Skin Supplements for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Let it be stated that true beauty comes from within and a healthy lifestyle and happy insides is the key to getting that inner glow. If the latter isn’t in check, then all the beauty supplements in the world won’t make the impact you so very desire. These supplements help add an extra boost to where it is needed and go alongside your healthful diet.

So grab a glass of water, gobble up and tell us what you think!

1. Qsilica One-A-Day Formula – 30 tabs $34.95

Silica is a mineral essential to the body and is a necessity in helping improve the appearance of brittle nails, lack lustre hair and improving the skins collagen production. These handy one-a-day supplements contain a potent and pure blend of colloidal silica along with biotin, zinc and selenium.  Also take a peep at Qsilica’s natural skin care range.

2. BioCorrex Skin Beauty Anti-Ageing Skin Supplement BioCorrex – 28 day supply $110

For the ultimate in radiance (with quite a hefty price tag) comes BioCorrex’s path to inner skin health, with many exotic ingredients included. Age-Defying? Hydrating? Correcting? Healing? Radiance? Tick tick tick, BioCorrex has it all covered. If swallowing 5 capsules a day seems a little extreme then perhaps this isn’t for you but BioCorrex promise you’ll see a difference in skin hydration, firmness and a lessening of lines within 12 + weeks of use.


3. SkinB5 Acne Control Tablets – Extra Strength – 30 day supply $49.95

Oh dear, blemishes aren’t liked by any but swallowing these nifty pills may just be what your skin needs. SkinB5 contains vitamin B5, which is known to promote the healthy appearance of skin. Zinc, copper, silica and vitamin A are also included and it should be noted you needn’t have blemished skin to benefit from these. Take a look at the websites testimonial page to see what others think.

4. The Good Vitamin Nails Skin & Hair Care – 30 tablets $5.99

Rather then slathering expensive potions onto your skin why not swallow a good vitamin? This addition gets a thumbs up for being affordable, multi-taking and packaged in pink. Biotin, silica and zinc help encourage skin renewal and camellia sinensis leaf dry (green tea) is well applauded for its superior antioxidant qualities.

5. Tea Tonic Complexon Tea – Caddy Tin $24

Let’s sip our way to radiant skin with herbal tea. We adore Tea Tonic’s Complexon Tea which is packed full of wonderful fresh herbs hailed for their clever abilities to gently cleanse and nourish your insides. Tea Tonic gets an A+ for being Australian and formulated by local naturopath and herbalist Lisa Hilbert.

6. Lotus Wei Infinite Love Flower Elixir – 30ml $32

A blend of flower essences to help nurture an acceptance of one’s magnificent self. Add 5 drops to water, juice or your drink bottle 5 times daily to encourage positive feelings of love, attraction and affection. Suitable for men, women and children.

2 thoughts on “Skin Supplements for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    I was pleased when I saw this advert about the Complexon Tea.
    I have been drinking this Tea Tonic Tea for years because I had very dry skin, My skin has changed for the better after drinking this delicious tea. Tea Tonic has many other blends of amazing Therapeutic Teas which helps mnay health matters.

    Kind Regards
    Elle Smith

    1. Hi Elle,

      Thank you for your comment, that’s lovely to here! I’m currently sipping on the Oriental Twist as I type, it’s divine!


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