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I have a soft spot for Bloom. Back in the day it was terribly cool to sport that 1994 nudie brown gloss called Pout, and every girl had it stashed in her grungy back jean pocket. Yours truly included.

I’ve since graduated to lipstick, and natural and organic beauty products. So it was with great anticipation I tried some of Natalie Bloom’s latest offerings from her new organics line. Hooray!


body lotion bloom organic


* Minimal. No extra boxes or unnecessary paraphernalia.

* PET plastic amber bottle. As we know, the dark bottle ensures the longevity of the essential oils inside.

* Pretty, earthy yet funky label design. Can be proudly displayed over sink.

* Love the twist pump. You can open and close it, which helps prevent product oxidization. Tick.

Ingredients / Product

* Dictionary definition of “lotion”. It is not a cream, nor butter, just the perfect lotion consistency. Because of this it soaks in quick sticks, which is perfect for winter when you don’t want to stand around in the buff for too long.

* Based in aloe vera rather than water (like a lot of moisturisers). This increases the healing and skin soothing effects considerably. Not tightening at all, like many aloe-based lotions tend to be. The blend of sweet almond oil and shea butter leaves skin feeling soft, nourished and hydrated.

* Ingredient rich. There are no synthetic or chemical fillers in this lotion. Everything in it assists in nourishing and hydrating the skin.

* 94% certified organic content.

* It would be great for summer. My skin isn’t particularly dry, but I find in the cooler months I need something with a little more oomph on my elbows (Bloom also has an organic balm…this maybe?!)

* Natalie has added some lavender, geranium and oodles of sweet orange which work deliciously well. It is a light juicy floral, and not at all overpowering, nor lavendery. Yummy!

Price / Usage

* For a short (yet wide-ish) person, I go through 5 pumps to cover my entire body. I would estimate it to last about 7 weeks on a daily basis, considering one pump is about a 10c piece dollop. So a little goes a long way.

* Considering cost per usage I would definitely re-purchase this product. An (very rough) estimated 15c a pump – not bad at all!

From: Australia
Size: 250ml
RRP: $38.00


bloom soapPackaging

* Packaging is simple and very naturale chic.

* Minimal. You can even reuse the paper to make a card (or ammo for the office worker who breezes in an hour late).

Ingredients / Product

* This is the bar Fiona from Shrek would use! I have small hands and it is a huge bar, which made it a little difficult to use the first few times. It screams “luxury soap!” though, so that far outweighs my physical inadequacy.

* The scent is delicious, like juicy orange and orange blossoms, though a little too subtle. I’d prefer a stronger fragrance. It also comes in Romantic Floral, Light Floral, and Unscented.

* Has a creamy, slippery lather (the almond oil makes it extra nourishing). I am not a particularly dirty person, I don’t work in a mine or a day care center, and so it did its job well. Was not at all drying afterwards.

* I do love the texture and the look of the soap. It is curved and hasn’t got those horrid pokey corners many soaps have, so it glides nicely around all your curvy bits.

* A certified organic product.

Price / Usage

* I always feel a bit funny spending a lot on soaps, but this sucker is going to last me a good three months. The size of the bar is a great big positive because it just feels very luxurious to use.

From: Australia
Size: 250g
RRP: $19.95

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