Davroe Volume Senses Christmas Pack

Davroe has a hair themed Christmas Gift Pack which is 100% vegan friendly, and cruelty free.

Available exclusively from Price Attack, this boxed set includes:

    • 1 x Volume Senses Amplifying Shampoo
    • 1 x Volume Senses Amplifying Conditioner
    • 1 x Voluminous Spray
    • 1 x Ends Repair Leave-in Treatment

This is a range which is gentle on coloured hair and will give moisture and volume to flat, lifeless locks.

The shampoo includes rice proteins and Vitamin B and is suitable for sensitive scalps. It comes in a 350ml bottle and will cleanse your hair while giving you a head start in the volume department.

Follow this with the matching conditioner, which also weighs in at 350ml. This is naturally moisturising with olive leaf extracts and watercress. Once again, this is made with volume in mind and won’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy.

The spray is the secret weapon, as it contains olive leaf extract to thicken up fine hair. This gives some hold, but there is no alcohol – just watercress, olive leaf, and Kakadu plum. This is 200ml and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Finish with the Ends Repair to target split ends and frizzies. This can be used on wet or dry hair and will repair and protect the hair where it is needed the most. The product is a 125g tube.

Davroe is 100% Australian made and owned. Give this gift to someone who needs some extra volume in their day!

The Volume Senses pack has an RRP of $49.95 (valued at $101.95).  Available exclusively to Price Attack, shop instore or online at priceattack.com.au

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11 thoughts on “Davroe Volume Senses Christmas Pack

  1. This looks amazing! My daughter (4) INSISTS on me having my hair down (especially when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for some bizarre reason ) and I hate how thin it is. Definitely worth a try. Especially after having post birth hairloss too.

  2. Very good value – hair packs are a really good alternative to things like lotions and creams when you’re not sure what scents a person likes.

  3. I have long hair but its very fine so it tangles easily and just hangs there. I find haircare a bit of a battle at times as often I will find that products are either great for my hair but not so great for my scalp or my scalp is fine but my hair is not. I love that this brand also takes into consideration sensitive scalps.

    Gotta love the great value gift packs for Christmas

  4. This is an awesome pack, and a bargain with a RRP of less than half the value! I have fine thin hair that often lacks volume so I think my hair would really appreciate this set of products, and I’d feel good about using a cruelty free set 🙂

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