Musqskin Creme Mineral Foundation

On the hunt for the perfect foundation I came across homegrown heroes, Musq. Now I am particularly fussy when it comes to foundation, which is why I haven’t really worn it…because I haven’t found anything that has ticked all the boxes.

Musq Compact


The (pink) compact is very cute and girly, with a sponge and a mirror in the lid.  It’s made with non-recyclable plastic, however Musq is aiming towards stocking refills so that the same compact can be used indefinitely. It is also deep enough to be used to hold trinkets (I use mine to hold earrings if I’m going from the office to a function), or perhaps a few Vitamin Bs for us stress-heads!

Ingredients / Product

Musqskin Crème Mineral Foundation has a creamy cake formulation, and when I smoothed it onto my face it seemed a little textured. I don’t know if Musq have done this deliberately, but occasionally I came across tiny coloured grains, which blended seamlessly into my skin. It is genius, because as we know NOONE’S face is one colour. So when applied this crème isn’t a flat, fake looking colour. It has teeny, weenie different coloured particles that create dimension to your face! So I ended up with a very natural looking base, which appeared luminous and even-toned. Pure genius.

My skin is blessed with an insubordinate amount of oil, and huge open pores. I thought the foundation would encourage oiliness, but my skin remained balanced throughout the day, It smoothes on as a soft matte (but not at all cakey or heavy looking). It lasted all day, though after a 9hr day running around town I did have a bit of collected residue around the big pores around my nose (I was looking with one of those nasty magnifying mirrors, though!) As with most foundations, the smoother the working surface (regular exfoliation), the better.

Musqskin Crème Mineral Foundation feels quite light on the skin, it doesn’t seem to sit on the top. You can control coverage. It is great as a concealer, and great as either a heavy or light foundation. It is matte enough to use a powder blush over the top, yet dewy enough to use a cheek ink or gel. It is waterproof (and stays on as long as you just pat it dry), but after a week I haven’t broken out at all, so the ingredients allow your skin to breath, and seem to be non-comodogenic (non blackhead forming).

The foundation is available in seven colours. I have a weird olive / pale / yellow thing going on, and I found two that I could use, as the colour seems to adjust and blend seamlessly.

Cost / Usage

I kind of balked at the price but immediately felt guilty as in the past I have spent much more for a good (though toxic) foundation. Musq have a unique and excellent formulation here, and a little really goes a really long way, as it is pigment rich with no cheap fillers. If you are looking for a healthy foundation (or just a great foundation!) this one is definitely worth the price.

My skin was luminescent and I kid you not, I received several compliments on how well I looked while I was wearing this foundation. I will definitely re-purchase!

From: Australia
Size: 15g
RRP: $62.00

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  1. Hello! Thank you for the very helpful fantastic review! Just wondering what shade of foundation you have purchased?

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