Yarok Hair – Food For Your Head

How will you be wearing your hair this Summer? Will it involve the use of styling tools? Up, down, braids, buns, curled, straight – no matter the season, hair will nearly always have some kind of heat applied to it and when this happens, extra care is needed. Whilst hair itself doesn’t get sunburnt in Summer, your delicate scalp can and conventional shampoos more often then not contain harsh ingredients – not ideal for a healthy head, particularly if it’s seen too much sun.

Yarok Hair Care is a relatively new range on the block, and it excites me greatly that the brand’s tag line is “Food for your head. Good for the earth” The word “food” tends to capture my attention so I applaud Yarok for that. Reading through the label on several of the products I’m met with luscious sounding and nutrient-rich ingredients – including an abundance of essential oils, potent herbs/extracts and vegetable/nut based oils.


If you’re vegan, you’ll be as pleased as punch to know that Yarok’s products are completely suitable for you.  You’ll also be happy to know that the essential oils give off a gentle and alluring aroma. A note to the gentlemen; the scents are quite unisex.

Whether you need a volumising shampoo and conditioning duo, a heat-protecting leave-in treatment or a nourishing styling paste, Yarok will wash, hydrate, repair and protect whilst feeding your locks with a delicious treat.

Now I’m to leave you with some interesting facts about Yarok –

–  Yarok means Green in Hebrew

– The range was developed by Mordechai Alvow, a well-known and celebrity-loved hair stylist who sought after a natural way to achieve beautiful hair

– Yarok uses primarily certified organic ingredients

– There is no animal testing – just willing human heads

– Yarok donates 3% of its annual profits to The Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit organisation that protects over 10 million acres of rainforests in the Amazon

Stockists – Yarok are quite new to Australia and are still expanding their stockists. You can purchase from http://www.nourishedlife.com.au – the lovely Irene is always willing to help with any questions you may have.

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