Uspa Supernatural Haircare

The brand is Uspa and it is a range of skin and hair care products utilising the healing properties of plants and herbs. Uspa has a strong commitment to nature compelling them to use environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging. Product development is free from animal ingredients and animal testing.

They hold a high regard for sustainability and free trade so outsource any globally indigenous ingredients. The ranges are free of artificial fragrances and colour. The products are made in the pure Australian environment and the company is committed to delivering the best  Australia has to offer the world.

The packaging is minimalistic and classic. Solid colours and text. Quite classy packaging and interesting shapes. The shampoo and conditioner lids are something I haven’t seen before but are definitely effective and inventive. No removable parts so nothing that can get lost or snap off. A simple twist of the lid and you’re in.

Uspa Supernatural Neem Seed Deep Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner add moisture and shine to your hair from the very first wash and are designed to protect hair from environmental damage.

Neem Seed Deep Hydrating Shampoo is more gentle to the hair shaft than water alone with its unique sugar-based sulphate-free cleansing formula. Neem Seed and Guar moisturise; Green Tea, Neem Seed and Vitamins E & C provide protective and anti-oxidant properties.


Aloe Barbadensis smooths the hair surface, hydrates and reduces frizz. Sandalwood, Rose and Black Pepper essential oils add to the nourishing effects. Patchouli helps control dandruff and Black Pepper can stimulate the scalp and help prevent hair loss.

This earthy smelling shampoo is low foam to ensure moisture is not stripped from the hair. Only a small amount of this pure, natural shampoo is needed to ensure soft, glowing, healthy hair. Don’t let the low foam deceive you into using more shampoo than needed. This 250ml bottle should last weeks and weeks, the effectiveness not only ensures you can use sparingly but also allows you to wash your hair less frequently.

Neem Seed Deep Hydrating Conditioner also contains a formula that will ensure you don’t need to use too much, combing it through will mean the conditioner is distributed from root to tip. Again, this 250ml bottle will last ages because it’s effectiveness allows you to leave it longer between washes.


Neem Seed Oil and Vitamin C add anti-oxidant benefits to protect from environmental damage; Guar is conditioning and prevents tangles; d-Panthenol is used as a softening Vitamin B factor. Sandalwood, rose and black pepper essential oils add to the nourishing effect and the inclusion of Lavender oil provides calming properties to the hair and scalp.

This shampoo and conditioner is suitable for all hair types. The presence of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in both these products provides strength to the hair shaft, conditions and adds flexibility.

China Rose Hair Masque is an intense damage repair treatment designed to stimulate your scalp and aid in preventing hair loss. It is a reconstructive treatment that instantly repairs the damage from harsh treatments.

uspa supernatural china rose hair masque

China Bark, aka Peruvian or Quinine Bark, is the key ingredient; it is naturally restructuring ingredient which provides UV protection thus preventing sun damage. Other important ingredients are Shea Butter and Coconut Oil derivative to provide moisture from the roots to the very tips of dry and damaged hair. This will repair and protect against weather damage, dryness and brittleness. The hair is softened and lubricated while the hair shaft is improved and the scalp conditioned.

China Rose Hair Masque works wonderfully as an intense conditioning treatment. For that bit of extra benefit this works amazingly as a mask treatment for damaged hair. It is an integral part of the Uspa haircare ritual when included with a scalp massage and warm towel compress.

This mask treatment is so simple to use and effective. Place a small amount in your palms and massage through clean wet hair and scalp, pulling through to the ends. I personally comb it through to help with tangles and ensure even distribution. Leave on for 2-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. If you want the benefits to travel deeper into your hair, apply a warm compress to the head for the time the treatment is in your hair.

All three of these products leave your hair feeling healthy and rejuvenated, they have a pleasant earthy, natural smell and need only be used sparingly.

These products retail for $32-$34 and are available to purchase online at:

Alternatively, for stockist details please call: 03 9510 6051.

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