Box Naturals

We’re so drawn to things in beautiful packaging and these handy little wipes are no exception. A must-have for each handbag, Box Naturals towelettes have many uses and we’re beginning to wonder how we ever lived without them.


We like to use them as:

  • An all-natural feminine wipe. Perfect for when freshening-up is needed and we can happily say that they’re a non-irritant
  • Cleaning hands for when out and about
  • Removing makeup
  • Wiping down surfaces (such as computer desk)
  • In place of a shower (perfect for hot, sticky days)
  • Cleaning pesky fingerprints off touch screen phones

Although not yet available in Australia, you can still purchase online. Available in two lovely scents; rosewater and lavender.

Stockists: Visit for more information

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