Brookfarm Hamper Giveaway

Whether you’re a lover of macadamias, a foodie or just want to sample something new, today we have a treat in store for you. Having featured a number of times on Beauty and Lace; we figured it would be quite fitting to have a Brookfarm giveaway for you lucky readers.

Brookfarm and Beauty and Lace are giving one reader a chance to win a Brookfarm Delights Hampers. (The winner will have a choice between the original or gluten-free version)


The decadent hamper includes – 1 x 250ml Macadamia Oil, 1 x 500g Toasted Cranberry Muesli, 1 x 75g Natural Muesli Sachet, 6 x 75g Walkabout Mix, 1 x 100g Roasted Salted Nuts & 1 x Brookfarm Bar Multipack (4 bars/pack) & a recipe flyer all packaged in a reusable bag for your convenience.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us your favourite use for macadamias.

Competition closes 11/04/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email.

157 thoughts on “Brookfarm Hamper Giveaway

  1. Baking cookies with a recipe similar to Shortbread but with the addition of Macadamia nuts and White Chocolate, whilst nibbling on the macadamia nuts, is my favourite way to use Macadamia nuts. I love them!

  2. I just like to eat them as they are ,so natural & healthy but have been known to crush them over a salad for a tasty alternative.

  3. I make this cake with Cream around it crush the macadamias nuts and put around it and put tin hole peach halves and tin black cherries on top …A winner every time

  4. Sensational, luscious, tantalising to the lips
    Hedgehog Slice with delicious macadamia bits.
    Succulent chocolate drizzled on top
    That decadent crunch, the ultimate delight.

    With left over chocolate you dip the nuts,
    Smothered in smooth chocolate, a luxurious taste.
    Or chopped up macadamias – a morning treat,
    Added to your muesli, a culinary retreat.

    (I am a Facebook fan)

  5. my favourite use for macadamias are in my own chocolate recipe, chai and nut chocolate bar, made with special chai mix,carob powder,almond milk and macadamia nuts.

  6. I love Macadamia Nut Oil, drizzled over a salad. It is delish as a dressing. Plus Macadamia Nut Oil has so many health benefits.

  7. My favourite breakfast is a banana, a cup of spearmint tea, and a small handful of macadamias. It is soothing, destressing, and fills me up until lunchtime.

  8. Apart from my Chocolate Macadamia Nut Torte I love to use them to make macadamia butter! All you do is combine crushed macadamia nuts with butter or oil. I prefer butter but it also has added health benefits if you combine it with olive oil – olive oil solidifies in the fridge. This butter is so versatile you can use it on dry biscuits, such as saladas, or even a sandwich, but can also be used to prepare frostings for cakes, glazes for various types of desserts, and even as an ingredient in recipes.

  9. Nothing fancy as they are fantastic as they are but every morning I start off with a handful in my cereal. A great start to my day.

  10. I use macadamia nuts in place of peanuts… crushed on top of ice-cream, in biscuit recipes and I even make my own macadamia nut butter instead of peanut butter… the kids devour it. And I go NUTS for chocolate-coated macadamias!

  11. OMG…yummo.
    fresh straight outta the shell…
    you cant beat them not even with a stick…
    cause you have to use a hammer to open these little rippers!!! πŸ˜€ <3

  12. My favourite use for macadamias is my favourite hummas dip with a twist Zucchini and Macadamia Hummus it has a fresh and nutty taste with that hint of sweet from the macadamias

  13. My favourite use for macadamias……..filling my mouth with wonderfully yummy goodness and then chewing them up and filling my belly. πŸ˜‰ They never hang around long enough to make it to cooking.

  14. I love to eat macadamias naturally as it is and also when its used as an ice cream topping πŸ™‚

  15. Years ago I found the most delicious fruit cake recipe in the Woman’s Weekly from Lindy Milan. The top is covered in macadamia nuts. The cake is already delicious, the macadamias make it extra special. I made 8 as gifts last Christmas and they were a real hit.
    That is one of my favourite ways to use the very yummy macadamia nut.

  16. I mix coffee and ground Macadamias together and soak sponge biscuits in them, layer it with custard, cover it with whipped cream and garnish with chocolate bits. Only to be consumed when no diet freaks are around.

  17. Well…If you are lucky enough to have a nut cracker and buy Macadamia’s in the shell then the shells have a wonderful use of their own. They are brilliant to use in gardens in place of wood chips or pebbles and they look amazing. Recycling at its best.

  18. I love to cook Jamie Oliver’s fig tart using fresh figs from our tree and using macadamias for the frangipane… topped with roughly chopped macadamias… yum!

  19. Macadamias in brownies, soft, gooey and crunchy all at the same time! And macadamia oil on my face for a relaxing cleanse!

  20. Mashing them up and using the paste as a healthy spread on sandwiches and toast instead of butter of margarine.

  21. My favourite use of macadamias – Is to gobble them up!
    Their moorish, nutty flavour means at one I just can’t stop!!! πŸ˜‰

  22. I love to eat macadamias as a snack, crush them up and use them in a body scrub, use macadamia oil for my skin and even put it in a salad!

  23. whether they are plain, salted, honeyed used in cooking they are delicious. so delicious ,I am even prepared to go to the effort of cracking them myself just to enjoy

  24. Tis the season for Chocolate covered Macadamia’s in dark, milk or white, with a an espresso on the side, divine πŸ™‚

  25. Macadamia nuts are my favourite nut of all nuts, they are great with pretty well most things and are great added to alot of recipes if you are game to use your imagination. πŸ™‚

  26. I really like using macadamia nuts in baking–I think triple chocolate (dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate) macadamia nut cookies are my absolute favorite.

  27. I love to make Macadamia Bread as a Christmas present for family and myself as well because it’s so yummy πŸ™‚

  28. Uses for macadamia? For eating of course. Straight-up. No time for baking or cooking plus macadamias are plenty delicious on their own!

  29. I crush macadamia nuts and rub them into my skin. The palmitoleic acid softens my skin and doesn’t irritate it like some cosmetics do!

  30. Coating them in chocolate – delicious! The only problem is they have to be hidden under the lettuce so hubby doesn’t find them πŸ™‚

  31. My late Grandma loved macadamia nuts dipped in chocolate and gift wrapped in dainty boxes for family and friends. She used to bring them from Hawaii in the 1980s when they weren’t so readily available here in NSW.

    Then she started bringing them from QLD and enjoyed them later in life when they started stocking them in the supermarket.

    Everytime I see a macadamia nut, I think of my Grandma and her smiling while she ate them. She passed away on Easter Sunday 2012.

    Thanks guys for the memories, it’s kinda like she wants me to think of the happy times xxx


  32. After reading all the health benefits of macadamias last year, I now only use Macadamia Oil for all my cooking (ie everything frying, roasting & baking!) Yummo!!!

  33. Adriene beat me to it!
    Why try to improve perfection?… Macadamias are best eaten fresh and neat. In large quantities!

  34. I like crushing them and sprinkling them on top of my dark chocolate ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

  35. I love munching on Maccadamias straight from the packet, we rarely keep them long enough to eat any other way

  36. Nothing beats macadamia & chocolate chip cookies, especially when they’re soft, moreish, and the chocolate is a bit melted in the cookie.

  37. Macadamias baked in brownies then drizzled in caramel sauce and served with macadamia ice-cream! YUM!

  38. Macadamia muffins. Delightful home baked goodies in under an hour, and if the kids werent home I would eat them all myself!!! They are delicious.

  39. Love making toffee or fudge with chopped up macadamia nuts through out it. I like the pieces big and chunky so you really get a good bite of nut! Great smashed up and put over icecream (when you get unexpected guests for dinner – and want to impress) or when you want to treat yourself for….. well…. just being you!

  40. Creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with macadamias…….chocolate packed with macadamia pieces……cookies full of crunchy macadamias……macadamias with assorted fruits & cheese…..

  41. Macadamia-Crusted Salmon using Macadamia crushed up to coat the salmon make best crush and wonderful flavour combo

  42. My favourite every-day way of using macadamias is to make Macadamia Nut Butter, in which I love to dip slices of apple for a quick, easy, delicious and nutritious snack!

  43. I use macadamias in Indonesan-style cooking as replacement for (sometimes difficult to find) candlenuts.

    They’re essential ingredients for making gado2 (cooked vegetable salad with peanut sauce), opor ayam (white chicken curry), and many other Indonesian dishes.

  44. Macadamias in freshly baked chocolate/chocolate chip cookies are a match made in taste bud Heaven.

  45. Macadamias are delicious, nutritious and versatile. It’s applications are endless.. Salads, biscuits, chocolate etc etc, macadamia oil, and macadamia butter is to die for.

  46. I make the yummiest macadamia and salted caramel ice cream! The crunch of the macadamia and the smooth caramel makes a delicious combination!

  47. They are one of Nature’s gifts to us – I LOVE them straight out of the shell which I crack with a hammer. A bit of effort but SO worth it. Am glad I am a QLD child – readily accessible and enjoyable to us from the lucky state.

  48. I love them fresh, straight of the tree…..
    Queensland Nuts….you cant beat them …not even with a stick!!!
    cause they are too hard you gotta use a

  49. I think the best use for macadamias is in their purest form, so I use macadamias to make macadamia butter!

  50. My favourite use is tricking the family, I ask them if they would like to have ‘Macas’ for dinner when I am planning to use macadamias in the dinner, and they think I mean Macdonalds, they always fall for it!

  51. Plain roasted Macadamia’s to bring out their natural flavour and to nibble on whilst watching one of my favourite movies – Moonstruck πŸ™‚

  52. Natural….and simply every other way you can imagine, in cakes, cookies, sprinkled on a crumble, on cereal, in a stir fry, the list is endless

  53. I use them for shoving in my mouth a few at a time, in between meals, to stop overeating. It really works, try it yourself. Love Australian Maccas (not the golden arches, yuk)!!

  54. Macademias are my FAVORITE nut. I love eating them natural or roasted, with the addition of sweet or spicy flavors, in deserts (cold or warm) or vegetalbe or meat dishes. They are simply the most versatlle of nuts. I LOVE them – a true luxury of life!

  55. Macadamia Pie:
    β€’3 eggs

    β€’2/3 cup sugar

    β€’1 cup light corn syrup

    β€’1/4 cup melted butter
    β€’1 teaspoon vanilla

    β€’1 cup chopped raw macadamia nuts

    β€’Shortcrust pastry

  56. Crush and mix with fresh herbs and a little oil and place on salmon fillets and bake in the oven.YUMMY! and so healthy.

  57. I just made Nigella Lawson’s Nutella Cheesecake with macadamia nuts, everyone loved it and wanted the recipe.

  58. I often make Macadamia Praline usually to complement a dessert such as baked cheesecake or semifreddo, but sometimes just to nibble on by itself!

  59. When macadamias are in season i buy them in bulk and use them in everything, my favourite is to crush them up and make a healthy crumbly topping for sweet potato bake.

  60. Macadamias are, to my taste buds, the most versatile of nuts. No other nut can take you from a glorious rocket pesto (excellent on bruschetta) to a luscious caramel pie. And there is no more superior nut to cookie than the macadamia, superb in the white chocolate variation.

  61. Roasting them and using them in a butterscotch toffee cream cake, They make the crunch and smokiness come out amazingly.

  62. I love to use these golden gods of the nuts for crusting an amazing chicken breast into a world class meal for any queen….

  63. I love to substitute peanut butter with Macadamia butter spread with honey on my bread, yum! Especially when my daughter is allergic to peanuts, it is now my family’s favorite =)

  64. Love using them in a crisp salad with halumi, rocket, avocado, cucumber, bell peppers and a red kelly dressing.

  65. My favourite thing to use Macadamia for are bribes. Double dip them, first in white chocolate, then dark. I then use them as bribes, no-one can resist them.

  66. I’d love to win a hamper
    it would be like in a dream
    I’d say “I’m a happy camper’
    and I’d smile like a sunbeam

  67. I love macadamias in any form but facing macadamia ice cream I’m turning into some gluttonous creature

  68. I recently tried a sweet and salty toffeed macadamia recipe for my daughters birthday party and it was a hit. Everyone loved it and there was none leftover.

  69. Would love to win this competition as it will provide me with hours of enjoyment and my husband doesn’t like macadamias so I can have it all to myself.

  70. I loveeee apple crumble A LOT. My favourite thing to do is to add chopped macademias to the crumble topping and it gives it a boost in flavour. It truly is amazing!

  71. Macadamias in cooking, like biscuits and such,
    But I love to eat them raw, just as much.
    In and on top of a cake,
    For goodness sake,
    Nothing pleases me as much.

  72. I like to toss them in a wok with a little sesame oil, boo choy, snow peas and bean shoots – its an Asian delight.

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