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Body powder isn’t as popular as it used to be quite a few years ago – possibly something to do with all the anti-talc information flying about or perhaps because liquid spray-on perfumes have stolen the limelight, so perfuming one’s self with powder has sadly fallen out of favour.

Unless, of course, you’re like my Mum whom continues to be a powder user after all this time. If so, then I offer you my congratulations. Body powder can be of great asset to your self care routine, as long as it doesn’t contain talc.


Dr.Hauschka Body Silk is a powder with multi-uses – it’s also completely safe and talc-free – made up from rice starch, silk powder and silica, along with essential oils to give a pleasant herbal scent. A little goes a long way when using this, some of the uses include –

  • General Body Powder – to lightly scent and help absorb unwanted moisture from skin leaving it with an enviable smoothness
  • Deodorant – this clever powder contains extracts of Sage and Silk, proven to be anti-bacterial and keeps you dry and clean from sweat
  • Hair Powder – sprinkling a little of this onto hair helps to keep hair from becoming greasy. It’s an excellent substitute to dry shampoos on the market which more then often contain harmful chemicals. Putting powder in hair also helps hair to hold its style
  • Nappy Rash – Keep your precious little’s one fragile skin clean and dry
  • Shoe deodoriser – Place into shoes to help deodorise and keep unpleasant smells away
  • Face Powder – Applying a little to the face helps draw away excess oil

This powder doesn’t discriminate – with the herbal scent its ideal for both genders to use.

RRP – $39

Stockists – You can find more information about this lovely brand at http://www.drhauschka.com.au

4 thoughts on “Dr.Hauschka Body Silk

  1. I have been lucky enough to try some of Dr. Hauschka’s products and I am so impressed. They are of a superior quality and feel amazing on your skin.
    Would love to try the Dr. Hauschka Body Silk…

  2. Vanessa, your Mum isn’t the only one who loves powder – really nice smelling ones are so hard to get these days. Thanks for the article, I’ll definitely check the Dr. Hauschka’s out.

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