Pana Chocolate

Oh chocolate – the word alone makes many squirm in utter delight. Whilst there is an abundance of chocolate brands out on the market, how many can you say are raw and organic?

Pana Chocolate creates pure chocolaty indulgence in Melbourne and is made by hand. Pana Barbounis is the master mind behind the brand with a love for raw food and has many years experience in hospitality. And what do you get when you mix a health conscious man with a love for food? A delightful range of truly healthy, guilt-free treats.

The purest and yummiest of ingredients goes into each batch, think cacao solids, cacao butter, cacao powder, virgin coconut oil and the warming spice that is cinnamon. Nuts, berries and pure essential oils are used as flavours and not a trace of gluten or dairy is to be found. The texture of the chocolate is quite unique, the words “dense” and “fudge” come to mind and those are truly good words to describe chocolate.

The brand currently has 10 bars up for retail including the always favoured raw cacao, orange and coconut & goji. Other flavours include rose*, nuts, mint, lucuma gold (which contains 30% of the Peruvian lucuma fruit, hailed as “fruit of the gods”) and the newest addition to the family, blue-green algae.

Next time you have a tempting for something sweet, why not try a piece or two (or the whole bar, no judging) of this vegan-friendly goodness?

RRP – Prices range from $6.50-$8.50 for a 45g block

Stockists – Visit to source your local retailer

*please note the rose flavour is a limited edition

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