Review: Nutri-Synergy NS-21 Skin Repair Treatment

We adored their Heel Balm Complex and now you can read our glowing review of the Skin Repair Treatment.



What is it: A concentrated treatment cream for damaged skin. If you’ve suffered from intensely dry skin, allergic reactions or just want something to soothe inflammation, then this may be worthy of your money.

How to use: Apply to areas needed three times daily. Alternatively this can be used as an all-over body lotion too. There may be a slight tingling sensation if you’re new to the cream or if your legs are freshly shaven but it does settle after a while.

What’s in it: The formula features 25 naturally active ingredients, including: vitamin e, rosehip, avocado and grape seed extracts, honey, aloe vera and vitamin c. Best results can be seen after 3-4  weeks of usage.

RRP: $28.95 for 100g

Stockists: Visit for more information


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