely, with my hair and makeup done. I love clothes and keeping up the modern fashion trends. But to let steam off and get the wind in my hair is just too much fun. The first time my kids say me, they were quite shocked that their old mum, could have so much fun.

  6. I grew up in the country and my favourite thing to do was climb to the top of a big grassy hill – lay down and then roll to the bottom then just lie there and watch the clouds until I was ready to climb back up again. I took my kids back to where I grew up last weekend and we all did it together – Yep its still may favourite and now it’s their favourite as well…. So much fun!

  7. Call me old fashioned but I love yabbying! Find an dam somewhere, set some bait and wait for dinner to come to you. Then setting a bush cooking pit and as the sun goes down, enjoying freshly caught, cooked and eaten yabbies!

  8. When I visit the country, I love to lie in a field on my back, in the sun, and listen to the birds high in the sky.

  9. Camping with family and friends, it’s the best bonding ever. The possibilities are endless when you are camping and it brings out the most wonderful ideas of fun and entertainment.

  10. I love walking through the big trees and seeing the birds and reptiles and the occasional rabbit that pops out!! every day is a new wonderful experience and new things to find and look at.

  11. I love walking in the country and absorbing as much fresh country air and positive vibes as I can. Whether that’s a gentle walk alongside a babbling brook, or a more vigorous hike in the hills, it’s always followed up with wine and nibbles with my loved ones!

  12. I Love to stop on the side of the road with my kids to look at Animals .
    I Love the excitement and wonder in their eyes.

  13. Go bushwalking and look at all the wonderful native flowers and plants , especially at this time of the year when there just starting to come out.

  14. We love travelling down to the coast and watching the kids enjoying the waves. The ocean breeze always brings a sense of calm.

  15. Being blessed to live and enjoy the country everyday our family life is full of lots of activity and adventure. But our favourite activity is to go camping out on the family farm – going back to basics; no power, no phones, no running water. Just the sheep bleating, crows cawing and the occasional snake that slithers into our camp site. We cook on the campfire, now a whizz at damper with jam and cream, enjoy chatting around the campfire, go horse riding of a day and take the time to just enjoy each others company. There’s nothing nicer than seeing the kids laughing as they skim rocks on the dam, and walk along the creek discovering an array of creepy crawlies. I love that we can walk away from all technology and not be bothered by emails, facebook and computer games. There’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of country life.

  16. Find a grassy (not rocky lol) hillside, lay down and roll down that sucker for all it’s worth! Then repeat 😉

  17. We live in the country and have 15 acres with 4 horses, a goat, 11 sheep, MANY chickens and ducks as well as 4 dogs and 19 cats. We just love being outside and playing with all the animals.

  18. As a country girl, born and bred- nothing screams country to me like forging flower crowns and daisy chains in the fresh air of a back paddock under the sunshine!

  19. I love to go to the country and look and the beautiful landscape. I just love the animals and the fresh air. It is so peaceful, and a wonderful place to go for a walk.

  20. I grew up in the country and they were the best years of my life, big open spaces and fresh air and peace & quiet….
    One of my all time favourite things about the country was in Winter, it got so cold and foggy and I would walk an hour plus to get to school every morning (my choice). I would walk down the road with fields on both sides and everything I could see was white, the fog so heavy and thick that the headlights of cars down further were dim and blurry. It was the prettiest sight, seeing all the cobwebs between the trees and bushes and strands of long grass, that were covered in ice and glistening. Everything around me had a sparkle because of the crispy ice….puddles had frozen so I would pretend to ice skate over them. By the time I got to school my hair had icicles hanging all through my hair.
    I miss those days so much….give me the country any day…I’m a country girl at heart!

  21. I live in the country, and I love every minute of it. I so love seeing other areas of countryside and my favourite thing to do is walk and explore. Whether it is hillsides, open plains, mountains or rivers each area has it’s own unique beauty….including where I live. The changes in light at sunrise and sunset always make things look different and more stunning.

  22. I love the atmosphere of a small country town & sampling the local produce too. Finding little hidden treasures in the bric a brac stores are a bonus. The beautiful scenery matches that of the hospitality of the people & makes for a truly enjoyable family day.

  23. I’d be a kid again. Firstly, on with my rubber boots. Then on down to the quarry, tadpole season, catch a few, find some frogs. Next, cut across to the pine forest and build a fort with the pine needles and kick over huge toadstools. Once done, it’s off to the scrub patch, light a campfire, boil a billy and enjoy some gum leaf bush tea. Those were fantastic days when I was young! So lucky.

  24. Canoeing, drifting along silently on a quiet country creek, observing all things natural, to a favourite, secluded picnic spot where we enjoy some home prepared goodies and the accompanying glass of fine local wine.

  25. I grew up in the city but each year during school holidays I would go to visit family in the country. I loved it there and loved the freedom of running through fields of long grass even though my Gran was sure I would pick up a tick. I learnt a lot of amazing cooking skills from my Great Aunt who made the most amazing food. We picked strawberries and made strawberry jam to have on our warm scones with cream. We picked Apples and made apple pies for dessert and sometimes we made peach pies.
    There is nothing like freshly picked produce and good old country cooking.

  26. Love to get into the MooGoo, I visit my cousin, she’s on a dairy farm. I help with the milking and feeding the young calves and if I’m unlucky enough I end up standing in some MooPoo.
    But I still a fun time day.

  27. My favourite thing to do in the country is spot the wildlife, koalas, kangaroos to name a few, my little one loves pointing them out.

  28. As i live in the country I love so many things. I love to walk along the creeks and I also love to sit under a tree and throw down my picnic rug and have a read of a good book. I love walking down the base of Hanging Rock and remembering the story.

  29. this is the best country in the world there is so much to see and do just get in the car and play tourist in your home town for a start see a local business you’ve never been in before you might even make a new friend

  30. I like sitting on the veranda watching the birds ,and the trees swaying flowers poking there heads through the soil

  31. My favourite thing to do in the country is visiting all the market stalls and sampling all the local produce. I also love checking out all the arts and pottery shops that showcases the local talent.

  32. I love to just wonder and explore through nature and just clear my mind, relax and enjoy being with family and the beauty of nature I would usually take a light picnic and find a nice spot to sit and relax as well.

  33. Love going for a drive down the great ocean road with my wonderful husband, my disabled brother and our two dogs even tho every time the smaller dog gets car sick on the windy road. Then having a nice stroll near the beach but when it’s hot we all go for a swim. Either way it’s just wonderful having the whole gang together 🙂

  34. I love experiencing the laid back village life and unique history, discovering the fabulous country cafes, bakeries, B&Bs, friendly hotels, boutique clothes shops, and antique stores. Even searching for gold, taking a walk or a scenic drive. I find the country a truly relaxing and meditating place. The perfect place to sip on a glass of wine and contemplate the future, while reflecting on the past.

  35. Waking up to clean air, eating real food, talking to country characters and imagining the possibility of actually being able to do this ALL the time

  36. I love visiting my uncles farm in the country and getting hands on dirty feeding the animals, collecting the eggs etc. its good for the soul.

  37. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy exploring with my family during the day before lighting a camp fire and eating marshmallows

  38. I like going to the farmer’s markets or even better visiting roadside stalls, choosing colourful organic fresh produce and knowing that they were picked that morning.

  39. I live in the country and it’s amazing things arnt rushed like in the city it’s laid back and you can breathe. I also love helping fellow neighbours out when in need like drought stricken times

  40. I love to go into the country during Winter. My Grandpa and I go walkabouts, with a couple of baskets and blunt knives, and we collect baskets full of the most beautiful, tasty and fresh mushrooms, which we then cook in butter over a camp-fire.

  41. Drink in the peaceful cacophony. The sights soothe my eye and heart, the abundance of song from birds & insects warm my soul.

  42. Definitely to go hiking, up a mountain trail. The rush as you get closer and closer to the top, the fresh air, the wind in your hair, climbing over sticks and stones and ridges, to finally achieve your goal, and reach the top, where you are Queen of the world, able to see everything, such a beautiful sight.

  43. I love to walk my dog. He is so excited by the smells and sights. He never chases other animals but looks at them in wonder. He appreciates every moment and it uplifts me. I always come home feeling grateful to be alive.

  44. I love to get out and walk my dog – he’s a Beagle X Spaniel, so with all the new scents and scenery it’s like Christmas for him! Seeing him so happy and joyful instantly makes me feel relaxed and all the stresses of every day life just melts away.

  45. I grew up in the country, so when i return to my childhood farm in the country i love the peace and quiet, fresh air and most of all taking my daughter and niece out into the paddocks to hand feed the animals. The excitement on their faces is absolutely priceless. 🙂

  46. I love taking lots of photos of my children enjoying the freedom of the open country. From strawberry picking, hiking to waterfalls, to leisurely strolls or rolling down hills. The memories of their happy, glowing little faces will remain with me forever.

  47. When visiting a country town, I love contemplating the strength and spirit of women who live there. For those on farms it was only a few decades ago that many started out in shacks with no electricity. I love to honour these women, even if only silently.

  48. I love living in the country, The peace and quiet it’s so relaxing. I love having a picnic for tea in spring and summer and watching the sunset and my children play. It’s pure and beautiful.

  49. I love camping. There is something natural to wake up to the bird song instead of some crazy alarm clock. Open the tent to some green view, lazy around whole day, enjoy Australian climate and water….that’s the reason for this country to be “Lucky

  50. Favourite thing in the country is to take photos. Everything is so unique and the animals are so cute. It’s also really nice to switch if from technology and play card games with a few glasses of wine.

  51. I love to go swimming in the river. It’s always so refreshing and relaxing and no better way to wash the country dust away.

  52. It’s to get out in the fresh air and enjoy a simpler life away from all the screens such as mobile phones and computers and TV and slow down and enjoy life.

  53. Sheep must be amongst the dumbest animals put the earth and lambs amongst the cutest. I love watching them jump about and the way their tails wriggle while feeding.

  54. Sprint down the paddock with the dogs bounding beside me- coming back home as a happy, Dusty Girl in the original version of mineral make-up.

  55. So many things to do in the country bush walk go yabbing fishing BBQ have mud fights, not have to worry about anything , feed the goats, sheep, horses, dogs , cats, hand feed the birds, just to sit and relax watching the animals do what they do everyday is the best thing about the country

  56. It sounds pretty silly, but I’ve just moved to a semi-rural home and my favourite thing is cleaning up after a storm. When mother nature has ravaged a few trees it’s nice to get in there, clean up the dead branches that have come away, sweep the driveway, get things looking fresh again and appreciate the new green shoots coming through the ground. It’s an awesome reminder that moving to the country puts us in the middle of nature’s spectacular shows.

  57. Down south in the WA wine growing region of Margaret River, arum lilies spring out of the wet marshy grassland in bunches. Pull on your rubber boots, call your dog and venture off with scissors and a bucket. LILY LAND heaven!

  58. I love to take long walks and explore the nature that surrounds me. I get to see the beautiful scenery, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and just live in the moment.

  59. I just feel how lucky I am to be born in this beautiful country and just go for drives all over and check out the scenery there is just so much to see here beautiful beaches glorious countryside and great shopping centres

  60. Find a pozzy under a shady tree, where I can spread a blanket and relax with a good book for all of 5 minutes before I drift off.

  61. The country’s for holidays after the city’s frantic pace… I love sleeping in, breakfasts with cockatoos and seeing so many stars up in space!

  62. Cherry is ultimate sin, I’ll scoff it blistering hot from the tin. Cherry pie has a country feel, when baked fresh – family crunching with delight.

  63. I love long bush walks or horse rides followed by a quick swim in the creek. Afterwards a picnic lunch and then reading a book whilst laying out in the sun enjoying nature is my favourite thing.

  64. Enjoy the blissful stillness of uninhabited land as far as the horizon as the sun goes to sleep and a dusting of sparkling stars blankets the sky.

  65. The best thing yo do I the country is walk barefoot through the bush while listening yo the sounds that we drown out during our everyday anywhere else.

  66. I love nice warm sunny afternoon walks with my hubby, son and the dog, going nowhere in a hurry. With the warm sun warming my back

  67. I do a 12km walk every other day to collect the mail and take my 2 girls with me they love the walk, but sometimes decide to chase a roo is more fun have a Dusty Girls Mineral Make Up pack would make all the difference to my skin especially since im outdoor most of the time

  68. Bushwalking downstream from the misty, moisty mountains to where the crystal clear, creek waters emerge from the tropical rainforest and meet the sea at a deserted sandy beach.. pure heaven!

  69. my favorite thing to do in the country is going to go see my Grandpa, and spending some time with him and of course doing the tradition that ive always done ever since i was a kiddie is going to go see the Bunyup in murray bridge on the way back home.

  70. Enjoy the outdoors we have the world’s best beaches, national parks and great outdoor spaces along with the AFL and plenty of cafes to catch up with friends for coffee.

  71. Watching the world go by and savouring the peace and tranquility. Watching the children delight in the simple pleasures of life that only a taste of the country can bring.

  72. Applying makeup & transforming myself from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. I also find watching beauty tutorials quite relaxing – weird I know but there you go, I’m obsessed with make up!

  73. A stay in the country is good for the soul.
    The air is much fresher, on the whole,
    I love taking photos of the country-side,
    The views are amazing, far and wide.

  74. that’s so easy for me as I live in the country and there’s nothing more beautiful than looking at the night sky the stars are so much clearer, also take my two dogs on a 12km walk every other day too collect the mail, and to see kangaroos pass you by without a care in the world or a flock of cockatoos fly overhead, and the number of lizards just lazing in the sun, they just look at you as you pass them by not moving or scurrying away.
    there’s so much beauty in the country for the whole world to see if only they would try even for a day to breath in some fresh clean air instead of the smog and pollution found in most cities

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