INDAH Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review and Giveaway

Deliciously smelling, nutrient-rich, skin loving moisture and oh-so wonderfully multi-purpose, do I have your attention? When this charming pot of INDAH’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil landed on my desk, I was overjoyed. I’ve been very much a fan of coconut oil for many, many years now and am always willing to try new brands. You also have a chance to try this too, read on through to find out how.

INDAH’s Coconut Oil is sourced from Bali where it is hand pressed from organically harvested fresh coconut flesh. It is completely raw and undergoes no chemical treatments. Have you ever tried coconut oil that has a strong smell/flavour? This does not. It’s light and creamy with a fresh aroma which makes it quite palatable.

As mentioned above, coconut oil has many uses and I’ve put together a small list of the most common and favourable –

1- Body Oil/Moisturiser – perhaps the most obvious use, coconut oil has hydrating and regenerating properties that help to soothe and moisturise, leaving skin with a healthy natural glow.

2- Hair – Coconut oil can be used as a hair mask to hydrate and add shine to hair. Just massage in dry hair (it makes a good scalp treatment too) leave for at least ½ hour and shampoo thoroughly. It works well in hair that has been overly processed, whether it be from heat or colour. A little can also be used after hair is washed, but take note, a little goes a long way!

3- Cooking/Baking – Using coconut oil in your baking adds a healthy dose of good fats. Coconut Oil can withstand high heat so it’s ideal for when cooking at higher temperatures. It can be spread on toast or a dollop added to porridge or smoothies. Always, always make sure you pick a coconut oil that hasn’t been heat processed so all the nutrients are still intact.

4- Make-Up Remover – INDAH Founder Teisha Lowry’s favourite use. Apply a finger nail size to damp skin and massage for a minute or two. Use a cloth to help wash off. Oils are fabulous at cleansing the skin – it’s gentle and oil attracts oil.

5- DIY Body Scrub – Nothing fancy needn’t be used, just brown sugar and coconut oil! Mix well together for a home pampering experience which results in smooth and touchable soft skin.

6- Foot Care – Feet are often the neglected part of the body and yet they do so much work during the day. Massage in a small amount to feet at bed time and pop on a pair of socks. You’ll be rewarded with happy little tootsies, pleased to do your day’s bidding’s.

7- Personal Lubricant – Dare I mention that coconut oil can be used as a lubricant for certain bedroom activities? It melts easily and has good “slip” but be warned readers, it’s not compatible with condoms as it can dissolve latex.

8- Use to create these –  A delightful recipe for healthy truffles – Teisha Lowry’s Raw Coconut Balls

9- Nappy Rash – With anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, gentle massaging into babies’ skin regularly has many benefits.

10- Shaving Oil – Slather onto legs, jump in the shower and shave away. Coconut oil has a thicker texture which creates a moisturising barrier between the blade and your skin.

Now it’s over to you – for your chance to win a jar of INDAH’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and experience the lushness first hand, leave a comment below describing how you’d love to use your coconut oil.

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80 thoughts on “INDAH Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review and Giveaway

  1. I’d use the Coconut Oil for cooking and baking (YUM) and moisturising my hair and skin! It will smell, taste, feel and look amazing.

  2. I love using coconut oil….I use it often……..And I to have had some bad tasting one’s and smelling one’s…….
    I make a lot of raw desserts…….and this is for sure how I would use Indah EV Coconut oil………
    Thankyou for the opportunity to try a new coconut oil…….I will keep an eye out for this in the health shop…..

    1. My entire body is extremely dry from the harsh sun,so I’d use it from head to toe-literally! it would also be great to use when shaving.

  3. I would love to try the coconut Oil for a full body treat starting with a hair mask and working my way all the way down to my toes. It would make a wonderful ‘Me’ day full of relaxation and a beautiful smell as well. =)

  4. I would enjoy the coconut oil for enriching my Thai salads and for my delicious coconut prawns but I would enjoy to explore the uses other than eating this amazing product!

  5. Love to use it for baking and as a hair/skin care remedy for dandruff…
    read a lot good things about extra virgin coconut oil recently.

  6. I’ve been reading a lot lately about the benefits of using coconut oil in cooking, so I would love to try experimenting with this!

  7. Will love to use it as a make up remover as I always have sensitive skins. Perhaps will try this out as a natural way to remove make ups without giving me all the rashes.

  8. I’d love to try it as a DYI foot scrub. My new year’s resolution was to try to be more creative around th home and not always run out to buy things I don’t necessarily need.

  9. Love to win this for my daughter,her hair is DEAD from all the colouring if she has to cut of any more dead ends she will be nearly bald!

  10. My daughters and I would love to deep condition the dry ends of our over processed hair with this amazing INDAH Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I’d also use it on my dry, cracked heels, and dry elbows. It would be the perfect all over body moisturiser for dry skin. There are so many uses for this brilliant product and I’m sure I could think of more if I had the chance to try it out and review it!

  11. Literally good enough to eat. A multitude of uses. What a wonder product. I would use it in celiac recipes and on my skin. Yum!

  12. Would love to try this as it has been recommended to me for my son’s Excema and after no success with any other products after 6 years I would love to find something that works.

  13. I love all things coconut! I have used many coconut based/smelling/tasting products. But have not tried INDAH extra virgin olive oil and Im keen to do so. The whole year round I’ve usually got some sort of coconut based product near by, albeit at times in winter only a trusty lip balm. Summer is the time when the delicious scent of coconut is predominant in outdoor cafes, beer gardens, summer bbq’s & beaches. A majority of the reason I love coconut so much is that it reminds me of these things – good times – in really, really good weather.
    If per chance I was lucky enough to be the recipient of INDAH extra virgin olive oil to trial & review…..HAIR & FEET!!! One can only assume by my appearance at this time…well…I have been enjoying summer to the fullest & perhaps have gone a little organic & embraced my inner hippy…shoes have been an unnecessary accessory & hair cuts in the last 6months have been as scarce as my shoes, resulting in tootsies that need a little t.l.c & a mop of thick bright red hair (with a few white stripes) down to my waist… Summers not over yet!! So I’d love to treat my hair & my feet to some INDAH extra virgin olive oil, so they can recharged & power on through the rest of the summer with me (my hair & feet are nodding in agreement)….(-:

  14. I use mine to cook my pancakes in the skillet. It imparts a delicate, light, coconut flavour that is so tasty, you needn’t use syrup or jam if you don’t want to. Discovered this by accident a while ago when I went to make pancakes and discovered, after I had made the batter, that I was out of both cooking oil and butter. It’s really yummy–try it !

  15. I’d love to pamper myself with INDAH’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I strongly believe my health and appearance are positively influenced to increasing my emotional and mental well-being. Whether I use it for for a facial, massage, removing make up or even a pedicure or cooking this product would be a foolproof way to promote stress relief and relaxation. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

  16. I’ve been a long time user if coconut oil, but only the homemade stuff. My mum makes it from time to time. I have to say I really love how versatile coconut oil is! Not only does it make you hair and skin feel great, it’s also so good for you. Why wouldn’t you want to try it?!?

    My top uses for wanting to use it would have to be for a hair treatment and an all over body moisturiser. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and supple. Great especially I would think for dry feet/knees and elbows! Would be eager to try the Indah out as you had mentioned it had a subtle fragrance, one thing that prevented me from wearing it on my skin daily with the homemade product.

    I definitely would also love to try this is my baking as i love coconut as a flavour! Perfect for sweets…YUM!

  17. I use coconut oil for nearly everything, including all of the above. Well, except number 7. Ahem. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess!

  18. I could use this wonder oil for every single one of the things you have mentioned. The more I read up on this, the more intense my desire to try it has become. Who wouldnt want such a miracle product, that is purely natural and healthy, from the tip of your hair to the bottom of your feet, it really lives up to its miracle properties. Please pick me!!!!!!!!

  19. I know this sounds very boring but as I have only just discovered coconut oil and only just started my clean eating way of life, I want to try this oil in all the ways possible 🙂 and keep the pretty jar once it’s finished

  20. I would love to try coconut oil!! I have read abit about it lately and how it dose wonders for your overal well being 🙂 xo

  21. I would use coconut oil for everything !! Cooking, in my smoothie, tea, hair treatment, moisturizer, on my kids like I said everything .. Totally and utterly addicted to coconut oil..

  22. I would pamper myself in the evenings by using this coconut oil as an all over facial mask, especially around my eyes, neck and décolletage for its hydrating and soothing benefits, as I read during an Indah interview that the extra virgin was particularly ideal for lines around the eyes!!!

  23. I would love to try it as a shaving oil first but lets face it I would probably use the whole jar in one go by using it for everything!

  24. Everything! I’d eat it, rub it, gurgle it, cook it, massage it, sun protect with it, smell it…the list is endless!

  25. I use coconut oil in my kitchen, in my bathroom and in my first aid kit. I consume it on it’s own, I cook with it, I bathe with it, I moisturise my body with it, I remove my eye make up with it, I use it as a night moisturiser on my face, deep conditioner treatment for my hair, and I use it on scratches and scars for healing them. This is a wonder oil. We don’t need expensive products. I am also going to be using it for oil pulling. Awesome oil that has wonderful healing, anti-ageing, energy and moisturising benefits that smells wonderfully good. Thank you for spreading the good word.

  26. I would use my Indah for skin cleansing, morning oil pulling, adding to home made sea salt spray, massage, baking, salad dressing and as a moisturizer for my sensitive skin.

  27. I love the smell of coconut oil and I adore any coconut-flavoured foods or drinks, but I would really like to make my own non-aluminium based deodorant which I believe you can easily make with coconut oil. So versatile.

  28. Would add it to my food for natural energy boost and increased metabolism, use it as a moisturiser to smooth out my wrinkles, also as a gentle make up remover and after shave and massage into my scalp to remove itching and flaking ….love the smell of coconut oil and it is so versatile for the whole family.

  29. I recently read that coconut oil can assist in the prevention of Alzimers disease, among other things, as this has been a problem in our family I would love to try and experiment with cooking, using INDAH coconut oil! I’d also use it for my hair…

  30. I love raw coconut oil as a facial cleanser, it removes all makeup and leaves my face feeling extremely hydrated afterwards.
    I also wold use it as a body oil as my skin is super-dry. I’d also run it through my hair to add extra hydration and shine.
    I know you can cook with it as it is very good for you nutritionally but I haven’t does this yet, but I definately would.
    Raw Coconut Oil is the epitome of multi-tasking brilliance!

  31. My dry hair would definitely benefit from this coconut oil as well as using it as a body moisturiser and foot care and I’d smell lovely too! Had no idea there were so many uses!

  32. would love to try this I never thought it was so versatile. I would love to try the hair mask. My hair needs all the help it can get with the humidity at the moment.

  33. I am stunned at how many things this amazing coconut oil can be used for. I would initially try it in my baking – and go from there.

  34. After YEARS of putting myself LAST (I am always a Mother of 2, Army Wife, UNI Student FIRST)… I have decided to give my body/mindset a TOTAL overhaul (inside and out) in 2013! I would like to use INDAH’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to help me on this journey! x

  35. i use it all the time as a warm oil hair treatment (my hairdresser was impressed), and also in my breakfast, and for frying bacon

  36. I have only ever used coconut oil in my cooking and baking and never knew it’s wonderful benefits on skin and hair. Thanks for the education and I would love to experience this wonder oil on my skin and hair.

  37. Oooh, this is a trick question! There is no right answer… or wrong answer! I would use Indah Coconut Oil for “all of the above!” I’ve tried lots of different brands of coconut oil but I have yet to try the lovely & luscious INDAH… can’t wait!

  38. ive heard a few drops of coconut oil on your food can help to improve your memory and help with recovery from and injury, it has something to do with helping to rejuvine the synops paths in the brain, so i would love to try it out maybe it can help with my arthritis i have in my spine

  39. I’d love to use it as a hair conditioner. Moreover, I noticed that my friends who take virgin coconut oil every day with food have shinier and healthier hair, so I’d like to try that as well. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  40. Would love to use coconut oil lightly warmed up and massage it into my hair and all over my body before a shower for soft hair and glowing skin!
    While cooking will use it as a finishing touch in my Thai curries for a fragrant aroma and delicious flavour.

  41. I would love to use this to treat my hair. My hair has become so dry and many split ends from highlighting it.

  42. My favourite way to use it is as a body oil to leave my skin feeling well nourished, soft and smoothy with a sexy coconut scent for a hot date with my partner. How exoctic! Ooh, come hither…..

  43. I would love to use it as a massage oil – now the next step is to somehow get George Clooney to be my masseuse!

  44. I would love to get my hands on INDAH’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it sounds like a miracle in jar and o boy do I need it! I have extremely sensitive skin especially in summer.
    I love the fact that it comes in its raw form and free from all chemical processing, with no added preservatives and artificial flavours and who doesn’t love a product that gives back to a good cause ?

  45. I’d be eating it either in my cooking or in my food preparations. Coconut oil does wonderful amazing things for your health.

  46. I’ve just learnt about coconut oil and the amazing ways you can cook with it or use it in your beauty routine. I’d love to give it a whirl!

  47. Having lived in Malaysia, their cuisine so flavoursome, a curry or a rendang and perhaps a cake would be the destiny for the coconut oil. Then again, with aroma so refreshing and crisp, a massage for two could be just the treat. Such a versatile product one can only imagine the uses and how far a jar can stretch.

  48. I’d love to use this as a moisturiser, as a child we used coconut oil for our skin, (nothing like this wonderful product I’m sure) this would take me back to that time, I just love the smell!

  49. I would love to smother my poor old tired summer feet with my INDAH’S Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I would enjoy the scent, the tranquility & just relax.

  50. I would love to invent my own flavoured tubs of lib balm with the coconut oil. No preservatives or nasty chemicals and completely my own recipe.

  51. Indah EV Coconut oil would be the perfect companion for the coconut flour Im using cooking for my granddaughter, who is Coeliac, and cannot tolerate gluten. It am constantly searching for healthy additions to her diet. Id also love to use it on my dhydrated, summer skin

  52. I’d love to use this gorgeous coconut oil to soften my hair and remove my makeup. I find it very hard to find natural products that aren’t harsh on my skin and eyes but that actually manage to remove my makeup easily, and if I could do it with the yummy smell of coconut and the skin-softening goodness of this natural oil that would be brilliant!

  53. The DIY Body Scrub idea sounds fantastic – would definately love to give it a try. I’m sure my skin would love a good polishing 🙂

  54. Would you believe I haven’t used anything that had coconu oil in it for years as it was something that turned my stomach and made me feel ill. On my honnymoon 31yrs ago our guests kept putting coconut oil throughout our bed. By the 3 time we were so over the smell and never went near it again. I think it is now time to let go of the past and enjoy this wonderful product that can also make you feel and look great .. 🙂

  55. I love using Coconut Oil and would love the opportunity to try a different brand. At the moment I use it in cooking (desserts as well as steaks!).
    I might try it on my feet as a tootsie treat. I wear high heels everyday and this may help soften them.

  56. I’ve never tried it, but have just read about how versatile it is. It’s even supposed to be useful on headlice and ear infections which the kids have just had. I wish I would have know it then.
    I also read that it can help with an underactive thyroid by consuming a few tsp a day of coconut oil. I really need to try this oil. If it can be used to heal your body and soul it’s a miracle in a bottle.

  57. This would almost certainly take the place of a few other products, I would use it for my hair, feet and as a body scrub.

  58. OMG…where would I start..
    firstly, Id be using it in the kitchen….sounds absolutely delicious
    then I would more it too the bathroom for my hair and feet..
    ohhhh and how good would I smell ….
    A girl can dream…but, Im really hoping it becomes a reality…
    cause I got everything crossed ….good luck to me… 😀

  59. I am a huge fan of coconut oil have been using it in my life for many years now.
    I have many uses in my baking, cooking, great to use as a moisturizer leaves your skin so smooth, well hydrated.

  60. Mmmm, my husband and I have been looking for something to enjoy together…. and you have given great advice for using this. Thanks for the tip about latex!

  61. I would like try this INDAH coconut oil some have an odour which can be off putting but this i would buy if it doesn,t have the odour

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