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There was once a time where creating a gingerbread house for the festive season was quite a bother. Long hours in the kitchen, messy benches and dishes, lots of fiddly work….for some people this actually sounds quite appealing. I personally adore baking/cooking and can easily get lost in time doing so. But for others, the idea seems nothing short of disastrous.

Well rest assured kitchen-fearful people, the clever bunch of people at Gingerbread Folk have taken the hard work for you by creating the ingenious gingerbread house kit, made from entirely natural ingredients (yes, you heard right!)

Each kit includes 4 walls, a roof and chimney baseboard, biodegradable wrapping, royal icing and instructions to help you on your merry way. Or you could always have a try sans instructions and see what you end up with.

How you decorate your little house is completely up to you. The more creative you are, the more enticing the end result.

If gingerbread isn’t quite your thing, you also have the option of making a chocolate gingerbread house. Or even a gingerbread tree kit, if you’re after something a tad different.

RRP – Gingerbread House Kit retails for $36

Stockists – Visit for stockist details or to purchase online. Also have a look at the Christmas Gift Box selections, perfect as a gift.

6 thoughts on “Gingerbread Folk

  1. We are attempting to make houses from scratch this weekend, but not sure how they are going to turn out! About to put the walls on, that’s the scary part, but the whole process is quite tricky. I just want to decorate!

    I am going to order one of these!

  2. I did the kit gingerbread house! It was fabulous. Well, OK, I was a little daunted at “building” the house at first, but my friend and helper was an architect and construction was easy enough. My tip: make heaps and heaps of icing. You want to slather the stuff all over, nice and thick. Smarties/M&Ms are the easiest decoration. Cutting jellies is too time-consuming and licorice allsorts are too bulky. Snakes look good but again have cutting issues.

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