Mask In A Cup


Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love food. One of those people that daydream about it, and who plan lunch while they are eating breakfast. Which is why, of course, I was immediately drawn to Mask In A Cup. It comes in a paper cup, not unlike yoghurt or a mini tub of ice cream.

It looks like something you could eat. Unfortunately the paper is waxed, so it can’t be recycled, but it will break down reasonably easily. It has a foil peel-back lid. I do like the packaging but a part of me wishes they had gone the whole hog and made the print a little more lush and candy / dessert like to reflect the actual container. It could have been a wee bit cuter.

mask in a cup


There are five different cups. Green is for oily/combination skin types, pink is for dry skin, red for sensitive, yellow for normal, and white for mature skin. I tried both the red and the green.

The masks are in powder form, and you get a cool little wooden spatula (like Dixie Cups) to mix in the water to make a thick, smooth paste. Personally I prefer dry masks. You get nothing but pure active ingredients that haven’t deteriorated and activate when you mix in water.

The ingredients for these masks are excellent and well formulated. All up they are made of pure argiletz active clays rich in trace elements. These are infused with active botanicals according to skin type, such as chamomile, pomegranate and cucumber extracts, aloe vera and olive leaf extracts. I was particularly impressed with the sensitive mask, as I could really feel it deep-cleaning my skin, and afterwards I had absolutely no break-outs (which I normally do after a clay mask). I will definitely use Mask In A Cup again.

My only “meh” is the serving size. You mix the batch up in the cup, and it is enough for two masks, BUT you must use it within two days (while keeping it in the fridge). I only use a clay mask once a week, so I did end up throwing away half my mask the first time, which can end up expensive. The second time, though, I mixed the batch up out of the container, so I could enjoy two masks over two weeks.

Cost / usage

If you do use the entire batch you get a solid two masks, making it about $3.50 per mask, which I think is a rather good investment!

From: Australia
Size: 35gms
RRP: $7.99

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