8 Ways With Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is well adored by many and we now know why. Not only is it a lusciously smooth oil that our skin loves, it is also a pure multi tasker in a bottle.

With an abundance of antioxidants and vitamin e, this oil serves a wonder to soothe and protect skin. Read on through to see many of the uses this oil can bring –

Sweet Almond_01_HR

  1. Facial oil – A sweet and simple way to indulge in the oil. Massage a few drops into clean skin until absorbed. Alternatively, mix a drop or two with your favourite day/night cream for an added boost of moisture.
  2. Body oil – Melt directly into skin after bathing, twice daily for optimal hydration. If you prefer something scented, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil.
  3. Feet – Often the most neglected body part, feet deserve some pampering too. Add a generous amount, particularly areas of dryness, massage in and pop some socks on.
  4. Exfoliate – Create a DIY body scrub. Simply mix sweet almond oil with brown sugar, gently massage into damp skin and rinse. Lovely smooth skin awaits you!
  5. Hair – Hair loves oil, and if your hair is heat/colour abused, even more so. Create a hair mask by massaging the oil into your hair and scalp. Leave for at least ½ hour and rinse thoroughly. You may also add a drop or two to damp hair, as a leave-in moisturiser. Be warned, a little goes a long way!
  6. Shaving oil – Say au revoir to your usual shaving creams, using oil creates a smooth and hydrating base for the razor.
  7. Eye make-up remover – Apply to cotton pad and gently swipe away make up. Your eye area is amazingly delicate and will appreciate this very much.
  8. Nails – To encourage the growth of shiny, healthy nails, massage a drop into nails/cuticles before bed.

What uses have I forgotten? Leave your comment below –

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