Interview: Sharon McGlinchey from MV Organics

Today we bring you inside the world of Sharon McGlinchey’s iconic skin care brand MV Organics, adored by many famous starlets alike.

Read on below to find out how it all came to be and listen closely as Sharon generously spoils us with some glowing healthy skin advice.

How did MV Organic Skincare come to be?

I was trying to help a client who had developed a severe petrochemical sensitivity and discovered most of the skincare brands I was working with in the professional beauty industry contained petrochemicals. I reluctantly attended a weekend workshop that taught you how to make natural skincare at home and much to my surprise, the cream I made worked really well. Word spread that I could help people with sensitivity and within a year I was spending all my weekends in the kitchen making this miracle cream. To this day, the Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser is still by far my best selling product and is loved by make-up artists and celebrities worldwide.

Why is using natural skincare important to you?

Because I believe something you do every single day of your life should be healthy. You wouldn’t eat at McDonalds every day so why would you rub creams all over your face and body that are full of chemicals that do not have a natural affinity with the body.


What ingredients do you include in your formulations and why are they beneficial?

I include certified organic plant oils and therapeutic grade essential oils which are the very best quality you can buy. They are beneficial because they are naturally active in plant nutrients and rich in antioxidants. When you make a natural cream and add most of the active plant oils and all of the essential oils at a very low temperature the integrity of these wonderful ingredients is retained, resulting in cumulative health benefits. We know plant oils and essential oils are highly effective as they have been prescribed by Herbalists for hundreds of years to help heal, repair and rejuvenate the skin and the body. I seriously question whether it’s possible for cosmetic chemicals to do the same.

I see you have quite a large following, what products are most favoured?

The Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser is my hero product as it’s not only excellent for those with sensitivity but also for discerning skincare lovers who are looking for a high performance moisturiser that also doubles as a make-up primer. Next on the list is the Gentle Cream Cleanser as the formulation is really quite unique. Once people try my cleanser they become addicted to both the aroma and the amazing result they get when they remove it with a warm to hot cloth.

What are the most common skin issues that you see?

Sensitivity both from within and from external aggressors. The sensitivity that is often triggered from within such as eczema and rosacea I treat from the outside in and I work with Naturopaths who work from the inside out. This is where I achieve the most impressive results and they tend to be long term – not just a quick fix. The sensitivity I treat from external aggressors can be anything from simple over exfoliation to bad reactions to herbal and chemical peels, to laser therapy and microdermabrasion.

Besides skin care products, what’s the best thing a person can do for their skin?

Eat lots of ‘good oils’ – particularly Omega 3 and some good sources of this essential fatty acid are fish, olive and flaxseed oils, kidney beans and walnuts.

Can we have a peep into your skin care routine?

If you watch the MV 3 Min Skin Ritual – a YouTube video accessed via the MV website – you’ll see what I do morning and night. And if your skincare routine takes longer than 3 mins and /or it feels like a chore – STOP! Life is too short to spend 20 mins in the bathroom. I believe less is more.


Which of your products do you think every lady needs?

MV Pure Jojoba – so multi-purpose it’s indispensable.

MV Gentle Cream Cleanser – because correct cleansing is the foundation to great skin.

MV Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser – as it’s versatile and  impressive on so many levels. I’ve been using this cream for 15 years and I never tire of it. It makes me smile.

Where are your products made? Do you oversee the process yourself?

My products are made in NSW and I personally check every plant oil and essential oil before forwarding them on to my manufacturer. Although highly unusual in the world of cosmetic manufacture, they allow me this luxury because I am so particular. And in this way, if anything were to go wrong – which it never has – they are free from blame. I am also welcome to visit whenever my creams are being made. Like me, the beautiful woman who makes them for me understands my passion and makes them with incredible care and love. She is just as fussy as I am and has a mountain of integrity.

Do you have any beauty/lifestyle tips you care to share?

Get plenty of sleep and always, always remove your make up at the end of the day.

And lastly, what does the future hold for you?  

Hopefully lots more international travel as I expand into the US and service my overseas clients more regularly with my unique facial treatment. I am happiest when I am performing facials and teaching people how to spend less time in the bathroom and still have radiant, healthy skin.

Thank you to Sharon for your time.

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