DIY Beauty Treatments: Ere Perez

Ere Perez, founder and creative director of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics gives readers a few tips on DIY beauty treatments using products in your kitchen!

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is a range of natural, nourishing and healthy makeup based on natural plant extracts and oils.

Not tested on animals – only friends and family!

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Fabulous Soft Fruit Face Mask!

If you’ve got any bits of banana, mango, citrus or any other soft fruits hanging around the kitchen that are slightly past their best, don’t throw them away! Make them into a fabulously fruity face mask!

It sounds weird, but if you mix the fruit with a spoonful of cornflower and apply to your face as a mask, it’s a great way to absorb oil from your skin. If you have dry skin, simply add a little olive oil to the fruit; leave it for 15 minutes to steep and then apply to your face – it works like a serum!!

Did you know…

…that if you clean your tongue with a brush or an ayurvedic tongue cleaner every morning before brushing your teeth or drinking or eating anything you will rid your mouth of the toxins it accumulates before they sneak back into your body and this helps you live longer!

Ere Perez’s Egg Protein Facial Infusion!

Egg has the best protein in the world so pick a time when you’re all alone in the house (because this isn’t particularly attractive look!), take two egg whites, beat them until they’re fluffy as if you were making a meringue and then put them in the freezer.

When they’re nice and cold, apply evenly over your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. It’s the perfect protein infusion.

How to treat acne scars with Coriander and Turmeric!

People have known about the benefits of coriander (also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro) and turmeric for centuries. Coriander’s used for all sorts of things and is thought to be a good diuretic and also great for insomnia and is known for its calming qualities.

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and combined together they are really effective for treating acne scars. Simply take a teaspoon of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder (or you can also use mint juice) to make an effective remedy to treat acne scars naturally.

Apply like a toner. Raw garlic (ingested) as well as rubbed on affected areas is also very beneficial in treating acne scars.

Ere Perez’s Natural Cornflour and Honey Body Scrub

Make a light body scrub with equal amounts of corn flour and natural honey, mix and massage into the skin once a week before showering off… you’ll get gorgeously smooth natural skin with no chemicals whatsoever.

For a slightly corser scrub which is great for legs and arms, mix raw sugar with lime juice with your hands and rub all over the body to remove dead skin. Don’t forget to wash it off in the shower though or you’ll have all sorts of insects after you!!

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