Competition: RosehipPlus Skin Pack and Review

The latest creams we’ve been slathering on our needy faces are definitely worthy of a review. With rosehip oil featuring prominently in the ingredient list, we can guarantee both creams will help to hydrate and replenish winter skin. We’re so pleased with this family-owned brand that we have a giveaway too! RHP Web Banner AUG14 v3a hires Review:

Certified Organic Hydrating Day Cream: A light cream with a wonderful consistency that manages to keep skin hydrated throughout the day. This makes a lovely base for makeup and also doubles as an eye-cream.

Certified Organic Nourishing Night Cream: Slightly more potent then the Day Cream, the Night Cream contains cocoa butter, shea butter and jojoba oil, for a rich indulgent feel. What we adore most about this is the silky soft feeling our skin has every morning after applying generously at night.

We have 3 x RosehipPLUS Skin Packs to give away to 3 lucky Beauty and Lace readers.

The pack contains: Certified Organic Hydrating Day Cream,Certified Organic Nourishing Night Cream and Certified Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil 30ml.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what is your favourite way to keep warm during winter?

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165 thoughts on “Competition: RosehipPlus Skin Pack and Review

  1. A RosehipPLUS Skin Pack is sorely needed on my old and scratchy skin. Winter and air-conditioning are not combining well with old age.

  2. Layers upon layers upon layers! And I just put two and two together this year and figured out I can use my wheat bag to warm my bed before I get in at night! I’m not very quick sometimes lol.

  3. It is so cold here today I have loads of clothes on and my dressing gown as well I snuggle up on the lounge with a blanket and a good book

  4. A hot bath after a long day allways seems to thaw the bones out,then I put my long flannelette pjs ,uggs & cosy dressing gown followed by a hot cup of milo snuggled on the lounge with my favourite throw πŸ™‚

  5. my favorite way to keep warm in winter is to go on a tropical holiday, but seeing as that doesn’t fit into the reality of my busy life i love to wear my ugg boots have a camp fire and have a hot tea or chocolate, if I’m not hiding under 6 doona’s on the couch with a movie that is. the cold really hurts my body and dries my skin out harshly so some rose hip oil would be a beautiful addition to heal my skin.

  6. Nothing warms me on a cold winter’s day like a hot cup of tea, my favourite fluffy blanket, and my cat by side. Also, I quite like a brisk walk with my husband, or if I’m up to it, a good run really gets the circulation really going!

  7. Sliding around the tiles in thick, fluffy socks. My toddler and I pretend we are ice skating from one end of the house to the other.

  8. Winter is the best time to whip out all those Pinterest recipes I’ve been eyeing all year. Not only does the oven keep me toasty, but a slice of hot pie will also do the trick. Win-win?

  9. Oh my God! I love my hot water bottle it is the best and it is cheap, my toes are always warm and I feel so relaxed when I hop into my bed to fall asleep.

  10. I love a warm bath with essential oils to soak and soften my skin and then getting into new winter flannel pj’s and relaxing with a cup of tea!

  11. I love to cuddle up with my gorgeous daughter under a blanket and watch movies , especially if it is raining.

  12. I love the cold so I can wear my slippers. I have a huge collection. If my feet are warm I’m warm.

  13. Snuggling up in front of an open fire, after a nice hot bath drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows – my perfect ideal way to warm up in winter!

  14. Leaving the country, holidaying somewhere where it’s Summer and the sun is alwas shining!! in my dreams, this is my favourite way to stay warm during our freezing Winter, I don’t do cold, well not well, on any level.

  15. *sings* Red, red wiiiiine! Keeps me warm from the inside out (& when I get the dreaded rosacea blotches, I cure it with RosehipPlus so my friends are none the wiser! )

  16. Keeping busy, being on the move constantly (exercise, housework, you name it!) because when I slow down I turn into a block of human shaped ice. And the upside of moving when I’m cold, means I”m bikini ready when the weather gets good again.

  17. My favourite way to keep warm is cuddling up with my hot cocoa and my cat. The fluffiness from the cat and the warmth from the cocoa is the perfect combination every time πŸ™‚

  18. We keep our home fire burning and dress in warm trackies and some uggs, Hot soup and crusty bread for dinner warm milo and then into a toasty bed.

  19. Create a blanket fort in my bedroom and have an oil heater inside to warm it up. It’s the only way to relive Winter as though you’re in the Moroccan Dessert.

  20. I find the best way to warm up in winter is to snuggle up on the couch while wearing my dressing gown and ugg boots. A hot chocolate in hand also helps.

  21. I use my two dogs and two cats to snuggle up to… There’s nothing that keeps you as warm on a cold four-pet night!

  22. A cup of hot coco whizzed up using the milk frost machine.
    complete with macha green tea sponge cakes hot from oven!

  23. Give me a mug of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and just to add a little fire add a pinch of chilli. Warms you from the inside out and tastes ssoooo good.

  24. Snuggling under the Doona with someone I love – if not possible, then my uggs my dressing gown and a glass of good red and my fire.

  25. Wearing my gloves, scarf and beanie ensure that I am kept entirely warm so that I can enjoy my brisk walks in winter

  26. An electric blanket, a freezer stocked with soup ready to heat and some fingerless gloves so that I can still read and turn the page without getting cold!

  27. Relaxing watching my recorded tv shows with the heater on after I have used the rose hip oil on my skin so to not have dry skin from the heating.

  28. I keep my heart warm by donating to the Wayside Chapel winter appeal for Sydney’s homeless.

    I keep myself warm by wearing sheepskin insoles in my shoes during the day, a hat scarf and beanie while out and about and a nice warm drink whenever I feel cold.

  29. I love to get active indoors!
    I put on leg weights whilst I clean the house, and when the kids get home from school, we have a family dance-off on the Wii! It’s so much fun and definitely gets us working up a sweat!!

  30. I keep warm when I’m home by getting in my pj’s, popping my slippers on and snuggling up with my furbabies.

  31. I get up early every morning and take my Dog for a long walk, gets my metabolism going, doing my daily chores and baking keeps me warm πŸ™‚

  32. I love to snuggle up with my best mate (17 year old dog) making him warm and comfortable on his old age ,,,

  33. My favourite way to keep warm is slather a thick moisturising lotion on my feet and put on my fluffy socks and snuggle in bed!

  34. I enjoy going for a bike ride, find it envigorating, gets the
    blood pumping. With ugg boots, warm leggings and a jacket.
    Desire, require the organic hydrating rose hip creams for protection.

  35. I find the best way to warm up is to be up and about and out. When I come back inside I can feel the benefits immediately.

  36. After struggling out of bed, muddling through brekkie and packed lunches, dropping the kids at school, I love to go for a run (even though the first few mins are freezing!!) followed by a hot shower! It kicks my body into gear and I can keep warmer for much longer before resorting to heating or blankets!!!……….either that or you know what (heheehee!!!)

  37. Ok so we all supposed to say things about exercising to warm up. I confess – there’s nothing more comforting than being on the couch in a tracksuit, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, and my lovely warm puss snuggled up on my lap.

  38. cuddle up on the couch with a great movie on one of those bleak winter evenings adding another log to the fire

  39. My favourite way to keep warm is rugged up in bed, drinking a hot drink and reading a novel filled with mysteries and intrigued.

  40. a roaring fireplace, wearing a tracksuit and slippers, a hearty dinner while snuggling on the couch before retiring to my toasty warm bed.

  41. A hot relaxing bath followed by snuggling up on the couch with the fire roaring and a nice chocolate port, mmm yummy

  42. Snuggle under my Doona with someone I love but if not possible and its night time, then my uggs, my dressing gown, a glass of red and my fire.

  43. Hubby is crazy! He will finish with a cold shower because he says you warm up quicker when getting dressed! I love a hot shower, which while enjoyable and heats me up is not great for my skin! This is where some Rosehip Plus would come in handy!

  44. to sit up at the cementary with my 17yr old who suicided recently with a chair, hot chocolate and rug and be alone.

  45. I have a very sedentary job, so doing housework that involves some exercise warms me up and limbers me up at the same time. It also means that the house gets clean, so while I’m not OCD, I do like the sense of accomplishment I get from a clean section of the house. Okay … I’m weird.

  46. Hot shower, flannelette PJ’s, furry snuggly dressing gown, ugg boots, hot cup of earl grey tea, packet of biscuits and an excellent book. Ideally, of course, there would be a roaring fire but at the moment I have to be content with the air con!

  47. I keep warm with my daggy old flannel pjs, almost worn to death uggies and my thick purple dressing gown. My partner calls m a dag but I don’t care, I am warm πŸ™‚

  48. Hot & Spicy food , hot chocolate drink and my UGG Boots are my favourite ways to keep me warm in the winter. I love winter season because the air is cold but crisp.

  49. Putting my electric blanket on & rugging up warm with my thermals & jumpers during the day plus loads of homemade soups.

  50. I like to lick the warm froth of my first morning cappuccino! The sensuous way it dissolves on my tongue can even colour Mondays! It’s as comforting as a warm hug from a loved one. It heals almost anything, from a bad day at work to a broken heart.
    I also love mash potato with chives and lots of butter. They’re warm, creamy and good for the soul and mashing them manually releases frustrations, aggression and worries! It’s funny that all the things I do to warm up involve culinary delights!

  51. My favourite way to keep warm during winter is wearing a pair of woollen bed socks knitted for me by my grandma – warm feet, warm body!

  52. Knee high wool socks over trackies, jumper, dressing gown and hot chocolate. Not attractive in the slightest but I get cold easily!


  54. I suffer with a heat sensitivity thing so my body is continuously running hot Summer, Autumn, Spring & Winter, so I don’t really need to warm up, my body is its own electric blanket.

  55. Cooking hearty soups and casseroles for the wintery months. It’s scientific fact that keeping well fed and hydrated helps the body combat the colder months. πŸ™‚

  56. “EATING WELL,is a secret weapon to give winter a COLD Shoulder!
    My favourite Grilled PINK Salmon with herbs and olive oil,sways away

  57. Have the fire placing going all day!! The chilling with my kids watching movies and playing uno when they finish their chores and homework

  58. Yumalicious soups when the mercury droops, wearing fluffier clothes and relaxing in the warm sun makes winter a lot more fun.

  59. Breakfast of porridge, rug up for a brisk walk (to get my vitamin D), later indoor chores and rest in the warmth of home.

  60. My favourite thing is to accessorise! I wear my long, button up wool coat, cashmere houndstooth scarf, chic black gloves and a bejewelled 20’s style hat! It’s a great way for me to stay warm, cosy and look fashionable!

  61. I love putting the heater on in the lounge then taking my dog for a jog to warm up then coming home to a warm house and cuddling with my dog on the couch relaxing after a long day at work!

  62. Put my runners and active wear clothing in the clothes dryer on strong, then this little pony is hot to trot for my daily walk and I stay warm all day long.

  63. Roller derby training. It’s hard to be cold when your friends/teammates are smashing into you on skates repeatedly!

  64. To keep warm during winter I have to layer up or else I would be definitely regretting it afterwards. Hot drinks help temporarily and feel good for that moment but one thing I cannot leave my house without is a nice, fluffy scarf!

  65. I love to go for a run, that really warms me up, especially with a nice warm shower after. The cold wind doesn’t really do anything for my skin though.

  66. Wearing a crazy onesie and dancing like nobody’s watching! Life’s a lot of fun being a stay at home mum!

  67. To keep my warms cheeks rosy, I make myself a warm drink and wear my clothes. When that won’t do, it’s on to the heater! That’s where Rosehip Oil comes into prevent dehydrating my skin.

  68. my extra thick robe and slippers something warm to drink and snuggling up with hubby on the couch watching our favourite shows together.oh and of course getting in bed at night with hubby and getting warm and comfortable under the blankets

  69. Love a hot, morish lunch when its cold and a tasty Vegetable Risotto with loads of butter and parmesan cheese mixed in, warms my soul and my heater set to ‘hot’ does the rest!

  70. Loving going to my mums for a cuppa and conversation Infront of her wood fire it’s so warm and welcoming

  71. Crack of dawn, silent, reading newspaper enjoying raw cocoa hot cuppa (antioxidant) with warm porridge. Started day with warm super foods kids are still asleep

  72. Snuggle under the blankets with my fingerless gloves and kindle for company, nothing like reading to relax…..and of course the dog is usually keeping me company!

  73. My mother secret home-made pumpkin recipe it has everything you need to fight colds and flu’s but also makes you feel warm and good inside but the best bit about it is that its all natural and taste amazing.

  74. My favourite way to keep warm in Winter is sipping hot chocolate in front of my open wood fire place ,snuggling under my blanket with all three of my cats, purfect!!!!!!

  75. I like to layer – first my pj’s, then a big fluffy onesie and slippers, and then on top of that, a blanket – and then huddle on the couch with my human hot water bottle (AKA the baby) and a big mug of tea.

  76. I get the blood flowing by cycling to work (with lots of layers) and once at work, I have a hot cocoa and sit at my desk with a heat pack in my lap!

  77. We warm up by firing up the oven and preparing all our favorite healthy foods, then grab all the pillows in the house and making a cosy pillow forte with doonas and throws, and munch away on the floor as a family.

  78. I love taking my water bottle to bed along with my favourite fluffy blanket that my grandmother made for me. I can feel the warmth of her hug in it too!

  79. My fav way to keep warm in Winter is to warm a heat bag, with a huge blanket and snuggle with my 2 children while watching a movie πŸ™‚ Divine.

  80. I am not a lover of hot weather, but strangely I tend to hibernate in the winter! I know makes no sense!
    I am always conscious of the amount of power I am using and so I tend to dress warmly even when staying at home, and nothing makes me warmer than a nice hot chocolate

  81. I love to keep warm during Winter with a warm to hot bath of bubbles and moisturising body oil….followed by a hearty hot Cup a Soup and relax in a warm robe!

  82. Pure and simple healthy and calming I stay warm with animals. My favourite way to keep warm on a winters day is to keep busy riding and train horses and doing the daily horse care.This keeps my mind and body busy and generates a lot of heat. My night time favourite is snuggling up with a cat or three….furry hot water pads.

  83. I keep warm in winter by snuggling up to my hubby when we have our “nanna” nap in the arvo, and then when we go to bed for the night, Body heat – nothing beats it!!

  84. I keep warm in the cold winter months by making sure there is lots of wood in the wood heater to keep the house nice and warm, while i make a hot cup of tea and enjoy a piece of nutella smothered raisin toast. Yum!

  85. Snuggled up on the couch with my new, thick, hand-knitted socks and my lavender perfumed, heated, bean bag, sipping a good red while watching a favourite movie.

  86. We have a great firepit that we bought. I sit around in the backyard when its cold and have dinner and cuddle up

  87. Reading a book under my warm blanket….with hot chocolate drink next to me…..And if my cat comes too, that will be extra (warmth).

  88. Nothing beats a curry on a Winters’ night, especially my from Mums’ Cookbook she gave me for my 50th Birthday.

  89. Snuggled up in my favorite chair,
    A blanket to combat the the frosty air,
    Cat on my lap – comforting purr, contented sigh,
    Reading between sips from a mug of chai.
    Listening to the pitter-patter rain outside,
    I’m happy to stay right here and hide.

  90. Snuggled up on the lounge with hot chocolate, a warm throw rug, the heater on and Channing Tatum…Channing in the movie unfortunately not next to me.

  91. Wrapped up in a blanket with a heat pack, a hot chocolate in hand and my dog by my side, watching a good movie… nothing is more warming than complete and utter comfort!

  92. Simply a looooong hot soak, with essential oil melts creating an aroma of somewhere warm, bubbles for fun, a glass of wine and a good book to take me away. It warms me, relaxes me and best of all its my time!

  93. Lying in bed with my partner sipping hot honey tea while watching a movie together! Can’t forget the snuggles πŸ™‚

  94. my fave way to keep warm is after a nice hot shower cuddling into my mink blanket with a hot cup of coffee or tea

  95. I eat a lot of chilli and capsicums! Not only do they warm me up, but they give you an enorphine rush ( a runners high, as it’s known) and are excellent for digestion and sinus troubles.

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