Maya Sunny Honey

Beloved by the sweet tooths of the world; honey is quite the well known pantry staple and easily recognised by its glorious stickiness and alluring scent. Maya Sunny Honey is a handcrafted honey company that produces 100% raw runny goodness, straight from the bees to jar.

Raw honey doesn’t undergo the same pasteurising treatments that commercial honey does, meaning that what you get is unheated, unprocessed and full of natural nutrients.


Maya Sunny Honey has a petite range of products including your traditional Honeycomb to ‘Macadamia Crunch’, a tantalizing mixture of Raw Bottle Bruch Honey with the addition of Australia’s iconic macadamia nuts.

There are many ways to indulge in honey, from creating enticing dishes or just slathering a bundle onto your morning toast.

To visit the Maya Sunny Honey website, click here

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