Introducing: Qi Organic White Tea Relax

No matter the season, it’s always the perfect time for a cup of tea. One of the much loved trendy teas of the late is the nourishing and warming chai tea. We’re pleased to say we have a new favourite in the chai category.



Qi Relax Tea boosts a nutritious and delicious ingredient list featuring some lovely spices we so love to indulge in; ginger, cinnamon and cloves. As the tea is naturally sweet, there’s no need to add milk or sugar making it an enviable option for those with a sweet tooth.

White tea is the main ingredient and as it’s known to be high in antioxidants, this makes it a perfect healthful addition to your winter tea collection.

Stockists: Available mid-March from Coles, select IGA supermarkets, Food Works and premium organic grocers

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