Goodbye Detergent!

Cleaning probably isn’t quite your forte, it’s not really ours either, but Goodbye Detergent’s Original Spaghetti Scrub does have us intrigued and wanting to do just a little bit of sprucing.

There are two spaghetti scrubs to choose from – gentle and coarse – and each brings to you many benefits:


  • Little to no detergent needed, saving you money
  • Reusable that lasts for months
  • Quick drying with no rust, mould or bacteria
  • Good for general cleaning and dish washing
  • Peeling vegetables
  • Unique shape to reach tricky spots

Whilst they are a little more pricier then your average scrubbers, and it would be clever to have an ‘in-between’ version, we think the fact that they’re made from recycled materials may just make up for this.

RRP – $12.95

Stockists – Visit to purchase online

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