Have A Refreshing Treat With Ice Blocks

Despite the fact it’s now well into autumn, the weather has been sneakily fooling us into believing that it is still summer. All this warmness of the late has left some of us cranky (I won’t be naming names…) and also with a craving for soothing, cooling treats.

Ice Blocks has been charming many people with their deliciously cold icy blocks since 2009. Containing no additives, colours, gluten, glucose syrups and no reconstituted juices, the natural brand also aim to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Not only are the sticks made from eucalyptus wood pulp and the packaging is entirely compostable, the brand sources the ingredients from local farmers. Now that’s a nice touch of community feel.

Being rather health-conscious people, thought has gone into the range to contain a nutritional value. Fruit juice, pulp and fibres are used to flavour and organic milk and coconut milk are used in the creamy specials. Sorry little children, but you won’t get a sugar-induced high whilst licking these!

With many flavours to choose from, ranging from classic favourites and things a little more unique (rice pudding and pumpkin, for example) what would you choose?

RRP- $3.20

Stockists – Ice Blocks are stocked in various health food shops, organic shops, grocers, cafes and kiosks across Australia. For more information visit http://www.iceblocks.name

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