Porselli: Timeless Footwear

Taking note from all elegant dancers, we see a permanent place in our wardrobe for this timeless accessory.


A long-time and long-loved favourite, these are the shoes that one will never let go. With soft supple leather and the ability to be sophisticated and effortless, we think of the classic ballet slipper as an antidote to all our footwear needs. Perhaps the most important thing to note; these feel as good as our bare feet. Though admittedly quite difficult to find, once you have your hands on a pair you will never look back.

Stockists: Visit http://www.porselli.it/en for more information

One thought on “Porselli: Timeless Footwear

  1. HI the Porselli shoes sound delightfull and if they feel that way would be wonderful to be transported to ones childhood and reminded of how we once were so nimble Ann Bleasdale

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