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With little one’s spending most of their time running about and exploring the world, we think they need a good pair of quality soft shoes to cover and protect their teeny-tiny feet.

These gorgeous shoes you see pictured are creations from all about Heidi, who had the clever brainwave of designing shoes made from one piece of leather, so there are no seams to cause discomfort to young, growing tootsies.

There are currently two designs to choose from – velcro and laces – and both come in a dizzying array of bright colours.

all about Heidi offers comfort with conscience and every shoe is adjustable to allow for a perfect fit and growth. Crawling babes and toddling tots need shoes that stay on and you can rest assured these playful shoes are designed with sturdy grip.

RRP – $39.00

Stockists – You can nab a pair (or two) from . Also be sure to check out the stockists’ page for your local retailer.

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