Pure Poppet Nail Polish Pack Giveaway x 3

Natural, safe, non-toxic…..do we have your attention? We’re happy to report that Pure Poppet’s nail polishes are a safer alternative for the nail painters out there, hurrah! Created especially for little people, Pure Poppet is a playfully fun range with health and wellbeing in mind. (Bigger people can use too, of course!)

Double packs in packaging only

We have 3x double packs of Pure Poppet Nail Polish to giveaway to 3 lucky Beauty and Lace readers. (Each winner will receive 2 packs)

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what colour you love to paint your nails and why?

Competition closes 11/07/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
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– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

90 thoughts on “Pure Poppet Nail Polish Pack Giveaway x 3

  1. Love to paint red color because red means hot,sexy and all time ever posh running color for all seasons.

  2. I love to paint my nails with glitter polish or bright colours with designs like flowers or even dice on them, makes them look more interesting than just a plain colour.

  3. I love a litle colour in my life and if my nails and toes are bright I feel great. I quiet often love to match them with what Im wearing. If Im feeling game Ill use two on each 😉 Nothing quiet a bit of colour in your life evenon your toes ! ;0)

  4. I love to paint my nails any shade of blue. I find the colour really relaxing so whenever I get stressed out I can just look at finger nails and think of a better place. Blue is really versatile too, I can wear a dark navy colour, a soft pastel blue or in between a really bright like the sky blue. It’s great because I can find shades appropriate for work and then on the weekend try really bright shades.

  5. I love to paint my nails dark red on my toes, and light pink/ French polish on my fingernails, as I am innocent and sweet, and also a little bit naughty 🙂

  6. Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Its associated with royalty. Symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, ambition and conveys wealth, extravagance and is associated with wisdom, dignity , independence, creativity, mystery and magic.

  7. I love to paint my nails, especially toe nails all different colours, a gorgeous rainbow 😀

  8. I love any colour on my nail as long as it’s glitter! Glitter always looks flashy and glamourous to me.

  9. I draw my inspiration from the time of year. Oranges for Autumn. Silver, red and green for Christmas. Blues and greens for Summer!

  10. I used to have this gorgeous glittery gold polish that I have never been able to find again – there are a lot out there, but none as good as that particular one. And I love the concept of polish designed specifically for children.

  11. I do love doing my nails as they are one thing that people tend to notice alot on others. As when we shop and hand over money people see our nails. When we talk to others they too see our nails. And i think nothing looks worse than nails that are dirty or just look terrible and in need of some type of attention. I love to change colors and I also think that nails are an important thing to most woman. I love to paint my nails Purple its my favourite color as i find it to be vibrant and also not too overpowering. This pack sounds just wonderful.

  12. I love painting my nails any colour that shimmers. I have a selection of pearl and glitter colours.

  13. Pink it’s girly and uplifting and always makes me happy when I see my pink, polished pointers lol!

  14. My favourite is fire hydrant red – so rich. But also like the sparkling blues like the seas in the Pacific Islands.

  15. Gold Glitter nail polish. Why, because it makes me smile just looking at it – and life is too short to spend it feeling unhappy.

  16. I love to pain my nails dark purple w/ silver glitter because purple is my favorite color and my son’s birthstone 🙂

  17. I am a poppety purple girl because when I wear it I feel playful and happy and it cheers up my day

  18. My current favourite is sparkly jade on my fingernails. I file my nails to a pointy look, put 2 coats of colour and finish with a clear sparkle nail polish.
    Gets a lot of comments!

  19. I love burgundy – it always manages to look elegant. Although my five year old son likes to paint my toenails bright pink because ” you look pretty”!

  20. I never paint my nails or my two little girls nails because I’m too worried about the chemicals in the polish soaking into our bodies. I would love to win this for them, they would think I’m the best Mum ever!

  21. CORAL – not as dramatic as red, not as scary as neons, not as drab as brown.

    Matches my warm skin tone perfectly WITHOUT emphasising the age-related redness of my hands.

  22. I always wear black to work but do my nails in gorgeous bright colours, I love purples and blues. The best thing about this prize is I could share them with my 2 daughters.

  23. I love to paint my nails yellow. It instantly puts me in a brighter, happier mood whilst making a bold fashion statement!

  24. Anything with a bit of glitter in it – it makes my nails look a little bit longer somehow and they need all the help they can get!

  25. Red. It’s the perfect basic choice that works for both formal and everyday events. A classic red will never go out of style

  26. Roses are red, violets are blue,
    But I think PINK is the perfect hue!
    Fabulously girly, pretty on nails…
    Makes me feel chic – top to tail!!

  27. A colour that’s romantic and disarming,
    Like a flirty wink,
    Feminine, pretty and ever so charming,
    My favourite nail polish colour is PINK!

  28. i love red and blue becuase both colours are used in superman and i love superman tshirts, underweat and stuff its awesome. the colours red and blue stand out but also go together very well so those are my favourite colurs. i have alot of red and blue stuff, depending on how i feel, if im happy and want to stand out i wear my bright red jeans, if i dont want to stand out and sort of blend lightly with the cround i wear my dark blue jeans. both colours are awesome so go RED AND BLUE!

  29. At the moment, it’s pink. It stands out and brightens my day. It’s also very versatile and suits most colour clothing.

  30. I am loving different shades of blue and green for my nails this winter! Just about to do them now.

  31. Purple and blue.
    Purple, because I think that it is not too sweet or too masculine
    Blue because it reminds me about the sea

  32. natural but strong orange and greens in different shades. good winter and autumn colours and go with most clothing.

  33. Purple or Pink because my daughter loves to paint my nails with those colours and when I look at them at work it makes me SMILE.

  34. At the moment I into bright oranges. Mainly cause they are bold and fun and sunny and I need all of those in my life at the moment.

  35. Ohh I would love more information on this product – e.g. ingredients etc – what sets it apart. It seems very interesting!

    I would paint my nails cloudy blue to daydream away, peaceful, calm, and content.

  36. my grand daughter is coming up for 16 she wares nail polish but i would like her to use safer nail polish this would be a great start for her to teach her that

  37. omg…where to start…lol
    there are just so many gorgeous colours available..
    I do love pinks, purples and a nice red though.
    Also, all the accessories that are available for nails these
    days are just amazing……
    a professional look can be done at home…..
    now you cant beat that not even with a stick. 😀

  38. It all depends what domestic chores I’m trying to hide. If it’s pickling beetroot, then purple. If weeding the garden – green. And when it’s playing with the kids – better use a different colour on each nail.

  39. Yellow because I’m a very cheerful person and yellow just screams fun! Making me fun to be around.

  40. I have two little poppers, my nieces Pepper and Emma who love to paint their nails bright pink. They would be thrilled if I were to win this prize for them.

  41. These great polishes are something that i would love i take care of my nails and i love them to look great. And with these wonderful colors my nails are sure to catch the attention of others. Love them.

  42. Pink is the one,
    I adore the most,
    Nice and pretty it brights up my day,
    Keeping an eye on this – no chemical nasties.

  43. Purple in memory of my beloved niece, I did it for the funeral as we were requested to wear purple and it has just stuck with me. Plus Miss 2 and I will both look stunning in whatever colour she decides we should wear.

  44. I love to always try different shades of nail polish and usually go for something unusual like a lime green or a baby blue. these would be my favourite colours.

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