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I come bearing quite exciting news, after years of having a rather large gap for safer hair colour systems in the chemical-filled hair dye industry; there is now a brand of hair colour that I am pleased to introduce you to. This is, of course, fabulous news for us consumers whom want something a little more safer to colour with, so without further ado, please draw your attention towards Tints of Nature.

Tints of Nature offer a highly effective range of hair products – from permanent dyes to semi-permanents, lightening products and general hair care. It is paraben free with no harsh chemicals that are commonly used in other standard hair dyes. Tints of Nature formulations include the addition of certified organic ingredients to colour your hair in the gentlest of ways – leaving you with hair that is pampered with moisture and with a naturally healthy shine.

I was given a chance to sample one of the permanent hair dyes – natural darkest brown – and while I was admittedly nervous about colouring my own hair (something I would normally go to a professional salon to do – I’ve heard enough horror stories about home dyes to have frightening nightmares for months -) I am pleased to say that I was quite happy with the end results and am nightmare-free.

Tints of Nature

The instructions included are simple enough to follow, it states that you should do a 24 hour patch test first – I was feeling rather rebellious and decided to skip this test, I advised that you do not however, particularly if you’re a first time colourer or have sensitive skin.

After 30 minutes of application, I rinsed and thoroughly washed and conditioned my hair. After drying I inspected the job – the colour turned out just as the box had promised – a lovely dark brown – and my hair didn’t feel overly-processed. I am generally pleased with the results – my hair was indeed soft and the colour lasts for about a month – it did start to fade after the first 2 weeks – but it was gradual.

Tints of Nature recommend colouring your hair every 4-6 weeks to maintain vibrancy. Due to the absence of chemicals; the website states that it won’t cause damage to your hair – even if it’s feeling a little sorry for itself.

RRP – Tints of Nature permanent colour retails for $22

Stockists – Tints of Natures can be purchased from http://ntphealthproducts.com.au and good health food shops.

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