Nourishing Body Oils For Winter

Applying a body oil has many wonderful benefits. Oils have the ability to penetrate deeply into skin, helping to nourish, moisturise and soften.

Oils are best applied to clean, damp skin. The dampness of the skin helps oil to sink in quickly, so you’re not left feeling greasy and sticky. Taking the time to massage in can also help improve skin circulation.

Below is a list of just some of the many worthy body oils available, each one enriched with ingredients to help improve the appearance and suppleness of your skin.

It’s important to note, you needn’t go out and purchase expensive body oils again and again, your local supermarket and health store carries everyday oils that are just as good. Think olive, macadamia, coconut, sweet almond, apricot and avocado oils. Just make sure they’re unrefined and of pure quality!

Body Oils

If you’re looking for something a tad more special – also perfect for gifts – I personally recommend Aromatherapist Audra James who formulates simply beautiful bespoke body oils by hand.

1 . Antipodes Organic Heavenly Body Oil – $49.95 100ml

With an exquisite scent of ylang ylang, rosewood and jasmine, Antipodes’ body oil is a luxurious option. An ideal match for those with dry skin due to the addition of avocado and macadamia oils, known for their high nutrient content and ability to deeply nourish skin.

2. Sukin Wellbeing Body Oil – $19.95 100ml

Rosehip, marula and calendula feature in this antioxidant-rich option, this is a guaranteed favourite for those whom seek a nourishing oil whilst still being light on skin.

3. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Oil – $19.95 118ml

Suitable for Mummies and Bubbies, this silky oil contains apricot and wheat germ suitable to protect the most delicate of skins. Can be used for bath time and as a massage oil for baby.

4. Jao Brand Goe Oil – $39.00 85g

This sleek tube of cleverness contains 28 plant/flower oils and a blend of delightful butters. It’s a tad mischievous – it isn’t so much an oil as it is a balm, but it’s worthy of a mention nonetheless. This glides beautifully onto skin and is incredibly moisturising – but non-greasy – and has a tantalizing scent of frangipani. A simply must-try.

5. Endota Spa Olive & Macadamia Massage Oil – $28 125ml

Anything that Endota Spa sells has a promise of being utterly divine, and this oil is no exception. Treat your skin to a massage and let the olive, evening primrose, macadamia and calming essential oils carry you away and work wonders on your skin.

6. Weleda Stretch Mark Oil – $27.90 100ml

If you’re a lady who has a. been through puberty b. put on/lost weight c. had a baby, then stretch marks are probably familiar to you. Whilst we can’t help that our supple skin easily stretches, we can help protect the skin with regular applications of skin smoothing oils. My personal pick – Weleda’s Stretch Mark Oil.

7. Lily Loves Pearl Intensive Rosehip Oil – $28 25ml

Rosehip oils skin regenerative powers are a secret no longer. The emollient oil is gaining popularity by the day and for good reasons. As well as being deeply hydrating, perfect for scars, fine lines and ageing skin, this can be used all over, not just the body. Tip – adding a drop or two to your day/night cream adds an intensive moisture boost.

2 thoughts on “Nourishing Body Oils For Winter

  1. I agree that there is nothing wrong with buying products from the supermarket, they work wonders and are afford for a budget gal like myself.
    I must be honest and say I neglect my body and only apply a body lotion when I remember. But youve got me very interested in body oils. I love sukin and there oil sounds amazing.

  2. I probably buy all of my body lotions from the supermarket. It is handy and most are affordable.

    Loved the article B&L….and certainly will be having a look at a few of those now.

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