The Numerous Benefits And Uses Of Jojoba Oil

For those who prefer a simplified beauty routine, look no further then jojoba oil.

74b20867678ae4cd_golden-jojoba-oil-pure-australian-30ml_jpg_2_.previewJojoba oil is a lightweight dream for all skin types. Though technically a liquid wax, jojoba is rumoured to be the only oil that closely resembles the natural oil on our skin. Because of this it has the ability to deeply nourish and protect against numerous skin complaints. We’ve listed below our very favourite uses for this magical golden elixir:

– Oil cleansing: Though a little more time consuming then regular cleansing, using an oil is a very gentle way to deeply clean without striping the skin

– Facial/body moisturising: You needn’t have a cupboard full of products to achieve the soft, glowing look. Moisturising with jojoba is suited to both the face and body. It’s incredibly lightweight and rich in vitamins

– Eye care: a potentially-irritating eye cream isn’t necessary when oil can do a fine job. Be sure to apply to damp skin to help absorption and wait a while for it to sink in before applying any eye makeup

– Shaving: Whether you are male or female applying jojoba generously to dampened skin will help prepare skin and hair for shaving. Also wonderful to use after waxing to help soothe due to its high vitamin e content

– Hair: A couple of drops applied to damp hair will help to hydrate and add shine. We also love using it as a pre-shampoo treatment: simply saturate hair and scalp for 1 hour before washing hair (preferably twice)

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  1. I love the many benefits of using pure Jojoba oil, it is extremely nourishing for my skin and keeps it supple.

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