Competition: Australian Organic Awareness Month Beauty Pack x 1

In celebration of Australian Organic Awareness Month this October, we have a glorious pack available for one very lucky reader containing various beauty bits and pieces from the sponsors.

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The pack includes:

We have 1x Australian Organic Awareness Month Beauty Pack to give away to 1 lucky Beauty and Lace reader

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us whatโ€™s your favourite thing about spring?

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216 thoughts on “Competition: Australian Organic Awareness Month Beauty Pack x 1

    1. The moment when in Spring I realise that Winter has gone and Spring is here as it brightens me up and chases away winter gloom.

  1. The first day after a cold wet winter going to the beach. Relaxing on the sand getting my Vita D & being dumped in the surf. lol.

  2. Love the different floral smells that float across the warm breeze, having the door open to allow the scents to fill my home, no aerosols used ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My Jasmine is in full bloom and it’s gorgeous scent wafts over me every time I hang out my washing. This spring, I’m more strongly reminded of my one true love and soul mate who planted it for me about fifteen years ago. He departed this world seven weeks ago, so the powerful scent of my Jasmine this spring brings back so many beautiful memories…

  4. at my local park the ducklings have been born and we get to watch as they learn to swim, and grow from balls of fuzz into beautiful adult ducks

  5. It feels like the official end of year welcoming in New growth, possibilities and self awareness with the warming of the weather.

  6. I love it when it’s spring… My favourite season, the weather is suburb for walks on the beach and getting your toes wet…. I don’t want it to end…

  7. I love the beautiful mornings, not to cold, not to hot, perfect to get my lazy ass out of bed and exercise!! Those winter kilos aren’t going to lose themselves (though I wish they would ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  8. My favourite thing about Spring is the weather and baby animals. It is a wonderful time to have BBQ’s with family and friends and picnics down at my local park which has a massive pond, full of gorgeous little ducklings during this time of year.

  9. Spring has sprung! All the beautiful fresh green growth and flowers that emerge are a sight for sore eyes after a dreary winter

  10. The warmer weather, the feeling of the sun on my skin, the smell of the newly blossoming trees and plants. Being able to wear my dresses, thongs and sandals.And of coarse my three gorgeous children`s birthdays, including my own, are all in spring.

  11. Spring gels with me organically like a lamb in wild clover
    The warmth, the scents, the rebirth of nature, I could soak in it over and over.
    The best is that a city-slicker, I don’t have to live on a farm
    To enjoy a blossoming earth and delight in its charm.

  12. Gone are the trackies & jumpers,hope “springs” eternal for the glorious weather new flowers ,baby lambs & with a “spring” in our step sunshine,happiness & my Son’s Wedding.

  13. People seemed to have a renewed freshness about them, literally a spring in their step; no more doldrums about cold weather but rejoicing at being outside enjoying nature and chatting with people. The busyness of nature with flowers blooming and busy bees/butterflies going about their daily work. Spring is my favourite season – tepid temperatures, aromas to entice you and no flies to pester you.

  14. Getting to train for roller derby skating outside! (Plus the sparkly booty shorts I get to wear while doing so.)

  15. The best thing about spring to me is, the smell of the morning air. The coolness of the evening. The birth of my baby birds, the beauty of new buds and flowers.

  16. I love Spring because it reminds me that the simple pleasures of lying on a picnic rug watching the clouds are the best ones.

  17. Those warm spring days that start with a swim in the ocean and the birds chirping outside my window! That’s spring to me!!!

  18. I love spring and all that it brings
    Flowers, and a beautiful breeze
    That sometimes make me sneeze
    But i am no longer freezing
    As the weather is lovely with a shining sun
    And my daughter and i have so much fun xx

  19. Love Spring especially when daylight savings kicked in. Early mornings gardening and evenings watering and admiring my beautiful flowering and veggie/herb garden.

  20. Spring! A brand new Hope of Life,
    Ready, Rejuvanate & Relax,
    Follow the rules to Moisture, Tan, Repair, Exfoliate, & Organic,
    Preparing for the Summer with a Golden Tan Glow,
    Enjoying Dance, Love, Sing & Live Life to the Fullest,
    Under the Blossoming Happy Trees & Flowers!. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. My favourite thing about spring, is the warm nights filled with evening walks with the family, BBQโ€™s with friends, drinks round the pool and the sweet smell of flowers in the air

  22. So much beauty around = surf , sand and sun for the kids .. The flowers and new furbabies everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. I love the smell of barbeques, the colourful flowers blooming and the sun kissing our cheeks to say “hello” for the first time in months! I can’t go without soaking up the warm sun in spring. After months of dull days and grey skies, itโ€™s great to enjoy the brightness. I believe sunshine makes people feel happier and healthier. Whenever I’m down I make time to sit and soak up some sunshine. It really helps.

  24. My favourite thing about spring would have to be the new growth on plants ,lavender blooms and the smell of jasmine in the night air!

  25. The sound of baby birds cheeping, mulberry trees ripe for the picking, and Frangipani flowers unfurling up from their winter slumber and filling the air with their divine scent!

  26. The vibrant coloured plants and flowers in full bloom and the warmer weather means you can plant a different array of veggies and herbs in your garden.

  27. Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker.
    Water gets warmer, drinks get colder.
    Music gets louder, nights get longer.
    Life gets better!

  28. Love the colours, the smells and when daylight savings kicks in – the amazing walks and the amazing time in the garden for our organic goodies.

  29. I love the ‘promise’ of Spring, delicate blooms promise to be a riot of hot Summer colour, delicate flavours promise to deepen pleasure in every mouthful, soft warmth & gentle showers promise the coming of Summer’s heat and magnificent thunderstorms.

  30. The sun is shining and the birds are singing.. The flowers are in bloom and you see all the little baby spring lambs running in bright yellow canola fields. Their So cute.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I love that spring means nice days where I can enjoy life without it being too hot. It also means only 3 more months til end of year holidays – 5 weeks off!!!!

  32. Spring means warmer weather and longer days
    Packing away the thick winter woolly jumpers
    Going for walks to our local park and family picnics
    Riding bikes, bbq’s and walking the dog
    Pretty flowers blooming and busy bees buzzing
    I love that Spring means the promise of warmer days ahead.

  33. There are so many things I love about spring! Today was the perfect example. I took the boys to the park and we had a sausage sizzle. Have you ever tried cooking on a public barbecue in winter or summer? It either takes 3 hours to cook the sausages or you swelter under the heat (barbecues are never placed under shady trees). My boys made me daisy chains (awwww…), the grass was lush and green (not winter muddy or summer brown), we kicked the footy around without sweating our bums off and on the way back to the car (which hadn’t converted to an oven), we saw a duck and around ten gorgeous fuzzy little ducklings. So cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. To me, spring screams new beginnings. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the first part of the year, once the warm weather returns and we are surrounded by blooming flowers, I am immediately rejuvenated to start fresh and do the things I have been putting off. Love love love this season.

  35. The smell of beautiful flowers, the birds that come from nowhere & nest themselves in our trees. Lovely to hear the birds every morning. Then that first day @ the beach after the winter is so uplifting.

  36. The sun comes out, the flowers come out, the dragonflies come out and my legs come out – not as beautiful as the first three but still my favorite signs of spring.

  37. Away with the boots, away with the winter coats and……hello jasmine…! My fondest memory of springtime when I was growing up was that first breath of jasmine that comes with the warmer spring weather …. and for me, locking up the winter woollies is my all time favourite spring treat!

  38. I love the green tree leaves, the green lawn, the colourful blooming flowers, the fresh warm air, the aquatic outdoor activities in spring.

  39. I love the energy that comes with Spring. All the lifeforce swimming around, pushing up grass and bursting forth flowers. It’s hard not to feel postive, alive and effervescent in Spring! The warm weather is such a blessing too ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Spring always feels like a fresh start. I love the newness of everything. It’s like being a kid again and experiencing everything for the first time. It’s such a vivid season with colours and scents treating the senses.

  41. My favorite thing about Spring is that I can shed the bulky look and get into some pretty summer dresses with just light tops over me instead of winter coats and scarves it lends itself to be outdoor weather and makes you feel better about everything

  42. Spring flowers – amazing scents
    Trees in blossom – beautiful colours
    Baby animals – new life
    Who dosen’;t LOVE Spring

  43. I love all the yummy food that is available to eat being able to go for walks and doing a big clean up around the house

  44. Ahh Springโ€ฆ I definitely love that it is not too cold when you get out of the shower, and I really look forward to getting all those lotions and potions into my skin and revitalising myselfโ€ฆ

  45. Flowers peep from out of the ground,
    The days are bright and sunny,
    Animal babies frolic and bound,
    Incredibly sweet and funny.

  46. waking up each day to the sound of Birds chirping the sun streaming in to my room and the flowers blooming and the scent wafting into the room

  47. Be able to walk without having to worry about cold, to feel the breeze in my hair and to be able to sleep under the stars…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Buying a new dress and going to the Spring racing carnival, sipping champagne and admiring the fashions (and hopefully winning some bets!)

  49. being able to beout in the sunshine without feeling uncomfortable as well as smelling all the beautiful fragrances from the flowers blooming

  50. My favourite thing about Spring is all the beautiful colours that come out in nature – it’s like someone has taken to the landscape with a painters’ brush.

  51. The little lambs running and jumping around, smell of freshly cut crops, new plant growth in the gardens, and lovely evenings that are just starting to warm up when you can sit outside and enjoy everything.

  52. My beautiful tulips and my heavenly smelling jasmine vine both start to flower. I look forward to Spring every year just to see and smell them!

  53. I hate wearing sleeves so I love Spring when the days warm up and I can go back to singlet tops. I also love how the days are getting longer again. Sunshine energizes me and I hate that flat feeling I get over winter.

  54. My favourite thing about spring is the weather. It’s the most amazing thing to be out in nature with my kids after going through winter.

  55. I love the spring its like nature it working with us and showing us that things are changing. Like the Flowers blooming makes us think of changing colours. It also shows us new scents, and we adjust our scents. We also change out beauty routine by using more moisturiser. We use it all over and more often than we did in the winter. We do our hair differently also. And we blossom just like the Spring does for nature.

  56. I love the warming breezes that come past my door. They carry the fragrance of the new spring flowers that have started to bloom – and it feels like a comforting promise of good times ahead.

  57. Flowers are blooming and the days are longer, it’s just a great time to appreciate everything about being outdoors in the beautiful sunshine

  58. Flowers. I have a circular garden in the back yard and that is where my fur babies that have graced my life over the past 23 years are buried when their life comes to an end. Each Spring the garden comes to life and reminds me of the beauty those loving souls added to my life.

  59. People are soooo much more chilled and relaxed and can enjoy more time outside and less time inside on contraptions and watching the television or on their comoputers. Spend quality time with their kids outside be one with nature.

  60. lying on a picnic rug with my friends, looking up at the beautiful blue sky and if there are any clouds we try and name the outlines of them and what they look like

  61. My favourite things about spring is the warmer days, mild nights, flowers blooming, daylight savings, sunshine and everyone seems happier coming out of the winter doldrums

  62. My favorite thing about spring is the air. I love the warmth it brings in and the flowers that are blossoming and animals coming out. Spring is my favorite season. It reminds me of a fresh start of the year. I love smelling the different aromas spring brings. The sweetness of the air and new life.

  63. new leaves,
    beautiful flowers and trees
    weather not scolding hot nor freeze
    just perfect for scrolling by the beach
    cool evening breeze,
    with the fragrance of spring so clear
    pass me my hay prescription please

  64. My favourite thing about Spring is daylight savings – I love to have more daylight after work, to encourage me to get out and get walking!

  65. Working in my garden, fabulous in Spring,
    watching things grow, flower and fruit,
    enjoying the weather. so relaxing, love Spring.

  66. I love how my bees can thrive producing the best tasting natural honey. Spring brings so much blossom for them.

  67. the fresh air, lovely smells and nice breeze throughout the day. best weather for holidays and weddings and relaxing with a friend and perfect for enjoying life.

  68. I love being in the garden. Ah, the flowers, the dirt, the compost, the manure! Then the relaxing pampering session to clean it all off.

  69. This year it has been the birth of my 3rd daughter Giselle. My eldest turns 9 on the 17th. Spring time is a perfect season for bringing new life into the world =-)

  70. A few things I love about spring are the warm weather, the cute and colourful spring clothes I can wear (shorts, maxi dresses, skirts) and being able to enjoy the beauty of nature with all the blooming flowers and gorgeous plants. It puts me in such a great mood!

  71. Spring is all about bare legs- but after winter, my hairy pins are more like bear-legs! Love my legs being smooth & shiny again!

  72. My favourite thing about Spring is the Florals everywhere, flowers in gardens and flowers on the Fashions! Flowers in our hair and the aroma in the air!

  73. Flowers and the scented nights when nectar eminates all around me, finding a quiet spot where all I can hear is the buzzing of bees, so I can read romance novels by Aussie authors

  74. The colours.. Everywhere everything looks so happy and fresh.. bright and happy.. flowers everywhere.. birds chirping happily.. and I finally get out of warm winter gear and into dresses! YAY

  75. Spring renews not just the trees, plants and flowers but also my sense of excitement about life. It feels like a refresh new beginning and an opportunity to celebrate life itself.

  76. Watching buds evolving on the tree, before they suddenly bloom to become beautiful flowers to see, the splashes of colour everywhere, the canola takes my breath away with their photographic display captured on camera’s everywhere. The air smells fresher and fragrant too, beautiful sunny days and balmy nights, bbq’s galore and great friend catch ups too, The birds singing in the trees, Spring is here for all to share, let us celebrate this season and enjoy without a care

  77. I love Spring mornings, still with a little hint of Winter chill, but the promise of a balmy day ahead. Everything is fresh and colourful, as nature renews itself.

  78. Spring is a time of renewal, in nature and in ourselves. As nature regenerates it’s time to reflect and plan for a similar personal awakening.

  79. The warmer weather is on it’s way.
    Time for us to get out and play.
    Lots of colour and flowering hues.
    Yay, so long to the Winter blues.

  80. I love spring! Bring on the berries and seasonal fruits. Its a time for shedding the clothes, taking walks with the hubby and re awaking after hibernation!

    I also love the fact that spring means that Christmas is not far away!

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