Interview with NVEY ECO’s Rohan Widdison

NVEY ECO is a natural makeup brand that I have come to love and adore over the years for many reasons. One being the exceptional quality of the cosmetics and two being that fact that they’re certified organic, so you know you’re getting the absolute best of quality. Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Rohan Widdison, the founder of NVEY ECO. Read on below and you’ll too feel the passion that he has for his very successful brand.

Natural cosmetics are becoming quite the popular trend at the moment, with new brands popping up everywhere. What makes NVEY ECO differ from these?

I founded NVEY ECO 7 years ago which really makes our company a pioneer in the natural cosmetic category, however we went certified organic from the beginning and that really gives our brand an edge. For our loyal customers this is the real difference to them – natural is a good start but certified organic is a commitment to your ethos. As an example with natural you can use just about anything as along as it sounds natural such as jojoba, but with NVEY ECO we ensure its certified organic jojoba oil, and can trace the origin and processing of all our raw materials.

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What attracted you to decide to start NVEY ECO?

I grew up in the beauty industry via my mother Helene Abicair who was an icon in the education sector [] – and with a background that was very holistic. This really did have a definite impact on my direction and understanding of cosmetics, and formed the basis of the direction the brand would take.

NVEY ECO is proudly Certified Organic, what did it take to gain the certification?

 A 24/7 commitment to quality, systems, and an intimate understanding of organic manufacturing. What we do in our production is unique. We don’t out source our production which many companies do which will always impact on certification. We produce all products in house, and have an exceptional team committed to quality and accountability. There isn’t really another company in the world taking the care and detail in organics to deliver a product of this standard.

You’re the Owner/Director of Helene Abicair, the College of Advance Beauty Therapy. How important is it to teach and demonstrate to the students the importance of natural/organic products?

We have always taught the importance of products being in harmony with the body and the environment. While we teach the nationally accredited program, our background and manufacturing knowledge imparts a greater understanding of cosmetic ingredients to give our students the choice.

What is your favourite NVEY ECO product?

NVEY ECO ERASE. A great concealer is your best asset!

What are your best-selling items?

Erase, Crème Deluxe Foundation, Forte Eye Crème, Delicat Moisturiser, Lip Lustre and Eyeshadows.

Can you give us your expert knowledge on what’s the best way to prepare the skin before use of make-up?
I follow a few basic steps to make it easy for everyone. The basics:

Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead cells and give the skin a smooth finish. We recommend the Forte Hydrating Exfoliant as its very gentle using fine bamboo.

Next definitely cleanse and moisturise each day. NVEY ECO cleansers have a low level of coconut-derived surfactant that removes impurities. Our parabens, SLS, nano free moisturisers keeps the skin nourished and calm, but also act as an excellent pre foundation primer. They also have the added benefit of Karanja seed derived organic glycerine that is an excellent moisture binder, not to mention its one of the most environmentally friendly glycerines available.

What is the best positive feedback that you receive from your customers?

I think it’s the surprise reaction you get when they find out we are organic and Australian made and owned. It’s a very encouraging response as its usually expected the organic is just a marketing idea and we would be made in China as so many brand are today.

What’s next in line for your work?

We have several new country launches coming up before the end of 2012 which is an intense period to deliver on regional tastes and needs, and in 2013 we have a massive program lined up in the USA launching in a leading national retailer.

We send a warm thank you to Rohan for taking time out to answer the questions.

Have you tried NVEY ECO before? What is your favourite product?

To browse the extensive NVEY ECO range and to purchase online visit- Also be sure to take a peek at the new skin care range.

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