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We all know that doing the laundry can be rather dull, unimaginative and repetitive; it’s also something that we try not to think too much about. Our washing machines do quite a marvellous job of providing us with fresh, clean clothes, but what are you feeding your washing machine?

Thousands of Australians are using synthetic cleaners to clean their clothes. In the long run, this amounts to a hefty number of toxins being flushed down our drains and flowing into our environment. It’s needless to say this isn’t a good thing – in fact – it’s quite frightening. But rest assured there are ways we can limit our impact on the environment, using eco-friendly laundry products is a wonderful start.

What we have here is a laundry detergent by method, an eco-friendly, natural cleaning brand that are clever clogs when it comes to all things housework and cleanliness. Due to my love of all things being bright, sparkly and very clean, I was most eager to put this to the test.

Method Cleaning

The packaging was the first to catch my attention – I don’t normally associate the words “pretty” and “dirty laundry” in the same sentence, so a round of applause to method for making me think this. The bottle is also biodegradable and comes with a pump, ensuring no messy drips to annoy your day. This eco-wonder contains a good amount of liquid – 600ml – and a little goes a long way when using. It has a wonderfully fresh smell (spring daisy, as advertised) and the end result was one to be pleased about – clothes that are clean, very clean!

method is definitely a company that we should all be looking more into, they provide us with an array of handy products that are most gentle. This is also perfect for those of you with little ones and people whom have sensitive skin.

RRP – $17.99 for 600ml

Stockists – You don’t need to waste time searching for far away stockists – method is now more easily accessible. Available from Woolworths, selected IGA’s and online –

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