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Created by founding director Scott Fry, Loving Earth is renowned for its vast range of highly nutritious foods. The Loving Earth philosophy is simple –

Health – Sustainability – Fair

Each one of these principles defining the criteria used through out the development of their natural products.

Each product created by the Loving Earth team is done with absolute minimal processing; leaving you with a product that is full of its original nutrient-rich goodness. Along with a promise that each product is sugar, dairy and gluten free, Loving Earth truly has the health of their customers in mind.

The Luvju range is a newly introduced Superfood Bar snack made using only the finest of ingredients to satisfy and provide optimal health. Each bar has been individually packaged with artistically bright, eye-catching designs and divided into two groups – three fruit and nut bars and four superb chocolate flavours.


There are few things in life that are as uplifting as consuming good quality chocolate and Loving Earth is no exception. The chocolate bar range provides you with adorably cute heart shaped treats that are made from organic raw cacao butter and cacao nibs which are rich and deliciously smooth on the tongue. For those of you used to the usual commercial sugar-filled chocolates, it may take a little while to get used to the richness of said products, but in no time at all you’ll be addicted to the soft, delicateness of each bar.

The three fruit & nut bars were equally as impressive as the above mentioned chocolate bars (although there is just something that’s so more-ish about chocolate, no?) each bar packed with a selection of Loving Earths chosen superfoods, included maca, acai and maqui, giving you an antioxidant hit in a form of a small bar.

Stay tuned for future posts that involve me gushing over more of Loving Earths simple yet satisfying selection of fine products.

RRP – Loving Earths Fruit & Nut bars retail for $3.50 and the Chocolate Flavours for $2.95

Stockists – Visit the stockist page on http://www.lovingearth.net to see where you can purchase locally


2 thoughts on “Loving Earth Luvju

  1. thanks for sharing, I’m gluten and dairy free and haven’t tried these before. Luckily there is one stockist here yay (often unusual for small suburb of tassie) so I’ll be sure to try some!

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