10 Clever Beauty Tips From Facialist Sharon McGlinchey

What better person to take skin care advice from then a facialist who has seen it all? Meet Sharon McGlinchey, the founder of MV Organics which we at Beauty and Lace cherish a soft spot for.

We can’t wait to put the following handy tips into action, what do you think?

1 . Remove your cleanser with a warm cloth instead of water. By reducing exposure to the often harsh and drying effects of water, your skin will feel softer, plumper and look less blotchy

2. Don’t exfoliate your face too often, as over- exfoliation not only removes surface dead skin cells but also the healthy skin cells that are designed to protect us. One of the most obvious contributing factors to sensitivity that I see in my clinic is due to over- exfoliation – particularly when using a granular scrub or products containing hydroxy- acids

3. Apply Pure Jojoba to your freshly cleansed face before taking a hot shower. The jojoba will protect your skin from the drying effects of the hot water

4. When applying a clay mask, never let it dry completely as this tends to draw moisture back from the surface of your skin resulting in dry, tight and irritated skin


5. MV’s masks are guaranteed sun- died whereas many clays used in cosmetics are oven baked for speed. This destroys all of the active minerals, leaving only a drawing action, which can be irritating. Customers mix the mask themselves right before application to ensure that the skin gets the maximum benefits from the minerals while they are still active. A mask that is already wet/ pre mixed will not be as beneficial for your skin as the minerals are only active for a short amount of time after water has been added

6. Spritz your face with a Hydrating Mist (such as MV’s Rose Hydrating Mist) before applying a high quality organic moisturiser, taking the beneficial nutrients deeper in the skin. This way you will use less moisturiser and avoid over burdening the skin. What you do use will penetrate more deeply, giving your longer lasting hydration

7.  The majority of skincare, personal care and cosmetic items should be used within 6 months of opening. Make sure that you spring clean your bathroom cabinet and make-up bag every few months as you would be surprised at the potentially harmful and toxic products that we use regularly with no idea of the possible dangers

8. Over time ‘active’ ingredients diminish and this is particularly true of natural and organic products where essential oils and plant oils form the majority of the formula. Aroma, efficacy and shelf life can be reduced dramatically if exposed to heat or sunlight so always store these products in a cool dark place

9. For some of us, congestion is a condition that worsens in the summer months and it could be because of the sun protection that you have been wearing daily for many months! I suggest that if you work in an office Monday to Friday, that you keep your sun cream for the weekends when you really do need it. On the days that you do need sun cream and wear makeup, don’t wait until you go to bed to remove your sun cream, makeup and grime of the day, remove this as soon as you get home with a cream cleanser and warm steamy cloth. Your skin will feel incredibly clean but not stripped

10. Switch from a night cream to Pure Jojoba during the hot and humid months. Jojoba is not an oil at all, it is a super- fine liquid wax which is similar to the skins own sebum. It does not clog and absorbs quickly, leaving no residue, which is perfect for summer!

For more information on MV Organics, visit http://www.mvskincare.com/index.html

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