Reviewed: Botani Skincare

For those with a love of herbally, all natural skin care, I couldn’t recommend Botani highly enough. Created in 1994 by naturopath and herbalist Barbara Filokostas, Botani has thrived in popularity and has adorned the hearts and bathrooms of many families. Whilst Botani isn’t a new range for me, I was still thrilled at the chance to learn more and be an avid tester of the products below.

Olive Skin Serum – Contains 100% Olive Squalene. Squalene is affectionately known as a ‘built-in-moisturiser’ because it occurs naturally in human skin. As we age, squalene levels dilapidate and we’re left with skin needing an extra dose of moisture. Botani’s squalene is derived from olives and my-oh-my isn’t it a fabulous creation. With barely a whisper of a scent and feather light in application, this oil sinks in quickly and skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated. Long term use will see a glow to the skin and a more even complexion. I’m very fond of this oil and suggest you try too!



Boost Balancing Moisturiser – Those with a more oiler complexion, pay attention. Botani’s Balancing Moisturiser is a perfect fit if you’re troubled by oily, blemish prone skin. This cream contains herbal extracts chosen specially for their abilities to help purify and calm. Applying a small dollop morning and night will provide gentle moisture where needed. Also ideal as a pre make-up base for a smooth application.

Olive Hand Cream – Oh hello, silky hand cream! I’m very very fussy when it comes to hand creams, my little paws need adequate amounts of moisture but I despise the feeling of oily, sticky hands.  This blend contains Botani’s favoured olive squalene, sweet almond oil, calendula extract and other handy goodies. While it does take a bit of rubbing for the cream to sink in, hands are left feeling delightfully soft until the next application. New favourite hand cream? Perhaps so…..

Stockists – Check your local Priceline, Discount Drug Stores, Zoos Victoria and other independent pharmacies and health food stores


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