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This month a selection of our members were lucky enough to trial the Wanderess Beauty Discovery Boxes. This is a brand which began in Bondi, and Jessica is the woman who started it all. The idea behind these boxes is to help people discover green beauty products and share a little bit of positive self-love.

This is such a beautiful idea and the brand is really focused on being ethically green, there are no buzzwords here, as Wanderess legitimately cares. Each month a new box is released, with the packaging being both recycled and recyclable. They even use Sendle to deliver the parcels, which is a carbon neutral company.

While each of our testers has a different box to try (you will be able to read their reviews in the comments section below), I was lucky enough to sample the April 2018 “Body Wash and Lotion Box” (pictured). All I can say is, wow what a collection of goodies! I was pretty much convinced this was amazing just from the Dr. Hauschka editions as this is one of my favourite brands. Here is a rundown of what is inside:

    • Meenoo Organics – Body Mousse Ylang Ylang Petitgrain
    • Dr. Hauschka – Rose Nurturing Body Wash
    • Dr. Hauschka –  Quince Hydrating Body Milk
    • Bondi Wash – Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Body Wash
    • Bondi Wash – Sydney Peppermint & Rosemary Body Lotion
    • Brumby Sunstate – 12 Aromas Soap
    • Nature’s Child – Organic Cotton Face Wipe

The Dr Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Wash is a standout, at 200ml it is definitely not a sample. It has that luxurious rose scent and there are no synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives and it gives you a naturally divine shower experience every time you use it. All of the products have good qualities, and some of the brands I have never used before.

The Bondi Wash duo use Australian botanicals and I especially like the combination of pepper and lavender in the body wash. But then, there is the soap from Brumby Sunstate. I never was a big soap girl but I adore how this smells and feels.  I will definitely be checking out other products from the range.

The idea to have a selection of quality eco friendly beauty products all in one box is a good one, and I enjoyed being able to try some new products. This is good value for money, and when you open up the box you feel as though you are opening a gift to yourself.

For more information or to purchase your own box, please visit: Wanderess Beauty.

When shopping online you can always you a courier company of your choice such as ask absolutely.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members have been testing these beauty boxes, find out their feedback in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “User Reviews: Wanderess Beauty Discovery Boxes

  1. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial one of the Wanderess Beauty boxes. I was so happy and excited to trial the Jan 2018 Face Serums and Oils Box. There have been so many beauty boxes around, but this one is really different as it’s the first comparative subscription box.

    I really liked how the samples are packaged in either tubes, glass droppers or pump packaging. Sachets don’t really hold enough product to get an idea on how a product performs. The deluxe sized samples are a great size for traveling too. What really attracted me was that Wanderess focuses on natural based, green skincare products that reduces synthetically derived ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin.

    Each new beauty box includes products from a particular step in your beauty skincare regime, eg cleansing and moisturising, face exfoliating and masks, shampoo and conditioners. You can see the complete list of beauty boxes on the Wanderess Beauty Box website. The idea is that you use each sample for a few weeks so you can see which product you prefer, then make the switch from your old product and to more natural green product. All the products in each beauty box is listed online, including instructions for use, list of ingredients and information about the company. This is good news for those that have sensitivities to particular ingredients as all that information is at your finger tips.

    The Serum and Oils box contains deluxe samples from 3 different Australian skincare companies and included,
    Divine Woman Miracle Oil serum 5ml x 2
    Divine Woman Age Defying Gel Serum 5ml x2
    Devine Oils Night Oil Nourish & Repair 10ml
    Devine Oils Open Pore Serum Nourish & Repair 10ml
    Wildflowers Rejuvenating Serum 10ml
    Wildflowers Wild Rose Botanical mist
    An extra sample of the Vatea Nourishing wash 50ml was also provided as a special treat. All the goodies came delivered in a recyclable cardboard box.

    For the last few weeks I’ve been using the Divine Woman Age Defying Gel Serum during the day and the Miracle oil at night. I love how readily the Gel Serum absorbs into my skin, it leaves my skin hydrated and not greasy. So I can easily apply my day cream immediately after.
    I used the Miracle oil at night to freshly cleansed and slightly damp skin. Just place a few drops in the palm of your hand, gently warm by rubbing hands together then press the oil into the skin. I loved how hydrating the oil was, I really didn’t need a night cream after. Both products has a lovely natural botanical smell which was very pleasant. After using both products for two week my skin looks fresh, soft and healthy.

    The Wild Rose botanical mist is just gorgeous. The fragrance is natural and so delicate. I apply a spritz of spray to hydrate my skin before applying a few drops of the Wildflowers Rejuvenating serum. The serum is an oil and absorbs well, it’s does leave my skin with a healthy glow but it’s not too greasy or sticky. I have been adding a drop of serum to my foundation and it gives my complexion that lovely radiant look.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Wanderess for the opportunity to trial these lovely boutique products, I’m looking forward to trying the other products in due course but so far it’s been a really good experience.

    The Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box is designed to make your switch to green beauty easy. Each box costs $59/ month and shipping is extra, you can order one box at a time or subscribe. It would be a lovely gift for that special someone or a pampering treat for yourself. If you decide to subscribe you get extra bonuses including a discount if you decide buy the full-sized product. I would classify this a a luxe beauty subscription as the price is on the upper end but you are receiving boutique skin care products that are really unique!

  2. Thanks s so much Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to trial this.
    Well this was absolutely amazing, when I opened it , l felt like it was a special gift, the packaging was amazing and the contents were so beautifully presented definitely the big WOW
    l received
    Less is More by brandhuber & trummmer
    CAJEPUT PURE BALANCE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER , it was a good size bottle and smelt beautiful, made my hair soft and smooth , l loved it .
    I also received everescents organic hair care Shampoo and conditioner
    It was also a generous size and my initial thoughts were its a bit thick , but a little went a long way and it was beautiful to use , I must admit I had my daughter try this one too and she absolutely loved it also .
    I also received VATEA
    A beautiful shampoo and conditioner to use also
    All off these Shampoos and conditioner were beautiful to use but if l had to choose a favourite it would be Less is More , its probably one of the most lovely shampoos and conditioner I have used and actually settled down my frizzy hair without using other products .
    If l received a WANDERESS BEAUTY BOX as a gift I really would think it was super special , I love that these product are totally eco friendly no sulphate or parabens .
    I think they are perhaps a little expensive but the quality is most definitely there . I also love the fact that you don’t have to sign up for a lengthy subscription, so you could have it sent directly for a gift as a one of. 10/10 for this as it really is special

  3. Firstly, a BIG thank you to Beauty & Lace and Wanderess for this absolutely beautiful and generous trial opportunity!

    I received the Body Scrubbing Box which was beautifully packaged and when I opened it, I felt like it was my birthday!

    The box contained the following products:

    Savi – Body Scrub Wellbeing
    Savi – Body Lotion Wellbeing
    Wild Leaf Botanicals – Citrus and Peppermint Body Scrub
    Wild Leaf Botanicals – Sweet Orange & Macadamia Body Oil
    Organically Bare – Organic Coffee Scrub
    Organically Bare – Revitalise Nourishing Organic Body Oil
    AND a surprise lip product by Dusty Girls – Argyle Pink Lip Shine

    I was amazed at how many products I was going to be trying out and so excited too!

    All the body scrubs were just beautiful and really softened my skin and were an absolute joy to use.
    My favourite body would have to be the organic coffee scrub because I love coffee and the scent of this scrub honestly smelt like a warm cup of delicious coffee which I drink every morning. It honestly took me to another place and I loved scrubbing my body with all the grannies. This was the first coffee scrub I have used and I am hooked!!

    The lotion from Savi was beautiful and I love how there are no harsh ingredients. The lotion was a really nice formula which wasn’t too runny or too think – it was just the right consistency to get a wonderful result of super soft and great smelling skin. The citrus and lemon myrtle scent so lovely and the scent lingered on my skin for a while.

    The body oils were simply beautiful. I haven’t used many body oils in the past because I fear that they will leave a greasy residue – but that wasn’t the case. The absorbed very quickly and gave my skin a beautiful sheen without the oiliness and the orange scent in both oils was just divine. After using these oils, I felt so relaxed – which is just how I feel when diffusing my essential oils.

    Finally, the surprise lip shine from Dusty Girls was gorgeous! I could feel immediately when I applied it that it didn’t contain any nasties as it felt so natural on. The colour was a lovely subtle pink which I even wore around the house. I checked out the website to read more about this product and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that most of the lip products we use that give us a vibrant look contain an ingredient called Carmine which is actually boiled beetle wings (cringe!!). Since discovering this, I am going to check all my hippies and throw them out if they contain Carmine.

    All in all, I was overjoyed with this trial and I am so grateful for the opportunity to try these absolutely beautiful and all natural beauty products and share my thoughts. The price per box is a little pricey, but for the number and size of the products, it is worth it. This would make a beautiful gift for that special friend of family member who enjoy and appreciate natural beauty products.

    Wanderess Beauty is a special company and I hope the word gets out there about their mission of making beauty clean for ourselves and for the planet. Highly recommended!

  4. I was very blessed to be picked to trial all these beautiful products, thank you beauty and lace as well of Wanderess Beauty.

    My box was so beautiful packaged that I honestly felt so spoilt, as a mum of four beautiful boys getting beautiful treats like this is rare.

    Each product I reviewed are the following

    Calming and exfoliate mask – I loved the texture and my skin felt amazing after

    Floral face mask – wow this smelt amazing, was very calming it was like being in heaven, my only issue was unfortunately my skin broke out within a few hours.

    Ivory clay sandalwood fast mask-
    Left my face feeling fresh and super soft.

    Hazelnut and witnessed face polish – smelt and left me feeling refreshed, this was my favourite and would highly recommend this product for coffee lovers

    Revive polishing powder – beautiful smell as well as a lovely mask to put on my skin, left my skin feeling clean and soft.

    Coco and honey rejuvenating mask – smelt great and did exactly that left my skin glowing

    Black chicken essential oil perfume – smelt lovely and it had calming, relaxing scent to it.
    I would love this on me after a message I feel they would go hand and hand.

    Loved the products and love that they are all natural.

  5. I was lucky enough to trial the Bronzers and Mascaras Box.

    This box was full of stunning products – all 100 % natural, non-toxic and ethical. This ethos absolutely appealed to me and I have been so excited to trial all of the amazing products in my box. Such a treat!

    My box contained the following :

    Studio 78 – We Flirt Around Mascara – A brilliant mascara that really added curl to my lashes. Stayed on well during the day and came off using my usual makeup removal routine.

    Studio 78 – We Evade Bronzer – I am not a huge fan of bronzing as I have really pale skin but I gave it a try.. just a light brushing of the bronzer gave me a healthy sunkiss. I liked it.. possibly will use it more in the summer months. Packaging was lovely and the mirror in the lid was cute.

    Organic Spa – Moisturiser – absorbs into the skin really quickly with not a lot of residue. A lovely light fragrance. Beautiful ingredients and no nasty chemicals. It is my new favourite moisturiser

    DustyGirls – Sunshine Mineral Bronzer – Packaging felt retro and I liked it! A lovely pale blue packaging with a flip top case to protect the bronzer. Colour was great and it applied nicely.

    Jane Iredale – PurePressed Base – Suntan… Nothing on the packaging told me what it was, but luckily the wanderess site – has lots of extra information about the products in the box. A lovely eyeshadow in a great shade. It is excellent as a base for other colours but also works as a standalone. A great addition to my beauty bag.

    Jane Iredale – Lip & Cheek Stain -Forever Red– cute little sample. It looked really orange, but wasn’t at all. I was super impressed with the texture and longevity of the stain. I used it on my lips and it felt more lip a lip balm. Love it

    Jane Iredale – PureLash Extender and Conditioner – Applied well but possibly an extra step that personally I don’t need in my makeup routine.

    Jane Iredale – Longest Lash Mascara – I have always loved Jane Iredale Mascara and this is no exception. Brilliant application and stays put. Would highly recommend.

    Overall this Wanderess Box was an absolutely delight. A great range of products and it proves that natural can achieve great results without totally breaking the budget. These boxes would be a brilliant gift or treat for anyone! Thank you Wanderess Beauty Box and Beauty and Lace for the lovely trial.

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