Competition: Lady Jayne Metallic Blush Collection

Lady Jayne brings us their new range, full of all things pretty and feminine. The Metallic Blush Collection sees a range with every hair accessory you can ever want and we’re giving away the entire collection to one lucky winner.


We have 1 x Lady Jayne Metallic Blush Collection to give away to 1 lucky Beauty and Lace reader.

The collection includes: Textured Bobby Slides (6 pack), Embellished Barrette, Embellished Pins (2 pack), Mesh Headband, Foiled Flexi-Band, Mesh Bow Elastic, Leather Bow Elastic, Double Bar Pins (6 pack) and Mini Grips (2 pack)

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what is your top tip for healthy hair?

Competition closes 14/09/15 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

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107 thoughts on “Competition: Lady Jayne Metallic Blush Collection

  1. A friend of mine uses ordinary products, absolutely nothing flash, but has the shiniest, softest hair ever. Models would drool for her hair. But they should drool for her diet, high in veggies and meat, no processed food and no gluten (she’s allergic). I’ve changed my diet to match hers and one month in, my hair is already beginning to be its own spotlight.

  2. I always use good quality shampoo and conditioner. A weekly treatment. And I dry my hair naturally, I don’t use a blow dryer or curling tongs. I love healthy clean hair.

  3. My best tips are have your hair trimmed regularly by someone you trust implicitly. Condition, condition, condition as this is so very important! (you may want to try organic products). Its important to be especially gentle with your hair when it is wet as well!

  4. I minimise washing my hair to keep it soft,shiny and supple. I towel dry it and hardly ever use a hairdryer and I get a lot of compliments on my thick, straight,long blonde hair.

  5. Once a week I use a deep treatment on my hair and wear a shower cap for 1/2 an hour ( don’t laugh ) it really works

  6. Choosing the right Shampoo & Conditioner is at the top of the list,have dead ends trimmed regularly & I never use a hair dryer I feel they dry out my hair just let it dry naturally.

  7. Regular trims is always great and treatments if you use straighteners and hair dryers all the time

  8. I wash my hair daily as it tends get oily if I don’t & I brush my hair gently with 100 strokes as my grandmother taught me as a child. I also try not to use to many products to be as natural as possible. After years of expensive products trying to repair damage from over use of products chasing the “healthy & shining looking hair” I still wasn’t getting the desired results so I stopped everything & started a product that was produced with particular hairdressers that worked with models with damaged hair from over styling, to create super cheap products that everyday people can afford & that actually do the job it claims to do! Since then my hair has been the best it has ever been since I was a child!

  9. My tip is to massage the scalp and get some circulation going and this will help keep hair healthy and beautiful.

  10. Eat real food ,drink plenty of water,have 8 hours of sleep ,keep your hair clean and massage them with oil once a week.

  11. Eat healthy and drink lots of water to keep your hair looking shiny and heathy, also use a good quality natural shampoo and conditioner and don’t overuse straighteners or hairdryers.

  12. Do not overbleach, over wash or over brush – all of these things stress the hair. Weekly treatments inject moisture back into lifeless hair.

  13. Always wash hair in luke warm water and pat dry , don’t rub it with the towel. Comb regularly and massage well when washing it, to stimulate hair growth.

  14. When you have a spare 24 hours, just use natural coconut oil, leave in for a few hours, wash in mild shampoo & your hair is so shinny & thick. Really works especially if you use rain water.

  15. Only shampoo every 2 or 3 days but I wash (water only) every shower because I don’t like going to bed with dirty hair. Also towel and air dry completely before going to bed to avoid waking up looking like you stuck your finger in a light socket.

  16. sprinkle seeds like chia, linseed and sunflower on my breakfast cereal everyday day. These little critters are full of health hair shininess and I have a golden mane to roar with.

  17. Use a henna colour on your hair! They offer great coverage and also keep your hair healthy and there is a vibrant range of colours!

  18. I try to keep washing my hair to a minimum. Two or three times a week. I find if im using shampoo and hairdryers and straightners too often my hair will completely dry out.

  19. My top tip is to stay hydrated and eat plenty of lean protein and healthy fats to nourish your hair from the inside. You’ll have fabulous skin too! Salmon, avocado, walnuts and green vegetables are your friends.

  20. great shampoo & conditioner, healthy eating (but make sure you include the occasional treats!) and try not to stress. If your hair wants to go a certain way when trying to style it, just go with the flow!

  21. I ensure I use an oil on it to ensure it keeps soft and smooth. I also use a microfiber towel to draw most of the water out after washing so that there’s less damage time in using a hairdryer, especially in winter

  22. Coconut oil treatment once a week and an Apple cider rinse a few times a week. That’s it, environmentally friendly and completely safe 🙂

  23. I like to do a coconut oil treatment once a month and get a toner put through every two months to keep my colour lively.

  24. Good healthy food! What does in your body really effects what you’re hair looks like and a great hair stylist!

  25. Learn how the items in your pantry can help your hair – arrowroot powder can work as dry shampoo on blonde hair, cocao an cinnamon can work on brunette. Bicarb soda and apple cider vinegar make a great wash and rinse and olive or coconut oil can tame the frizz. Mayonnaise or beer can add shine or mix beetroot jiice into your shampoo to add a temporary pink tint.

  26. For healthy silky hair , I love to use natural haircare products to clean my hair and avoid chemical haircare products. Regular hair treatment and blance diet is my tip to grow health hair too.

  27. Treat your hair as if it was your skin….wear a hat when out in the sun to protect your sculp and hair from getting burnt and drying out.
    Also coconut oil is a great once a week treatment for hair health,rub through and leave in for 20 mins before washing hair.

  28. My top tip for healthy hair is use less chemicals and heat damage and put a daily leave in moisturiser to hydrate the hair.

  29. I only wash my hair once a week, I use a mask once a fortnight and I absolutely love hair oils. I brush my hair every night before I go to bed also.

  30. For lank, oily or thin hair, try conditioning first, shampooing second – it makes sure all the conditioner residue is rinsed out which means it’s less oily and has more volume and texture. I’ve been doing it for over a year and my hair has so much more volume and is just as healthy as it was before.

  31. I don’t use a brush on my hair when it is wet as it pulls on the hair, stretches it and leads to breakage.I use a wide tooth comb and comb my hair from the tips up to the roots after you shower!

  32. I can’t style my hair quite as fabulously as a hairdresser can. For special occasions and in between cuts I go to The Blow Dry Bar for a style at a reasonable price.

  33. My top tip for maintaining a healthy head of hair is not to wash it on a daily basis, especially shampooing, because the shampoo tends to remove our scalps natural oils, which keeps our heads and hair healthy, so stripping the hair of those oils will leave it dry, affecting our scalp by making it itch and our hair by drying the good oils from it.

  34. Stop using hairspray as takes away moisture and colour from your mane,
    Compensate fly away hair and pretty it up with Lady Jayne.

  35. My magic trick for my haur , i wash with shampoo twice avweek , conditioner early everyday but, i spray my hair with olive oil daily as i have frizzy g air andb it works a treat forbme, my mum told me to do it andvi have compliments about the shine and the healthnoff my hair and i love using fancy clipds headband in my hair or the other one i soak my hairr in a beaten egg for 30mins,

  36. I’ve recently embraced my natural hair colour and my hair has never felt or looked better! The couple of inches that aren’t dyed are so soft!

  37. Wear your hair in a style that prevents babies and small children from tugging on it and pulling it out at the roots!

  38. I often use sprays from hair salons for split ends quiet regularly.
    i dont seem to be at the hair dressers so much

  39. For naturally beautiful hair use only natural products. The ingredients list shouldn’t read like a chemistry lab list. The more natural the products, the better your hair will look and feel. Remember not all natural products are equal…if it makes your hair dry or frizzy, try a different one.

  40. Pay attention to your hair, if its dry, moisturise, if its fuzzy, treat it, if its greasy wash it or find a better shampoo…. Listen to your hair.

  41. Crazy as this sounds I only wash my hair once a week – shampoo strips your hair of natural oil so it produces more oil, so the more you wash the more oil it produces which is why you get greasy hair. Washing less creates healthier hair! It takes a little while if you wash your hair more often now as your hair has to adapt but you will be surprised at how it does and how much it will thrive once it gets into routine… I often get compliments on my hair and people are shocked I only wash it once a week!

  42. I don’t rub my hair after washing it. I put a towel around it for 5 minutes and let it air dry. I often add olive oil to the ends of my hair as they are often dry

  43. Always use a good quality dry-shampoo in-between washes to minimize stripping hair of essential oils that makes hair glossy and bouncy.

  44. I used to think I had dandruff as I suffered from an itchy scalp, the anti-dandruff shampoo was not being kind to my coloured hair so I decided to try a “volumising” shampoo and conditioner as a lot of them have a lot less chemicals in them so as to not weigh down your hair. Great discovery, I never had dandruff to begin with just having a reaction from all of the chemicals etc in other shampoos & conditioners!
    Give it a try!

  45. My tip is don’t use nasty chemicals in your hair, use natural products you will notice a difference, my hair has been so silky and smooth and feels like a new born baby’s hair

  46. Instead of normal conditioner I use a restoring deep treatment and leave it on for at least 5 minutes. That way my hair stays shiny, silky and happy.

  47. Argan Oil is my hair savior – I apply it to the ends of my hair after washing to moisturize and add shine. 🙂

  48. Wash your hair once a week,
    Don’t be afraid of the oily chic.
    Hair is less dry and frizzy and styling is swell,
    (And the environment thanks you as well)

  49. I use an instant wash-out ‘deep treatment’ conditioner available in brands such as Schwarzkopf or Garnier instead of regular conditioner which really nourishes my dry hair.

  50. Use the right shampoo. If you are using shampoo for nourishing hair but you find your hair roots get oily quickly, switch it.

  51. Putting a colour through your hair always makes it look shiny and healthy. As a part time worker it’s just too expensive to have this done at the hairdresser every 6 weeks. So I’ve found a great product which is not tested on animals, and I do my own colour and save the money for regular haircuts. Together, these things keep my hair looking healthy, shiny, and well-kept.

  52. Olive oil. Apply it from mid section to the ends, comb through hair. Plait or wind it up and wrap your head in a plastic bag or cling film for an hour or two. Wash and condition hair as usual.
    My hair has never been so healthy since I started doing this over five years ago, now I swear by it and do it as often as possible.

  53. I comb through a little olive oil in my girls hair every night, plait it and their hair is absolutely beautiful and always receives compliments (even from hair dressers)

  54. Don’t wash your hair too often, leave the natural oils in as long as possible and try not to use too many dyes or styling tools.

  55. A cold rinse after washing is an easy, cost-free way to keep your hair sleek, shiny and strong, with the added bonus of leaving you feeling like you’ve just been for a swim when the weather warms up!!!!

  56. Give your hair a rest from straightening or heat products at least every few days so your hair can recover from the damage that the heat can cause

  57. As someone who has bleached hair, maintaining luminosity is a daily struggle. However, coconut oil has been a huge help in helping my hair appear healthy. I usually dampen my hair, run oil through it and mask it as well as sleep in it overnight!

  58. I have learnt to not wash my hair every day it was getting to the stage where my hair looked like it needed to be washed after about 12 hours now I try to leave it every second day third if it is having a good day I think it helps with the condition of my hair and leaves the natural oils to recover and do their thing

  59. My top tip for healthy hair is to avoid washing my hair too regularly. Instead, I use dry shampoo and stylish hair accessories to keep my hair looking great without harmful over-washing!

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