In Essence Relaxation Pack Giveaway x4

One of these gorgeous relaxation packs may just be yours quite soon.

In Essence is an Australian brand with a focus on aromatherapy.  Beautiful blends, exquisite oils and luxurious skin care can be found with benefits to help promote physical and emotional wellbeing. If you wish to melt away your stressful days, read on below.

We have 4x In Essence Relaxation Packs to giveaway to 4 lucky Beauty and Lace readers.


Each pack includes-

x1 Electric Vaporiser

x1 trio pack of RELAXATION OILS including  LAVENDER, CHAMOMILE and ORANGE to help promote a calming sense of relaxation.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what your perfect relaxation day would involve?

Competition closes 29/08/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

121 thoughts on “In Essence Relaxation Pack Giveaway x4

  1. I would love a day full of aromatherapy, massage, facials, mani & pedis…plus a hair treatment, cut & style…just a full-on pampering session for me!

  2. Waking up to chirping birds,breakfast in bed made by hubby and the run me an aroma bath complete with petals followed by few hours of retail therapy and finished by a relaxing foot massage!

  3. My perfect relaxation day would involve lounging around in comfy pyjamas, watching Disney movies and eating warm cinnamon scrolls 🙂

  4. A long sleep in followed by breakfast in bed. Then a manicure, pedicure and facial followed by a girly movie and a bowl of popcorn!

  5. Having a nice sleep in followed by a cup of hot coffee and the day spent on the couch watching a couple of good movies.

  6. A sunny peaceful day with no work, no chores, no errands. I like to sit by the creek and feed the turtles.

  7. Wake up with no alarm clock. Eat breakfast in bed. Stay in pajamas most of the day, only change to go for a full body massage. Then back home to a home cooked roast (that I didn’t cook) and of course back into my pj’s!!

  8. Wandering around the gourmet food places south-west WA, choosing olives, cheese, dips, bread and wine (and chocolate) … and eating it lounging in a getaway place with an awesome view and fireplace.

  9. In essence a relaxing day for me is
    One where I can feel calm and fancy-free
    With essential oils to soothe away stress – a long hot soak and I’m back at my best !

  10. In essence a relaxing day for me is
    One where I can feel calm and fancy-free
    With essential oils to soothe away stress – a long hot soak and I’m back at my best.

  11. In essence a relaxing day for me is one where I can feel calm and fancy-free. With essential oils to soothe away stress – a long hot soak and I’m back at my best.

  12. A Relaxing day for me would involve no dishes or housework just me time to do the things I love. I love the warmth of the sun so I would spend time in my garden then I would come in and get freshened up and just lay on my bed and read a book with the wonderful aromatic smell of essential oils till I fell asleep.

  13. A perfect day of relaxing for me is to stay in my PJs, catch up on reading my mags in bed with coffee, put on a face mask and slather my body in creams.

  14. Mmmm my day of relaxation would include beautiful scents, luxurious lotions, meditation, Tchaikovsky and books to soothe and stimulate a sluggish mind.

  15. sleep in, yoga/meditation, bubble bath and face masks.. i would switch off all technology and relax with nature…

  16. My perfect day is one at a day spa, where I am pampered from head to toe, calming scents fill the air and I am transported to another world in my imagination 🙂

  17. A sleep in, staying in pjs all day, doing a face/hair mask, watching my favourite bad reality shows, reading my book, sipping some tea, all whilst burning some relaxation oils to sooth my senses!

  18. My perfect relaxation day would simply be a day of been pampered from top to bottom, facials, massages, bath, yummy healthy foods for my stomach. beautiful essential oils to relax me . totally.

  19. My perfect relaxation day would involve a full day at a spa in Bali of course that also means I would have to have a holiday too so it would be a week of relaxing really.

  20. Sleeping in with no toddler toes,
    in my ribs or up my nose!
    Breakfast sitting down
    with a WHOLE cup of tea,
    George Clooney to pour it for me!

    Swimming laps without having to rush,
    Lunch with a friend
    Real food, somewhere lush.

    An afternoon nap
    followed by luxurious soaking,
    no splashing or bath toys,
    and not a word spoken!

    Tea cooked for me
    and eaten while hot,
    early night with a book
    and my fave chocolate block!

    Oh I can dream,
    it may happen one day,
    Until then In Essence,
    please pamper me I say!

  21. any relaxation would involve the basics of just not beign bothered or hassled by the simple annoying things or people for a whole day

  22. my perfect relaxation day would be a retreat or a quiet room in my home where I could allow my body and mind the opportunitity to recharge and reset,bringing a reconnection with my inner self and leaving me revitalised and ready for the kids and the mad mum rush on sat morning footy duties.

  23. Perfect relaxation day would be where I knew everyone else was safe & happy, so then I could spend a day with a book…. and chocolates, only moving to replenish my cuppa.

  24. Completing puzzles in Take 5 and Thats Life magazines. Not only do I relax but also win amazing prizes every week! Every parcel that is delivered to my door, reminds me to schedule in my weekly “Me” day!

  25. Breakfast on the beach
    Swim in the ocean
    Pamper day at the spa
    Cocktails at the bar
    Then off to bed to sleep
    Perfect Day Bliss

  26. Getting pampered with a professional manicure, then relaxing with my feet up in Gold Class with a Pina Colada and a chocolate toffee fudge icecream sundae, while watching Leo DiCaprio on the silver screen, preferably in 3D!

  27. my perfect relaxation day would be to have some time to myself without any back pain and my disabled son constantly asking for things dont get me wrong i love him dearly but he can make your day very stressful

  28. No kids
    No husband
    Just me all alone
    Peace and quiet
    No pressure
    No way a telephone!
    Nah…I’d probably get bored…

  29. A luxurious pampering session at a tranquil day spa, massage, facial, followed by a mani/ pedi. To arrive home and to have dinner prepared and have the house spotless… Aaaaah we can but dream!

  30. would have to be aromatherapy, loads of candles…. joined by mutual massage from my favourite man…………..can’t get more relaxed than that!

  31. Sleeping in
    reading a book in bed
    brunch by the beach followed by a swim
    and a massage with yummy scented oils!

  32. I would love a great nights sleep then start the day with a beach walk.
    Continuing the day with a deep tissue massage and relaxing facial. Finishing the day with an amazing dinner with my family and boyfriend.

  33. Being surrounded IN an ESSENCE of tranquillity and peace. These Essential Oils of Relaxation are especially needed after my mother in law abused me – while pregnant!

  34. A first class flight – nothing to do except have meals and drinks brought to me and watch movies – sheer bliss!

  35. Waking up in a suite on board a luxury cruise ship, breakfast served in bed, leisurely read of papers, long appointment in beauty therapy rooms for spa, massage, facial and nails, snack on deck, and kick back and watch the gentle waves and flying fish and ocean birds. Ahhhhh. Nothing more strenuous than a gourmet dinner and wines and the supper show to look forward to.

  36. Waking up in the awesome warm beautiful Phuket being served breakfast,lunch, cocktails and dinner ahh that’s the dream I have .

  37. My perfect relaxation day would involve the children not within my presence, as I cannot relax with them around fighting all day! A nice long bath of bubbles with gentle music soothing me in the background. Followed by the movie I have been longing to watch for ages and being comfortable on the couch with drink, snacks and no interrruptions …..then another movie I have been longing to watch, and another one and NO housework!!!!!!!!!

  38. I go to bed with Lavender on my pillow, so most days I wake up refreshed, so continue this trend with more relaxation by having green tea for breakfast, then soak in a bath with some oils, proceeded with some light moisturising lotion for my face for protection from the elements.

  39. Turn off the phone and t.v.,
    Some gentle music to hear,
    A good book and a cuppa,
    Cuddling my dog who I hold dear.
    Fragrant oil to fill the air,
    Leaving the world behind,
    That’s my perfect relaxing day,
    No worries on my mind.
    In Essence can make it possible
    For this perfect day to be,
    So Beauty and Lace won’t you
    Please let me win … pick me!

  40. Tea for two, and two for tea.
    A chocolate box and dvd.

    A window open to hear the birdies sing.
    And hiding behind the couch when the doorbell rings!

    Delish Thai food with some lovely spring rolls.
    A massage you say? Yes please, with In Essence Oils!

  41. A child free, sunny day, reading a book, with a hot chocolate and some aromatherapy oils to inhale – B L I S S !

  42. To experience a day of luxury. Happily missing out on squabbling kids, spilt milk over the kitchen table, a toddler who loves to throw her bowl of food on the floor, family who can’t put anything of theirs away without a personal invitation, kids that forget to flush the loo.

    Being collected by a limousine, driven to a café by the beach for champagne breakfast, having a personal assistant to organise my day of adventure – a little shopping where items have been specially selected by a designer and brought to me for viewing, adorned with precious jewells, having a luxurious massage from head to toe by a muscled Norwegian masseur and chocolates at the ready. Relaxing music for the return trip home, ready for’ re-entry’ to normality

  43. Fully stocked chocolate and wine cabinet and a unpowered mobile phone. With the 5 books I’ve “meant to read” my only entertainment for the next 12 hours,.

  44. Breakfast is prepared while I’m on the couch,. Kids are dressed and entertained while I;m on the couch. Massage is giving to me while I’m on the couch, then dinner is cooked while I’m also on the couch. My husband does the household duties for a day

  45. A day with an aromatherapy expert, to teach me a variety of ways to utilize aromatherapy oils in my life.

  46. Well relaxing day would involve…..NO KIDS just for the day…….no man no phone or tv just me and a good book soaking in a bubble bath while my oils are burning and soft music and a glass of wine YEP THAT WOULD DO IT lol

  47. Sleep in… massage morning and afternoon, 3D movies, essential oil bath morning and afternoon, scented candles burning all day, ocean sounds CD, Belgium chocolates, French champagne, pedicure, facial and body wrap… pure heaven!

  48. My perfect day of relaxation would be a day alone, on a beach with a lunch platter, lots of water and the sun shining down on my soul. Nothing but the sound of waves and birds. No one else to be seen.

  49. A cup of green tea ,a relaxing massage catered for just me ,drifting in and out of sleep and a what a treat it would be

  50. A night where both new babe and toddler sleep through MOST of the night. Then some kindly fairy godmother/godfather to care for both children while I have a massage.. or a beauty treatment…. or a shower in peace…or just an uninterrupted cup of coffee!

  51. To invite my family out on a dreamy chartered boat on a sunny day, cruising up and down the Swan river with a private chef,
    masseuse and beautician. Relaxing, fun and memorable keepsake.

  52. A day in bed, no interuptions, reading a murder mystery, thermos of green tea by the bed, electric blanket on, perfect peace with no one disturbing me

  53. I love my home to smell divine. A house is more than a roof over your head. It a place that you live in and seek shelter in. Its a place that you can make more enjoyable. It can be relaxing and uplifting. And with a lovely aroma, your home becomes a place that can change your moods. To provide a lovely environment you could use a beautiful aroma. And to keep it fresh and smelling lovely; is the reason that Oils are a great way to create any type of emotions also. So for me the scents that i surround myself in are important to me. So this pack is something that i would love to own. As great Oils arent cheap. They cost more as the a real. And to win this amazing prize would be the start of a wonderful friendship.

  54. Fragrances of bygone times are perfect for helping me relax in my home. The sensory journey turning household chores into a beautiful, daily pampering ritual.
    Then, after the chores are done, relaxing in a bubble bath breaking off bits of chocolate, letting each piece melt slowly on my tongue, while the bubbles pop energetically around me would be the perfect way to end the day!

  55. My perfect relaxation day would involve a suitcase filled with amazing clothes and plane tickets to Paris with my hubby 🙂

  56. Laying back happils swaying in the hammock we have under our beautiful mulberry tree reading a good book and sipping a nice cool drink

  57. My day would start off with a wander down the beach for a swim and surf followed by a massage & facial in the afternoon and a delicious dinner and glass of wine to finish off!

  58. Petting a cat always sends me (and the cat!) into total tranquility. So my day would involve finding a warm spot, a comfy chair and an obliging feline.

  59. Watching a couple of romantic couples in Gold Class with my lovely wife, that’d be perfect for both of us.

  60. Relaxing with my handsome husband, and beautiful newborn. We love to go to the hotsprings, the baby absolutely loves the warm mineral infused water as do we all.

  61. No Kids, no husband, no phone and no door bell would be a blissfully peaceful and relaxing day for me.

  62. My perfect day would start with a nice healthy breakfast after and sleep in. Then a day with my friends at hot spings with a few bubblys. Bliss!

  63. It would definitely be having my hair and nails done while drinking a cup of herbal tea and watching The OC reruns. 🙂

  64. It would involve peace and quiet (read: the absence of my brother’s out-of-tune singing and my dogs barking like mad) and a distinct absence of uni textbooks!!!!!

  65. relaxing by a late sleep in
    after that a nice aroma bath
    lounching around listening to relaxing music
    and a good foot massage from hubby

  66. No kids waking my up at the crack of dawn, the husband dropping me off at the day spa while he cleans the house, and a few wines at dinner to complete my relaxing day.

  67. Sleeping in, muted light, and no plans. No college assignments, no beeping or ringing cell phone, no laundry, no cleaning and no one asking or telling me what to do. That would be my perfect relaxing day. I would probably read a book as well!

  68. A day where Miss 2 doesn’t ask “WHY”,
    A day where i can put my feet up for more than 5 minutes at a time, where i don’t have to wash, cook or clean and can soak peacefully in a bath at days end, in Essence of my impossible but calm day 🙂

  69. A massage and let’s spend the rest of the day at the spa finding out what they have to offer and then I shall INDULGE MYSELF!

  70. I’d love a sleep in anything around the 9am is awesome I’d love a massage had one in my life and Loved it would also love someone to take me out for lunch- never been to a spa wouldn’t know what to expect but I’d love to find out

  71. I love aromatherapy and I am sure that with the use of this great plug in burner would make the Oils would smell alot better. As i do love and believe that Oils can promote a feeling of well being and also a great way to relax. I also think that my ideal way to relax, would be with lovely scent oils filling my bathroom and laying in a lovely bubble bath would be so calming and peaceful.

  72. I love the Aromatherapy products, they relax me in my bath, I put Lavender oil on my pillow and drift off into dreamland.

  73. Well my #1 kind of relaxing day would involve my best friend (international flight), lots of reminiscing, laughing and that never ending blahhhh you have with your closest friends, champagne and sure why not strawberries…. then migrating to the couches with the BBC mini series of Pride and Prejudice and a big pot of hot tea.
    It will also involve Hubby and daughter having a big day out.

  74. Breaky in bed, a walk on the beach, coffee with a friend, before a facial and massage, then dinner with my hubby, and a lovely warm baths, with coconut oil and lavender, and bed

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