Warm your tummy with Just Bean Made

We naturally lean towards richer, comforting foods when the cooler weather strikes. It’s our body’s way of whispering, “warm me, please!” A choice favoured by many is the always handy and easily prepared baked beans.

Just Bean Made is a charming little company which not only produce delicious, fulfilling meals; they’re also free from all preservatives, gluten, flavours, colours and MSG.

The crew on hand take good care in making sure that only healthy goodness goes into each pouch.


Cannellini, kidney and black beans are used, along with freshly grated vegetables (all neatly hidden away, perfect for the fussy children) and a touch of herbs and spices.

The beans are soaked overnight making them softer in texture and easier to digest. All ingredients are then tossed together, packaged and delivered within days to ensure freshness and quality.

RRP – $9.99 for a single 400g pouch

Stockists – Visit http://justbeanmade.com to purchase online or to find your nearest stockist

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