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My hair and I are not on the best of terms at this current point in time – I’m more then willing to try fresh new products out to attempt to enhance and gain a little control back. Finding all natural hair products can be a tricky thing – most supposedly “natural” brands manage to find some way to sneak chemicals into the formula – I wanted something that was completely free of the usual toxic ingredients and this is where Seven Wonders comes into the picture.

Seven Wonders have over 25 years in experience and much like me; they frown upon the other companies whom claim their unnatural products to be natural. I was given the Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner to test out (which I eagerly did) and took it upon myself to see if the duo lived up to Seven Wonders rather glorious expectations.


The instructions on the shampoo recommend that you do two “mini” washes rather then the usual one big wash (due to the lack of sulphates, sometimes it takes two washes with natural shampoos for hair to be clean) to achieve the maximum benefits of the natural herbal extracts – I did as the instructions state and found it did indeed work quite well – my hair felt clean and soft. Following up with the matching conditioner I was left with hair which, much to my surprise was quite manageable. Both the products have a pleasantly subtle fragrance, waking up the next morning my pillow was beautifully scented.

All Seven Wonders Hair Care Products are – paraben-free, SLS and SLES-free, have absolutely no animal testing or by-products, suitable for dry, damaged and coloured hair and contains certified organic ingredients.

RRP – Both Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $14.95

Stockists – Visit for your stockist needs.

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  1. Have to agree about Seven Wonders, the products are very good, i use the Argan Moroccan Oil treatment , much cheaper than the main brand but works just as well in a more handy bottle.
    Less than 30 bucks a bottle is pretty good , I bought it from but their are quite a few stockists in Oz and worldwide : )

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