Interview With Irene Falcone From Nourished Life

If purchasing the best quality of natural skin/body/hair/make-up and other delish goodies is of great importance to you, then Nourished Life is your place to shop. If you enjoy being spoiled, then Nourished Life truly is the place for you – each order comes beautifully wrapped in pretty pink paper (pink!) and the bright online visuals and informative information makes for an easy-breezy online shopping experience.

Irene Falcone is the leading lady behind Nourished Life and she is a wealth of knowledge for all things beauty.  Irene spends hours researching to find the greenest of options for us budding shoppers. Whether you’re a luxurious shopper or prefer the basic necessities, there is a wide range of wonderfully enticing things to pick from.

I had a chat with the lovely Irene recently about her gorgeous store and I’m excited to say I’ll soon be featuring some of the products from her shop here on Beauty and Lace. Stay tuned!

Please tell us a little about yourself and Nourished Life.

I am a total beauty product addict, passionately researching, testing and searching the globe for the most cutting edge natural & organic beauty & lifestyle products.
Nourished Life is a fun and inspiring online shopping destination selling natural and organic alternatives to everything we have in our old make-up bag that was made from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens.

What made you decide to create Nourished Life?

I wanted to create a special online shop where I could really show off how SEXY, FUN and COLOURFUL eco-friendly products can be! I also wanted a place where women could catch up on the latest natural and organic discoveries and be able to quickly grab their must have products on their lunch break at work or at home while their baby is sleeping.

Nourished Life started out as a natural health and beauty blog where I was sharing my journey attempting to live a more toxic free life in the city. My blog really seemed to connect with other women who wanted to do the same but just didn’t know where to start or where to go to replace their old products.

What type of products do you specialise in?

My specialty is simple. I only stock 100% natural, certified organic or the most natural products available on the market. I always make sure I have a selection of products for every budget and a wide range of products so we can detox all areas of our lifestyle. You can buy a beautiful certified organic “Classic Red’ lipstick for date night, a pair of organic rubber thongs for the weekend and a tube of natural whitening toothpaste all from the same place!

Why is it important to use natural products?

The products in my store have all been created with love and with the specific intention to create a safe, healthier future. Every brand has a story behind why it was created and every product has been developed for a specific reason.

When you use these products you will see very quickly the difference natural products can make to the way we look and feel.

I personally have experienced more energy, brighter eyes, smooth, clearer skin and an overall feeling of happiness knowing that I’m no longer smothering my body with a cocktail of chemicals.

What are the five top-selling items?

The Cosima Certified Organic Day Cream

The Mukti SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser

The Zuii Certified Organic Lipsticks

The Hurraw! Lip Balms

The Lavera Maximum Volume Mascara

What are your personal essential products?

The Absolution Night Cream with a pump of the Absolution Anti-Ageing Booster Serum – to wake up looking 5 years younger!
The 100% Pure Caffeine Coffee Bean Eye Cream – to banish dark circles and puffy eyes.                                                                 The Carla Oates Inner Beauty Powder – I take this every morning when I first wake up
Zuii Certified Organic Lipstick in Primrose – The perfect pink

Do you have any beauty tips?

Invest in a good quality all natural night cream, apply before bed and wake up every morning looking beautiful.

Why do you love your job?

I absolutely love discovering new products, meeting the creators behind them and helping women look and feel gorgeous using all of the amazing natural products the world has to offer. This is my dream job, the perfect way for me to nourish my beauty obsession and live a healthy, less toxic life at the same time.

What’s in the future for Nourished Life?

My head is spinning with ideas and there are a million things I want to do all at once but I need to just take one step at a time and keep focusing on my product research and selling the very best, most affordable naturally safe products available.

Thank you Irene for sharing your passion with us! To take a peek at the Nourished Life shop, visit here –


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  1. So glad to see this post – I highly recommend buying from Nourished Life – Irene is an expert on natural beauty & does not sell anything toxic, unlike many others online who claim to only sell all toxic free products & brands. Finding her shop was the best thing I ever did for my skin!

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