Competition: The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Jojoba + Rosehip Oil x 5

When it comes to facial oils, texture and absorption are everything. This new oil from The Jojoba Company has a beautifully fine feel and absorbs quite quickly, so skin never has a greasy look.


A very simple formula, this includes two carrier oils that we just adore: jojoba and rosehip. The Jojoba Company claim that jojoba oil has the ability to go deep into the skin but rosehip oil on its own cannot. When you combine the two, the jojoba takes the rosehip down into the deeper layers, where skin care matters most.

After just a short time of trial we’re already very pleased. Because this doesn’t contain essential oils it is ideal for sensitive skin and can be used on its own or under moisturiser.

We have 5 x The Jojoba Company Jojoba + Rosehip Oils to give away to 5 lucky Beauty and Lace readers.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us how do you keep skin hydrated throughout winter?

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128 thoughts on “Competition: The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Jojoba + Rosehip Oil x 5

  1. I use rosehip oil and a matching moisturiser. I try to drink as much water as possible.

    Would love to try this johoba + rosehip oil. Fingers crossed!

  2. I wash my face with lukewarm water, and when my skin is still damp I apply my moisturiser. It really helps in the winter months.

  3. LOTS of water and a thick moisturiser overnight and a day moisturiser through the day – my skins gets SO dry it itches it really drives me crazy

  4. Moisturise twice a day and make sure I still drink plenty of water. Also avoid having the bath or shower too hot as this tends to dry out my skin.

  5. I drink a least s ix glasses of water a day to keep skin moisturised from the inside out.And use moisturiser in the morning and at night before bed when it nourishes the best,and a facial scrub once a week t remove dead skin cells

  6. During winter I use a cream moisturiser rather than a lotion because it is thicker. At night I use olive oil as a moisturiser because it soaks in well and really hydrates the skin.

  7. I’ve just started trying to make my own skin care as I have sense tickle combination skin. Rather dry area and others with pimples. In winter drinking lots of water still, and using natural products helps

  8. I love Rosehip oil as I use it to smooth out the wrinkles for my neck and also I have dry skin to smooth out lines on my forehead or cheeks . I sound like I am in my 80’s but only 48 !!

  9. Winter skin hydration is such a chore,
    Drinking lots of water and moisturising even more;
    The Jojoba Company’s promise, of absorption down deep,
    Would ease my hydration whining with a ritual I’d love to keep.

  10. I’m a big fan of face oils to keep my face hydrated and a nice coconut based moisturizer for the whole body. Keeping up a routine seems to be key and a lot easier than trying to reverse dry painful skin!!

  11. I drink lots of water, walk three mornings a week loving the fresh air on my skin, and use a little rosehip oil just below my eyes at night. I also book in for a one-hour facial as a treat for my skin.

  12. I found that drinking water just wasnt enough! I now ensure I have chia seeds soaked in coconut water in the morning (slow release natural hydration) which keeps me well hydrated (along with my water – old habits die hard) and a slightly heavier (oilier) moisturiser to deal with the winter winds. It works pretty well just not as good as having 18 year old skin!

  13. Winter is the ideal time to give yourself a change in moisturising products, and fragrance!
    Body butters and thicker moisturisers, along with a special nightly dose of rose-hip oil after a fresh witch hazel toner works for me!

  14. I moisturise morning & night all year round but in winter I also take Fish oil capsules to boost the oils under my skin,i also avoid hot baths or showers as they dry your skin & strip it of its natural oils & I swap my lipstick for lip balm in winter & drink plenty of water.

  15. I try to drink lots of water use estee Lauder at the moment doesn’t seem to be as good as I hoped willing to try something new

  16. I have actually been using this beautiful oil combination for about 10 days – it is wonderful for my aged dry face and neck. As well I use a heavier night creme with a few drops of the oil added and drink heaps of water and try to limit exposure to air conditioning.

  17. I always put on my moisturiser straight after my shower when my skin is still slightly wet seems to make it absorb better and last longer.

  18. As comforting as a hot shower or bath seems in winter, avoid hot water as it really dries your skin out. Use a lighter moisturiser in winter than you usually use in summer, and use it more often. Don’t neglect your water intake just because the weather is cooler!

  19. Im careful not have the water too hot in the shower as that is very drying on the skin. Apply body lotion while my skin is still damp from the shower and dont sit on top of the heater no matter how tempting it may be.

  20. Hydrating Face Masks are a must for me in winter to penetrate that moisture into my skin. It feels softer and looks healthier.

  21. keeping hydrated and moisturising my skin as much as I can. And protecting my skin from the elements helps too.

  22. I try and use as much oil and serum as my skin will take, and I am currently running out. hint hint lol

  23. This year I’m struggling to keep my skin happy I use moisturiser and Rosehip oil twice a day but I need something extra to keep the excema at bay!

  24. I try to drink lots of water or incorporate water in food like making lots of soups throughout winter and i use coconut oil and blackseed oil for my skin , otherwise i use burts bees radiance night cream.

  25. I make sure that I keep my regular skin care routine in Winter and try to keep my face out of extra cold Winter wind. (Lots of snuggly scarves, big sunglasses and hats help!). And I always use SPF 30 all year round to prevent sun damage.

  26. From the inside out, drinking lots of water, but warm or hot water with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice in it. And a good night cream too.

  27. I try to equally spread the love, sunscreen and moisturizer around among the family recognizing that I also am important.

  28. I’m a big fan of Rosehip Oil, as it keeps my skin super hydrated all winter long. I use it alone as an overnight skin treatment, and mix it with my regular day cream for that dewy fresh look all day, every day!

  29. With indoor heating at work and home, I find my skin is particularly dehydrated during the winter months – as well as keeping up a rigorous skincare routine, I ensure I drink PLENTY of water (it’s easy to forget in the winter months).

  30. I am outside summer and winter, so the routine’s much the same.
    The winds and the heat outdoors or inside for drying are to blame.
    At night it is rosehip oil topped with moisturizer on which I am keen,
    No matter the season and in all weather I put on my sunscreen.
    There is never a moment when my skin’s had enough,
    For without all the added moisture my skin can look rough.
    External hydration helps keep my skin looking hot,
    Then internal hydration by drinking water a lot.

  31. cleanse and tone in the morning, cleanse and tone at night.
    Don’t forget to moisturise, to keep yout skin brightl.

  32. Try to say out of the cold and wind that do so much damage to your skin and I use serum to keep my skin in tiptop condition

  33. For inspiration smooth beautiful and healthy skin, natural moisturizer skincare products and coconut facial moist are my tip to avoid harsh winter weather.

  34. Moisturiser day and night stops my dry skin from looking a fright. Healthy oils massaged in deeply, warm pampering showers but only briefly. Avoid air conditioning at all cost! Or the benefits of my routine will be quickly lost.

  35. My winter skin routine consists of moisture moisture moisture to keep the dryness away and my skin subtle. I do enjoy being able to wear heavier make up in winter so also ensure I cleanse with exfoliation twice a week.

  36. Cutting out the wine keeping hydrated both internaly by drinking lots of water and externally with lashing of moisturiser and oils.

  37. Cleanse skin in both the morning and evening, use a moisturising sunscreen during the day and a rich moisturiser at night. A good routine to get into for hydrated winter skin!

  38. I don’t drink cola or soft drinks but remain loyal to my water bottle, I would like to also think I eat a nutritious diet which does help to keep myself hydrated. I use rose hip oil morning and night, after cleansing with an organic face cleanser. I follow this with an quality organic moisturizer. I do believe its all a combination of good overall health and quality skin care products that keep skin soft and hydrated.

  39. As much as it’s tempting to stand under a long, hot shower when it’s cold outside, resist the urge. The hot water will begin to compromise your skin’s lipid layer that holds in precious moisture. Turn down the heat or shorten your shower time, and moisturise straight after the shower while your skin is still damp, using a cream that creates a barrier to stop moisture from evaporating. Also apply a creamy-based mask once a week as a moisture booster or Jojoba Company Jojoba + Rosehip Oil.

  40. A cup of chamomile tea before bed every night as it is hydrating and calming. For my face – rosehip oil daily and moisturising mask weekly.

  41. I keep my skin in tip top shape through Winter by ensuring that my facial serum, facial oil, eye cream and moisturisers are up to the task of replacing the moisture and hydration sucked out by the cold winds and air-conditioning. At 45, I have to be extra careful because I don’t want more wrinkles than I can handle.

  42. In winter I usually find my skin is quite dry, so I tend to moisturise morning and night, making sure to use a rich eye cream before I go to bed.

  43. Eat healthy fruit and vegetables as they contain water and all that bonus goodies..vitamins and minerals, great for the skin!

  44. In winter you still need to keep hydrated to keep your skin copping with the winter chills and I like a good natural moisturiser to protect my skin from the the harsh winter weather.

  45. I try to drink straight water rather than coffee (a challenge!), to keep warm with layers rather than too much heating, which can dry my skin – and to find time to moisturise at least one extra time in the middle of the day.

  46. Drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated from the inside and moisturize morning and nights to stop my skin drying out from electric blankets and office heating!

  47. I lash on lots of this & that & hope it does some good,
    But yet to try some rosehip oil to see if it really softens my skin.

  48. “for me hydration starts from inside,coconut water and fruits smoothies
    ,oily fish two days a week gives areally nice glow and suppleness to my skin.
    gentle soap for face and body,
    like with goat milk is really smooths out my skin. last but not least i dont trust any thing than pure rosehip oil for my face to moisturise and
    natural healthy skin from inside.

  49. Hot showers and baths always feel good in the winter, but when you can, particularly when just washing your face or hands, choose lukewarm water to avoid stripping as many oils away from the skin.

  50. I use a serum underneath my moisturiser so that the moisturiser is absorbed into my skin more effectively.

  51. Cucumbers cut and soaked on face for half hour. I say “Hasta la vista” blotches and dance in vege patch proudly under winter moonlight.

  52. I love the use of oils on skin. Oils really absorb into the skin leaving it so soft and silky. Also, drink lots of water!

  53. From the inside out mainly with plenty of water. I also use bio oil if I get too dry and a range of different moisturisers on non ultra dry days

  54. Best way to keep skin hydrated in winter is the best way to do so year round, a healthy diet with lots of greens and water, as well as good moisturiser, so important in winter to protect from the wind and cold, and sun, even in winter. And of course enriching serums like jojoba and reshape oil go a long way in treating your skin with the TLC it craves.

  55. In winter I use a heavy moisturiser and apply a reasonably thick layer. It absorbs into my skin overnight and makes it soft and healthy in the morning.

  56. i use a honey face mask in the bath as often as I can. Just spread a dessert spoon of pure honey on your face , avoiding eyerbrows! and you will be thrilled at how hydrated and soft your face feels.

  57. My skin during winter turns itchy and dry to the point that ot drives me crazy. I use tonnes of lotions and creams, drink practically all the time and it makes little difference. I hate winter

  58. In the morning I use a lotion moisturiser so it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. At night after my shower, while my skin is still warm, i lather my skin in sorbolene cream because it soaks in better when your skin is warm.

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