Shizen Lip Care

I am most pleased to introduce you to all-natural lip care brand Shizen. Shizen means “Natural or as formed by nature” in Japanese and was created by Simone Wyndham. After winning an aromatherapy course on a radio station, Simone set to work creating what can only be described as a truly remarkable lip balm.

Described as having “serious and immediate hydration” I was eager to put this sleek, silver stick to the test. Now, I absolutely adore lip balms and I just so happen to own quite a few. I personally prefer balms that are thick, long-lasting and with more of a matte texture. Having a scent isn’t necessary, but nice all the same. The first thing I noticed when I opened the tube was the delicate, subtle smell – soft lemon myrtle. The rich formula of shea butter and cocoa butter made it simply a dream to apply – it glided on effortlessly and left a rich, nourishing feel. Sweet almond oil and vitamin e help to penetrate the skin of the lips and provide relief for lips that are dry and cracked. Just as I prefer, this balm doesn’t leave a sticky shine – just a nice matte texture.


Having been impressed with the stick balm, I was more then willing to give the Lip Tint a try. I have the colour “Pinkie” which offers the same amazing benefits of the original balm but with a beautiful splash of colour. How much colour coverage you want is entirely up to you – if you want a subtle, barely noticeable tint then apply the balm lightly. If you’re after something a little more intense, apply a couple of coats. There is no need to put a balm on underneath, you will discover that the tint is moisturising enough.

Both the balms I tried are truly superb and long-lasting.They are something that I will most definitely purchase again and again and I am eager to explore additional products in Simone’s range.

RRP – Shizen Stick Conditioning Balm – $12.95

Shizen Tint Lip Conditioner – $15.95

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