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Looking after our hair and skin is one of those things that has to be done, it doesn’t matter how much life gets on top of us and how busy we get. We may not always spend as much time caring for our hair and skin as we should but washing it is a daily task.

VATEA has recently launched in Australia and it will evoke the scents of the South Pacific and help rejuvenate the soul as it replenishes the moisture in your hair and skin.

It is concerning to learn that almost as many as 1 in 3 children suffer some form of skin condition and ingredients in many of the most popular and affordable skin and hair ranges have been known to cause dry skin. This is one of the reasons it is important to look at the products that we use on our skin, and the skin of our children.

VATEA is a range formulated from natural ingredients that is free from parabens and sulphates. Ingredients that are certified organic are preferred and all of these elements help produce a product that is far gentler on the skin, and on the environment.

Australian owned and made VATEA is plant based, cruelty free, vegan friendly and non toxic.

Coconut oil has been in the forefront of discussion in recent years and the benefits are endless, this is a versatile product that can be used to replace other oils in so many aspects of personal care. Not only is it great to use in the diet but it has fantastic moisturising properties as well.

Kind Shampoo – 500ml

Gentle enough for all hair types. Includes coconut and quinoa plant extracts to soften and brighten hair. Dry flaky scalps will be helped by the added tea tree oil.

Nourishing Conditioner – 500ml
RRP: $27

This conditioner is formulated for everyday use to nourish, smooth and brighten all hair types using coconut, moringa and tamanu plant extracts. Quinoa has been added to protect hair colour and natural texture.

Pure Body Oil – 250ml

Vatea’s Pure Body Oil uses oil sourced from across the South Pacific, an area renowned for volcanic fertile soils and purity. The oils is rich in moisture and still less greasy than other traditional body oils. Formulated for all skin types.

Vatea is now Certified Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia

To purchase, visit VATEA.

10 of our members will be trialling these products in the VATEA range and their thoughts can be found in the comments section below.


17 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: VATEA Skin and Hair Care

  1. I was very excited to receive the Vatea range. I like the artwork on the packaging. Very appealing.
    I received the pure body oil, kind shampoo, nurturing conditioner and nourishing body wash.
    I do like a product with a little scent but I found that these products didn’t have any at all.
    That aside, I did like these products. The body wash felt cleansing and soft on my skin.
    The shampoo and conditioner also felt very cleansing and conditioning. The body oil took quite awhile to absorb into my skin and unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to wait until it absorbs.
    This is a product I would use when on summer holidays.
    I love the fact that it is 100% natural, organic, and vegan friendly. That is a big positive for me and I will only purchase cruelty free products.. I do my best to find organic so I’m always excited to try something new.
    I don’t think these products are for everyone and it’s certainly not on everyone’s budget but if you have sensitive skin or allergies, I would certainly say give Vatea a go.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and review. I understand scents are not for everyone, the one plus is that they’re all essential oil scents so no harsh fragrances which are not good for the skin. If you do love your perfume, Vatea products won’t interfere with your favourite!! Have a gorgeous Christmas and hope you try our further products next year!! xLiz

  2. We as consumers are becoming to understand that the chemicals and additives in beauty products that claim to make us more beautiful and youthful are in fact destroying our skin.
    A new age has dawned where we, and beauty companies, have come to learn that we need to care for our skin and our planet in a natural way leaving our bodies with a natural healthy glow and importantly leaving our planet unscarred by chemical waste.

    Over the years I have tried every new product claiming to reverse the signs of aging, repair years of damage caused by sun exposure and make me look ten years younger. All this exposure to different additives has resulted in my skin becoming extremely sensitive and developing dermatitis. So it was back to basics; soap free cleansers and QV moisturisers.
    Vatea have produced an all natural sulphate and paraben free, vegan friendly product with no animal testing. But do these products deliver the goods?
    I was very happy to receive a small range of products to review.

    Vatea kind shampoo – firstly the product had a beautiful tee tree smell. I poured a 20 cent piece size into my palm (this is how much I use with my normal shampoo). The lather was very good and had me thinking I could have used less product for the same result.

    Vatea nurturing conditioner – my hair is very dry so I use a lot of conditioner. Two 20 cent piece size in my palm. This amount worked well. The real test is the next morning. My hair is dry and I wake up with it sticking out everywhere and then apply masses of leave-in conditioner. I was pretty impressed with the next morning look and still used a small amount of leave-in conditioner.

    Vatea nourishing body wash – this product also smelt great and after using a soap free wash for months it was heaven to have a product that lathers.

    Vatea pure body oil – this is by far my favourite product. A soft luxuriant oil that soaks into the skin but leaves a lovely sheen. I could dress straight after using it and it didn’t leave any greasy residue on my hands. A real winner!!!!

    1. `Thank you Veronica for such a thorough review which means so much to us (as lovers of natural skin care). We’ve done so much research into what makes a great natural skin and hair product, so I appreciate your testing and review. Sometimes you have to adjust the amount used on your hair and skin, depending on your hair type. If you have extremely dry hair you can use the conditioner as a treatment.. The good news for your hair type, is there is also an anti frizz component in the formulation for the conditioner to help with ‘fly away hair’.. The Quinoa will also help seal in colour.. I love your comments about the Pure Body Oil, I receive a lot of positive comments about the body oil.. its the tamanu which works the magic.. Have a wonderful and safe Christmas with your family and friends.. hope to be in touch next year!!! xLiz @ Vatea

      1. I have now been using the body oil on my face at night with great results concerning my dermatitis. It’s almost gone!!! Looking forward to the new facial oil coming out.

  3. The word that comes to mind when I think of Vatea will be Gentle for sure. All the products I tried were really gentle on my skin and hair. I normally opt for products that are perfume free as they are usually the ones to be most gentle on my hair and skin. So was really surprised at how very soothing and gentle as well as delicately and naturally perfumed they were. Also loved that their products are only ” tested on loved ones” a true testament to the natural and gentle ingredients they are made of. Am really glad I got to trial this wonderful range of products!

    Vatea kind shampoo – My scalp was feeling really dry and stressed and often itchy . Right from the first use my scalp felt immediately soothed and moisturized. It doesn’t lather too much . It cleansed my hair effectively and gently . Leaving a delicate natural perfume as it dried. My daughter who suffers from a very very dry scalp just loves this shampoo now! Left my hair feeling incredibly soft and clean.

    Vatea nurturing conditioner – Was the perfect partner with the shampoo to gently yet effectively condition and nourish my hair. The conditioner smelt heavenly as well.

    Vatea nourishing body wash – Using the body wash is like a spa treatment at home from a little bottle! It foamed up beautifully to cleanse and soften my skin. Leaving it feeling soft and smooth. It really helped moisturise my skin and had no tight or dry feeling after my shower. The fragrance again is just magical and my favourite part of all the Vatea products!!

    Vatea pure body oil – This body oil has become my go to solution for all dry areas after just a week of using it!! Such a luxury to slather on and feel it deeply moisturize and revive dry and tough skin areas leaving them with a soft gentle healthy glow. The best time to apply the oil is soon after a shower on to still damp skin . Wait awhile for the oil to be completely absorbed.

    1. Thank you Andrea!! It was my aim from the start to create a ‘Gentle’ range of skin and hair care. My father is a pharmacist and founded and formulated Dermaveen so as a child he was always testing oatmeal and other ingredients on our skin.. the one thing I remember that although neither myself, nor my sisters had problem skin, he was always fanatical about using products for sensitive skin.. now as adults none of us nor our kids have any skin issues.. so I put it down to being very careful from the start..A little tip.. use sunscreen for kids as its also much gentler on your skin. In saying that, I feel our generation needs even more gentle products than Dermaveen and ones that look great and smell beautiful!!
      I love that you love the Body Wash.. the essential oil fragrances are suppose to evoke the South Pacific as many key oils are from that part of the world, e.g., coconut oil and tamanu oil.. Without the harsh perfumes. The essential oil fragrance in the Conditioner is especially formulated for Dry Skin to nurture your scalp, this includes oils of frankincense, rose geranium and lavender.. to name a few. Have a great and safe Christmas with your friends and family and I hope to be in touch next year xLiz @ Vatea

  4. I have been trialing these products since I received them for a week. I have used them on my whole family and I love the results. It’s nice to support Australian.

    The Vatea kind shampoo was so gentle I used it both on my young kids and myself and husband. You should see my daughters hair, it’s very curly and its so manageable after using this shampoo. Both children suffer from eczema and this didn’t aggravate their skin or eyes.

    The Vatea nurturing conditioner is so soft and smells amazing. My daughters hair formed in perfect ringlets after using this. The first time I have seen a shampoo or conditioner make her hair so soft!. will be repurchasing both the shampoo and conditioner. The smell lingers and our hair feels so soft and manageable. Also it doesn’t sting the eyes which is great so you can use it on the whole family.

    I have been using the body wash in my children’s bath and also in the shower. It’s so gentle and your skin feels amazingly soft afterwards. That gorgeous smell that is in all products lingers on my skin. Love that they are 100% natural and vegan friendly. You don’t need to use much either a bottle would go a long way!

    I have been using the Vatea body oil after a shower. It’s amazing how my skin is looking and feeling. It’s so soft to touch and the oil sinks into the skin without having to feel greasy or oily. I am able to dress in my PJ’s immediately afterwards. I have noticed a difference in how my skin is feeling and looking. This oil is amazing and it has that same beautiful natural smell, that I get to smell for the whole day. I notice the tiny bumps on my arms have improved a little, due to this oil.

    I love these products, the packaging is great, the product itself is amazing, they are Australian and so friendly. They would make the perfect Christmas present or baby present!

    1. HI Lauren, thanks so much for the comments. Your daughter sounds beautiful.. the good news is that there’s an anti frizz component in the Conditioner formulation which helps with ‘fly away’ hair.
      I’m thrilled that you’re noticing a difference in your skin after using our Body Oil. I’ve received so much positive feedback on Oil which is fantastic. The range is about the South Pacific so it was only natural to focus on Body Oils.. A little tip..I have really dry skin on my face, plus I’m prone to breakouts (lucky me!) and I use the oil a few times a week at night on my face and I find it works really well. Although I will be releasing a face oil soon.. for the time being it works like an hour in the salon! I’ve also heard from users that they love using the oil at night as they find it so restful.. this is the chamomile and lavender essential oils. Merry Christmas to your and your family and stay safe:) xLiz @ Vatea

  5. Vatea Products Tried- Vatea Kind wash, Vatea Nourishing Conditioner & Vatea Pure Body Oil, in a fantastic and generous trial pack-thanks heaps!
    I am so enjoying the products. The Vatea Kind wash was the most surprising, for a natural product used with a sponge it brings up a really fine lather that feels kind on the skin and is really lovely to use. Many products just do not give you that clean washed feeling. I have been using the products for 10 days or so and a little goes a really long way and I am noticing my skin has less dry patches and less blocked pores. The hair conditioner is also an amazing texture and felt really rich, I have super fine hair and so am trying to use it mostly on the ends. I have dry skin and so I was using the body oil from as soon as I excitedly opened the box, and love it! It seems to be perfect for skin to stay soft all day, once applied after the shower. I will continue to use this and the wash after the trial as they really are lovely to use and great for the skin. My only comment was that I found the products had complex natural perfumes, including rose, lavendar, geranium and tea tree from memory. With such great products a simple, single natural aroma that you recognise straight away as the Vatea products may be an idea … I would highly recommend these products and will look to try the full range and purchase in the future.

    1. Thank you Tara, it’s been great to receive your review. The Body Wash has a very mild washing component which I tried to keep to a minimum to ensure you receive a gentle and moisturising wash, that is I didn’t want the product to remove the skins natural oils which would cause dryness. I’m thrilled you love the Conditioner as well. The essential oil fragrance in the conditioner is specifically formulated for Dry Skin to nourish the scalp. With regards to the essential oil fragrances, I tried to ensure the essential oils used also have a therapeutic effect as well, for example chamomile and lavender is great for sensitive skin, while tea tree oil can help with itchy scalps. I will be launching some products in the future with very simple fragrances as I know some people like to keep things very clean and simple. Overall, I’m thrilled you would like to use Vatea in the future! xLiz @Vatea

  6. I was very excited to try this recently launched range from Vatea. I’ve always been interested in natural hair and skin care products, but being pregnant I’ve been making an extra effort to keep unnecessary chemicals away from my body.
    The body wash was fairly typical for a natural one – lovely scent and great cleansing action without being drying. I did find that I needed quite a bit of product to build up a good lather, but that is normal for cleaners without foaming agents.
    I was really impressed with the shampoo and conditioner – the shampoo built a lovely lather and gently cleansed my hair beautifully. I have quite oily hair and a flakey scalp, but one wash with this shampoo fixed that right up. The conditioner was thick and nourishing, and a joy to apply to my ends. They both smelled beautiful!
    The body oil is gorgeous to apply and has been the perfect remedy for my expanding belly, which often gets tight and itchy. The oil is very moisturising and keeps skin supple, but absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy feel.
    Overall I’ve been really impressed with this range and would happily purchase in future.
    Thanks for the opportunity to trial these lovely products!

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for reviewing Vatea.. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Its such an exciting time in a womans life:) I’m so pleased you love the products.. keep up with the Body Oil on your tummy as the tamanu oil is so effective in really penetrating deep within the skin to improve elasticity.. and if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of women who get stretch marks.. then it will also help with scarring.. although if you use the oil regularly I think you should be fine.. My Certified Organic baby range will be available in the next few weeks so I would love you to try this out for me.. I hope to stay in touch. Have a wonderful and safe Christmas with your family and friends xLiz @ Vatea

      1. Hi Liz – thanks for your reply. I’m at 38+ weeks now so could be any day now!
        I do have some small stretch marks on the underside of my belly and breasts, but I will continue with the body oil after the birth as you’ve suggested. I don’t think I’ll end up with permanent scarring (fingers crossed!).
        I would be more than happy to trial your baby range after my little girl arrives 🙂
        Regards, Amy

        1. Hi Amy, don’t worry too much about stretch marks.. they will definitely fade in time and the oil will help to repair and nurture the skin.. keep up with it!!! I should still have your address so will send through some baby products xxxLiz

  7. I was lucky enough to trial some Vatea products – the body oil, kind shampoo, nourishing conditioner, and the body wash.

    When I originally received these products I was awed by the gorgeous artwork on the packaging and then wary as they appeared to be quite heavily fragranced. However, upon use, the fragrance settled down and was very pleasant. So much so that even my husband, teenage son and pre-teen son happily used them.
    I found that the products all lived up to their promise. The lack of reduced lather on the body wash didn’t bother us as most of the body washes we use don’t lather anyway. It was gentle on the skin, nourishing my husband’s dry skin and soothing on my eczema.
    The shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel and look amazing and I only needed a small amount of both.
    I used the body oil in the bath as a luxurious treat. I emerged with the softest skin, no oily residue and feeling like a million dollars.
    To top it all off, Vatea is an Australian company that produces organic, 100% natural products that are cruelty free and vegan friendly. This fits perfectly with my beliefs and ethics so I no longer have to compromise.

  8. I have enjoyed using trying these products. I loved that they are all very natural based and I especially loved the body wash. I didn’t find the shampoo and conditioner worked very well in my hair though. I found the conditioner wouldn’t detangle my very knotty hair very well but I do need a good detangling conditioner on the best of days. Probably would be better for those with shorter hair or midlength hair. I found the shampoo okay but I’m not a big fan of that either really! The simple packaging is modern and simplistic which could look great in most bathrooms.

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