Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel

Oh the things we ladies do for beauty – ripping out hair painfully from our bodies just for a couple of weeks of hair-free skin. Waxing isn’t always my preferred hair removal choice, mostly because my insanely sensitive body skin seems to enjoy turning bright red and developing rather sore skin blisters after doing so – it’s fair to say that I haven’t come across many decent brands that help with this problem.

You can imagine I was feeling a little apprehensive about trying yet another brand – but I had a little ray of hope in knowing that Nad’s Hair Removal Gel was all natural – it contains honey, lemon juice and date fruit extract, to name a few – and was pleasantly surprised by the end result of using this thick, green, toffee-like gel.

nads gel

Application isn’t quite as simple as the packaging states, it does say that you shouldn’t need to heat it but I found it a little hard too spread so I popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds, mixed it around and it became a runnier texture. (Although please be sure to test the heat on your skin – I was incredibly idiotic and didn’t do this which resulted in burnt skin…) The box comes with washable cotton strips that you apply firmly to the covered area – hold skin taunt and pull away from hair growth and – voila! Hair-free! The excess residue was easy enough to wash away and whilst my skin was a little red after finishing (which is normal) I’m pleased to announce that there were no sores to complain of.

Melanie Franklyn (Nad’s brand manager) says “Nad’s is now celebrating 20 years since the creation of this product and to this day still have millions of happy customers. The all natural, no heat gel formula has not changed since its first formulation and a product that we’re very proud of.” Let’s all congratulate Nad’s on having 20 years, have any of you been one of Nad’s many million happy customers?

RRP – $13.95

Stockists – Nad’s Hair Removal products are available to purchase at leading supermarkets and pharmacies, for more information visit –

2 thoughts on “Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel

  1. Hi Vanessa,
    First of all, I love reading your colums and am now using this site as a point of call before I purchase a new beauty product.
    I was reading your bio and you mention your mission for a clean, simple life. I have heard a lot recently about ‘clean food’ and its positive effects on the body, and that rather than dieting which has many negative affects, media tells us that a clean food diet is better still. Can you give me some examples of a ‘clean food’ menu for the day?
    From the person you do not know : )

    1. Hi Karina,
      I’m very pleased to hear you enjoy my columns – you’ve just brightened my morning. A good way to describe clean food/clean diet would be eating nothing that has been refined or processed at all and no preservatives or additives. So in other words, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, dairy and healthy fats (nuts, unrefined oils, natural butters/nut butters ect…) You’ll feel much better for it!

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