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Lipstick is a staple item in the cosmetics cupboard of women everywhere and it can be difficult to find the perfect match. The perfect shade, the perfect texture, the perfect wear and the perfect ethics; quite often you can find a lipstick that ticks some of the boxes but it’s not always easy to find the one that ticks all the boxes. That could be set to change if you find tmf’s Vegan Lips.

tmf Vegan Lips come in 10 sensational shades from quite nude and earthy to bright and vibrant pinks and reds. There is something for all tastes and skin tones.

This lipstick glides on smoothly with a matte finish that lasts through lunch, it is quite hard wearing and I have found it to be long lasting.

One of the great selling points for tmf’s Vegan Lips is the cruelty free, organically certified and vegan ingredients. Skin loves the jojoba oil to soothe, soften and regenerate; avocado oil offering essential fatty acid to restore moisture and balance; cocoa butter; rose oil and candellila wax which is a nutrient rich and highly absorbent plant based alternative to bees wax.

I have been wearing tmf Vegan Lips in Kate for a dash of pretty pink colour on my lips. It’s smooth and not sticky which is a good thing…but what I like the most  is that there doesn’t seem to be a fragrance and there’s no real taste. Often over the years I have ended up with sticky lipsticks with a strong smell and a horrible taste but a great colour so they’ve needed a balm or gloss over the top just to make it wearable. That is definitely not an issue with tmf Vegan Lips, these lipsticks are perfectly comfortable to be worn just as they are.

RRP: $37.00

For more information and to find your nearest stockist head over to The MakeupFactory.

Thanks to tmf 20 of our Beauty and Lace Club members have been trialling tmf Vegan Lips and you can find out what they thought in the comments below.

22 thoughts on “TRIAL: tmf Vegan Lips

  1. SO looking forward to mine arriving and thrilled to have been selected for this trial. Brilliant that there’s no issue with fragrance or taste! Colours look lovely too. Thanks Beauty and Lace and The Makeup Factory!

  2. I really appreciate being selected, a big thank you!, I’m sure it will be wonderful, I’ve been checking my mail box several times a day and can’t wait til it arrives,

  3. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial The makeup Factory vegan lipstick. I selected the shade ‘Kate’ which is a mid toned pink shade. I wanted a shade I could wear everyday, not too bright and in your face or too subdued, this shade of pink is very wearable and would flatter most skin tones. I’m so glad I chose this shade, the colour guides online is pretty close to what I imagined it would be.

    I really liked the sleek matte black lipstick tube with the ‘tmf’ branding, it’s very on trend. The lipstick case clicks shut which is great to prevent the lid accidentally coming off in my handbag, there is nothing worse than a mangled lipstick!

    I’m usually a fan of hydrating moisturising lipsticks and prefer them over a matte lipstick, purely because of comfort of wear. I would forgo longevity of the wear of lipstick for extra hydration. I love that the tmf. lipsticks contain organically certified ingredients and are packed full of skin nurturing goodies like jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and rose oil to keep my lips feeling soft and to add extra moisturisation. These matte lipsticks are comfortable to wear and would last a few hours on me, with touch up necessary after eating or drinking. The lipsticks doesn’t contain any added fragrance or perfume or have any taste which is a huge plus. I’m not very keen on strongly perfumed makeup.

    I still prefer a glossier, hydrating finish for my lipsticks but as far as matte lipsticks go, I found it non drying on my lips, it didn’t bleed or feather and it was more long wearing than my regular lipstick. I loved wearing ‘Kate’ it really brightened up my daytime look and I felt great wearing a pop of pink.

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to trial tmf. lipstick, I love that this brand is Australian and they are transitioning to being 100% Australian made. Its also cruelty free so I know I can indulge in my love of makeup and know that my furry friends haven’t suffered in the development of this product, it’s organic and chemical free! I do think tmf. has a great ethos, beauty with a conscience, it’s great to see more companies embracing this. If you love matte lipsticks I would certainly recommend trying these out.

  4. Hi Beauty and Lace readers. I received my TMF Vegan lips in the mail today.
    Out of the 10 shades to choose from, I chose “Stevie”. I like to have a natural look and Stevie did deliver with a subtle shade of tan. Perfect! I usually prefer a glossier look but I also love this matte look. I can’t wear too much make up in my job but this shade works perfectly without being too obvious.
    I’m very impressed with the ingredients. Chemical free is the way to go. It’s so important to look after your skin. I’m also a vegetarian and cruelty free is what I look for when it comes to make up.
    I can’t wait to try some of the other shades now.
    This product is a little pricey at $37, so I can understand it may not be in everyone’s budget but if you can, I’d say give TMF Vegan lips a try.

  5. My gorgeous tmf lipstick in the nude “Stevie” shade has made my lips look wonderful, feel wonderful and I haven’t had the need to put on lip moisturiser. My lips crack everytime I apply a matte lipstick and because of that I’ve been avoiding it even though i do love the look of matte lipstick, but tmf. has changed my mind completely my lips feel wonderful after wearing it all day and i adore the colour I chose as it is in real life the exact colour shown in the pictures on their website. I can wear it everyday knowing that my lips are being looked after and that I’m not consuming crazy ingredients that I would not normally put near my mouth. I absolutely love the fact that they have not used any animals for testing and that this wonderful lipstick is plant based… The packaging is simple which i think compliments the simplicity of the ingredients used. The click shut lid is a great safety feature to insure that this wonderful product doesn’t go to waste. I do believe that i will be purchasing other colours as well, Thank you very much! Xx

  6. So blessed to be chosen for this trial. I chose the Jerry shade which was probably not the best choice being south East Asian background… the colour was just abit too bright for my skin tone and it looked pink instead of the reddish colour it is.

    I loved everything else about it. The plain packaging, the fact that it had no scent, the natural ingredients which is the main thing I wanted to trial it for as I have intolerant sensitive skin that reacts to basically everything else out on the market. I normally do prefer my lipsticks to be a little more moisturising but as it is advertised as a matte lipstick, it definitely is that and non-drying.

    I really wished I’d chosen the colour better but the colour is perfect for someone Caucasian with fairer skin tones.

    I will definitely be looking into purchasing a different colour if I get the opportunity to test first. Thank you beauty and lace for the opportunity to trial great products that I would never come across otherwise ☺️

  7. I LOVE LIPSTICKS, but not many women would be more fussy than I am. I hate anything sticky, greasy, heavily fragranced or with distinctive taste – it is with much joy and delight that the new and absolutely gorgeous tmf vegan lipsticks are none of these!

    I really, really like this lipstick. I chose Cara, a true pink with just a hint of blue which feels soft and comfortable without anything I dislike. The lipstick wears well and above all feels comfortable all day. I have a problem with my lips drying out very quickly and often can’t wear a specific lipstick day after day because my lips become uncomfortably dry but that hasn’t happened with this lovely tmf lipstick. The colour is the tiniest bit bright for me because I have quite a lot of natural colour in my lips and prefer a soft rather than strong colour and I use two colours together more often than not with any lipstick. With my quite pale pink over Cara it becomes the most gorgeous colour ever!!

    I’m planning on buying one of the slightly softer colours because I am as delighted as I can be with the actual lipstick. It has everything I want in a lipstick and add to that it is cruelty free, organic AND made in Australia and I have a new favourite beauty item. I never mind paying a little extra for a quality product and feel that the cost is extremely reasonable for the quality. Thank you SO MUCH for this lovely opportunity, Beauty and Lace and tmf.

    1. I’ve now purchased “Kate” after being so thrilled with the trial lipstick and the customer service from tmf is nothing short of fantastic. I was incredibly impressed to find that postage is FREE for Australian orders. Thank you so much, Beauty and Lace for introducing me to these lovely lipsticks and to The Makeup Factory for such wonderful service.

  8. I will admit, I am a glossy lipstick kind of girl but I can now add matte to my list. Absolutely love this lippy. I couldn’t see the colours that were available in the email but I just mentioned what shades I wear and Stevie was delivered. Perfect choice for me.

    I love that the lipstick is 100% Australian made and is cruelty free plus there are no nasty chemicals being applied to my lips. It is definitely fragrance free so no nasty taste hitting my tongue and making me cringe. I call this my healthy lipstick. It looks great on your lips whatever your age.

    If you want a bit of shine, just run over a clear gloss which I also tried and it looked great also..

    The container is well made because you can hear the click when you put the lippy back into its holder.

    I was impressed with it’s holding power while I went out. The Stevie colour is perfect as it’s not quite a nude but not a bright colour either. Just perfect and looks great on.

    The price is probably more than I would spend on a lipstick but I can justify the price because of its natural ingredients plus it’s Aussie made. I am really loving it and will definitely be buying in the future. It just feels so great on your lips.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and tmf for introducing me to this product to trial. One happy satisfied lady.

  9. I was so thrilled to be chosen to review one of the TMF lipsticks, as lipstick is one of my loves!

    It was difficult choosing a shade out of all 10 choices, but only because the colour range is amazing, and I chose the colour ‘Deborah’ and was not disappointed at all. ‘Deborah’ is a very on trend colour and perfect for the cooler months. A little difficult to describe the colour exactly, however if you like browns, pinks and plums, you’ll love this colour.

    When the lipstick arrived, I was very impressed with the sleek, black packaging and snap on lid and have to say I was impressed how it didn’t look inferior to any of the major lipstick brands on the market despite it being a more ‘natural’ product.

    Coming home after a week camping, I was very eager to wear the lipstick and feel the benefits of an all natural, hydrating, vegan product and I was not disappointed at all!
    Despite the lipstick being a ‘matte’ one, it did not do the usual ‘tugging’ and ‘pulling’ of the lips which is usually synonymous with using a matte lipstick. In fact, it was completely opposite, as it glided perfectly across the lips and was super soft and moist. I was so amazed at how not only beautiful it looked, but how it felt! It did not ‘feel’ like a matte, but it looked like a matte and that to me was a perfect combination.

    In terms of staying power, it easily stayed on my lips for 4 hours and only needed re-applying after I ate.

    This lipstick is $2:00 more expensive than the current brand of lipstick I use, however my current lipsticks don’t provide any nourishment or hydration to the lips, but are merely just worn for aesthetics. Though the TMF lipstick is a bit on the pricey side, it’s well worth it, as the TMF vegan lipsticks looks amazing and has great moisture enriching ingredients which to me is a win-win when you’re considering lipsticks.

    Thank you ever so much for the opportunity to review the TMF lipstick Beauty and Lace, I am definitely a new fan!

  10. Just fantastic long lasting lip colour! Was so very excited to trial this lipstick and it certainly met and exceeded my expectations! Loved how soft and easily the lip colour went on my lips. It has a soft glow matte finish which I just love as though it has a matte appearance it does not look dry at all. There is no need for a lip gloss as the lip colour on it own is very moisturising and my lips stayed looking fantastic and did not dry out at all.. The lipcolour was not sticky and felt very comfortable to wear on all day.
    I trialled the shade “Kate” a beautiful soft pink colour that is perfect for everyday wear and looks very feminine. Its fantastic that the product is an Aussie brand and even better that it is a completely natural vegan brand. The matte black packaging is neat and sleek. Really looking forward to buying other shades in this fantastic range of lip colours!

  11. Thanks for letting me trial this lippie!!! I chose the vegan lip colour Bo. I must say wow, for something that is vegan, organically certified, no nasty chemicals and made in Australia, this one is definitely a winner. The colour is very strong and stands out (i.e. is not sheer).

    I found it very creamy and it smoothed over my lips with ease. It was so moisturising due to the avocado, rose and jojoba oils as well as the cocoa butter. It left my lips so wonderfully soft.

    it also has some decent staying power, although did need to be reapplied after eating.

    The matte black packaging is nice and modern too.

  12. The first thing that caught my attention about the tmf lipstick was that the company proudly shows that it creates ethical products. It is made in Australia, does not test on animals and is organic, what more could you want!

    I was given the opportunity to trial Bianca, a stunning bright red with an orange tone to it. I found the lipstick was very easy to apply and I would love to source the lip pencil to go along with it. I wore this while out for a couple hours and did not need to touch it up. I could tell that the ingredients were good for my lips and on checking was surprised to find that it contained a variety of hydrating oils. Lipstick was easy to remove and after taking it off my lips have been super soft all afternoon.

    I will definitely be looking into this product further as I was very impressed with the quality.

    As always thank you to Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to trial this wonderful product.

  13. Thank you for the opportunity to try tmf. lipstick. I chose bo and it was the prefect shade as it was the same colour as I’m currently using. I have not used a matte lipstick in a while, so was a bit worried about how it would feel and look.

    I loved the look and ease of use. The only down side could be that it could get lost in a black handbag. It was easy to apply and looked nice. The lipstick lasted well and could be re-applied without the need for a mirror.

    I like the fact it is Australian made, vegan, organic and not tested on animals.

  14. From the beginning I loved pretty much everything about the lipstick in the shade “Stevie”, it was the perfect colour for my lips, glided on beautifully and the actually holder itself is fantastic!

    Unfortunately my lips did not like the colour 🙁 even with priming my large “Angelina” style lips the colour ended up sitting in my lines on my lips. and making my lips look cracked. one of the unfortunate things to having large lips is that they have a lot of fine lines which certain types of lippys do not like.

    I would however recommend this to those with beautiful plump lips that don’t have lots of lines on them and you will have no problems , as I truly do think it’s a great lipstick, just not for me 🙁

  15. My first impression of the TMF lipstick was the bold colour. I have the opportunity to take Sadie out for a test drive and it was WOW!. A dark rasin that was just what I wanted out of a colour.
    I’m pretty hard with lipsticks, they must wear well or I’m over them rather quickly. As a perfectionist I hate that almost gone, eaten off look. This I did not get with the TMF lipstick. The colour lasted hours, Although there was some transfer onto cups and forks (and my other half’s cheek – oops) the colour still remained on the lips.
    The texture was good, not too slimy or slippery and application was a dream. It is such good peace of mind knowing that the lipstick is vegan and natural. Something that is more and more important in this day and age, having a natural product that is actually good.
    I tested it on a couple of outings and at work and on more than one occasion I had people complement the new colour. I was more than happy to share the brand info so others too can experience the stunning colours of TMF.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. For some reason i was sent a different shade to the one i had asked for and ended up with a red, was a little dissappointed as i never wear red. Would of loved a nude shade that i could wear beyond the trial and put thru its paces. The red was a nice shades but reds always fade really quickly and are a lot of maintainence. The quality of the lipstick was really good and went on nice and easily, packaging was really cute, for a red wearer it’s a beautiful shade different to the usual reds (nice and bright). Would buy this brand again as i like what they stand for and that its natural products.

  17. I received the shade Sienna, which is a bright pink. The colour looks completely different on their website but I do like the colour I received.

    The lipstick feels really lovely on your lips and is not drying at all. While also lasting a decent amount of time. It the lipstick went to pretty sheer but was easily to build to a more bold colour.

    The price of $37.00 seems a little expensive for the lipstick so not I don’t think I will rush out to get more but will definitely consider in the future.

  18. Thank you so much to Beauty & Lace for allowing me to trial & review tmf (The Makeup Factory) Vegan Lipstick in the shade “Stevie” which is a nude/brown colour.
    I chose my shade as I am not one that usually wears lipstick…..I don’t like the thought of what I may ingest by using cheap lipsticks, so usually avoid them. But when I had the chance to try a tmf vegan lipstick….I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass me.
    This lipstick is packed very securely in a lovely box. The whole packaging is nice and subtle. The lipstick is beautiful to apply. It doesn’t drag on the lip as I apply it, the creaminess of the product just glides onto the lips easily. I found this vegan lippie to be very nourishing on my lips, which are usually dry. It didn’t crack them or leave them looking cracked and parched. It gave a lovely, seamless look. The colour was a little dark for me, but it is a lippie I would wear on a special occasion. And I don’t have to even consider anything poisonous being ingested.
    I was so happy to trial this lippie but I’m not sure if I would be able to afford to fork over $37 for another one.

  19. I adsolutely loved this lipstick, I picked a subtle shade that gave a hint of colour and left my lips a lovely shade of pink. As someone whom has trouble picking a lipstick that won’t run and make me look like the joker I was very happy when this one stayed put and lasted throughout the day.
    It’s moisturising and left my lips feeling better and more healthy.
    The best thing about this lipstick is not just that it’s long lasting but also vegan so no hurting or using animals in the making, that to me is most important!

  20. Thank you Beauty & Lace and tmf for the opportunity to try this great natural lipstick range.
    I chose the shade ‘Kate’ and I was really happy with my choice.

    I love that these lipstick are 100% Australian made and cruelty free. There are no nasty ingredients or harsh chemicals which makes this product much more enjoyable to use.

    I’m not usually a fan of matte lipsticks as they are always drying on my lips and uncomfortable. I really pleased to note that tmf’s lipstick are non-drying and relatively comfortable to wear. I do however prefer to apply a very light layer of lip balm underneath so that I have extra moisture.

    I am surprised of the longevity of this lipstick! I got a couple of hours wear before I had to reapply and even then I still had a good amount of product on my lips.

    I love the shade Kate. It’s a really natural pink on the nude side. It looked great on me and despite it’s subtlety, I still had people commenting on how nice the colour was on me.

    The only negative was the packaging. I may have had a faulty one because I didn’t read many reviews that had the same issue as me. The lid clicked in however it popped back off a second later so having this in my bag was a little risky so I put it in a small ziplock bag so that it doesn’t go all inside my bag.

    $37 is a good price point for this product and I definitely want to try other shades in the range.

    All in all, a great product with fabulous results.

  21. Ah! A Vegan lipstick!!!
    As a vegan I appreciated this so much!
    I love that there is no scent and no rubbish in this product.
    Also love the packaging. Stylish yet understated.
    I would have preferred a different colour ( this was a bit orangy rather than the soft brown I had hoped) but that is my fault as I did not choose correctly.
    It is matte and goes on smoothly.
    It isn’t as long lasting as I like normally but because it goes on so smoothly and easily it is easy to top up with out a mirror ( or compact. Yes I still use compacts! )
    Thank you !

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