Interview and Giveaway With mylo-dee Creator My-Linh Dang

Today we welcome My-Linh Dang, creator of bespoke active wear mylo-dee to Beauty and Lace. My-Linh has kindly given up her time to answer my many burning questions and we have a glorious giveaway for you too, read on below to find out more.

What inspired you to create mylo-dee?

The idea for customized active wear that can be designed online – by the wearer – actually morphed over time, but my main inspiration came from two things. Firstly, from observing a class separation in my gym classes – with the skinny girls in their little shorts and tight tops always at the front of the class, and the other girls in their grungy black sweats and grey tees almost hiding at the back of the class. We are all so busy these days – tackling it out in corporate jobs, juggling parenting and whatnot – I think all women should be proud of the fact that they are able to make any time to exercise, to move and to look after their bodies.

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Secondly, it was borne out of pure need. I have lots of difficulty finding active wear pieces for myself that fit and flatter my petite frame. When I do find something that I like, there are lots of other girls wearing the same thing. It got me thinking: women loathe turning up somewhere to find someone wearing the identical outfit – yet, why do we put up with it when it comes to active wear?

So I wanted to create something that would excite me to wear, and which would motivate me to get out and move my butt – and hopefully do the same for other women too.

What was the initial response when you first came out with a bespoke range?

The first response I usually get when someone hears about the mylo-dee concept is along the lines of “yes! Do you have something that doesn’t … [hug me here; is too short there; too revealing elsewhere; that’s not black]”. Women just love the online designer app and that they can create garments that flatter their shape and choose their own colour combinations. I think it really speaks to how sophisticated women are these days when it comes to clothes and fashion, and I find it really exciting that mylo-dee can contribute to that in active wear. We’ve also had a really positive response to the online styling room where we provide advice on the types of silhouettes and garment features that suit each body shape, as well as suggestions on which mylo-dee styles will suit their body shape. It’s great to see that women are focussing on the most important aspect of dressing: and that is shape, not size!

What materials do you use and what benefits do they offer?

All of our jerseys are imported fromFrance. They’re “technical” fabrics, which mean they are designed specifically for sportswear with features such as four-way stretch (in other words, super stretchy to move when you move), quick-dry, UV protection and anti-bacterial qualities (so you can wear it after a work-out without the associated pong!). But the main thing – and the thing that our customers always comment on – is how beautiful the fabric feels against your skin. Some of the fabric is so luscious; you’d never guess it was “sports” fabric, so you could even wear the garments when you’re not exercising. I have a few pieces that I mix and match with my “every day” outfits when I’m not exercising.

What type of exercise can you be seen doing most often?

I love body pump and I swear by reformer pilates for toning up all those difficult places. Every other morning, you’ll find me jogging because I’m training for my first half marathon this year (mind you, I’ve been wanting to do a marathon every year for the last 2 or 3 years!).

Do you believe social media (facebook, twitter, ect…) have helped to develop and promote your brand?

mylo-dee soft launched at the end of 2012, so we’re very young and still experimenting with social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest at the moment. Facebook has been really great for promoting the brand organically through friends, and friends of friends. Twitter has been fantastic for connecting with a broader audience, and I believe this is where Beauty & Lace discovered mylo-dee. We’re also seeing a lot of traffic referred to the mylo-dee website from Pinterest. The great thing about all of these is that, you just never know who will stumble upon the brand.

Why do you think fashion is an important aspect of active wear?

You know that excitement you feel when you’ve purchased a beautiful dress or funky outfit, and you want to go out – just to wear the outfit? Well, wouldn’t it be great if we felt that way about active wear? Imagine having something that you’ve designed yourself, that you’re proud to wear, that you want to wear – so much so that you actually get off your butt and head out for a run, walk, dance, yoga – just to wear it! With mylo-dee, you can also share your designs with family and friends – making it a real interactive creative process. So, for example, sports teams can design their uniforms socially, or you can get together with your friends to design matching tops for team entries to fun runs and competitions… It just makes the entire process more social and fun. I think if we are excited about our exercise clothes, we’re more likely to get up and move.

What are your favourite designs you choose for yourself?

That’s like asking a mother to choose her favourite child! Well, I’m a petite pear, so my Licorice Dreams and Trolley Racing get the most wear because the curved lines around the bust create the illusion of curves just where I need it. You’ll also find me jogging in Guava Juice with the slit back, and a V-necked Love Tuesdays layered over a colourful sports bra.

If you could design any item of active wear for anyone, who would it be for?

Cate Blanchett. She makes glamour look so effortless that it’s easy to forget how amazing she is at her job and the fact that she is a mum and a wife. A true super woman – like so many other women that cross our paths every day.

What makes you happy?

Good, clean food and slow barefoot running on the beach.

Thank you My-Linh for your time and good luck in your marathon!

mylo-dee and Beauty and Lace are giving you the chance to win your own mylo-dee design! All you need to do is leave a comment below describing your dream work-out outfit. Good luck!

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35 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway With mylo-dee Creator My-Linh Dang

  1. 3/4 leggings, stretchy material, not too tight around the waste, supportive tank that is made of breatheable material, anklet socks and cushioning supportive runners.

  2. For running it needs to be fitting and a convenient zip pocket on the leggings for keys & money. A zip pocket for my iphone would be brilliant on the top.

  3. Dream workout outfit is form fitting so there’s nothing to impede a good workout like dangling fabric or accessories; it’s breathable, fast drying, maybe wicking, it’s fashionable without being OTT, pleasant neutral colours , beiges mixed with pale greens and pinks, and of course machine washable and durable.

  4. Sportswear that not only looks and feels great but also has the added benefits of four-way stretch, UV Protection, quick dry and anti- bacterial protection sounds absolutely brilliant!

  5. My dream outfit would be comfortable, keep me dry, be durability but not lacking style. The would be designed to work with the natural curves my body for ease of movement during all styles of exercise. Bright colours and different breathable fabrics would make them more appealing than the old, traditional t-shirt and shorts.

    1. Sorry….this is the edited version

      My dream outfit would be comfortable, keep me dry, be durability but not lacking style. They would be designed to work with the natural curves of my body for ease of movement during all styles of exercise. Bright colours and different breathable fabrics would make them more appealing than the old, traditional t-shirt and shorts.

  6. Something that holds the wobbly bits in,
    I only exercise because I am far from thin.
    Black with a splash of pink and white,
    these are the things that make me feel right.

  7. For work I’d love to be able to wear leggings with a loose brightly colourful top. Hopefully the top would cover up any figure flaws which we all have, and be cool, light and comfortable.

  8. 3/4 stretchy pants, a top long & tight enough not to ride up during yoga (downward dogs!) but with a bit of fabric to disguise my muffin top!

  9. My dream work out outfit is the one that hugs my body shape comfortably.

    Something stretchy (I would hate having a tear while I’m doing squatting – it happened to my hubby in his pump class).

    It has to be firm so it helps holding the muscle and the flabby bits (I rather not see my flabs bouncing up and down).

    Looking stylish is a bonus.

  10. Fitted black short pants with a high waist. I have great legs to show off but a wobbly tummy thanks to my kids that needs to be contained! With a nice colourful singlet top but nothing too fitted.

  11. My dream workout outfit is something comfortable to wear, breathable, easy to wash and dry and feels great while working out.

  12. Workouts never go like the dreams. But step into my dream workout gear, and dreams become possible. As comfy as PJs, as sleek as lycra, the Lisa Dream Range turns one into a rainbow of energy. Pushups? No probs! Step class? Easy as walking to the fridge. Extra repetitions? Yes please! 🙂

  13. My dream workout outfit (as a group fitness instructor) has bold colours and geometric prints to stand out from the crowd. Sharp lines and flattering fit – I love a singlet with build in support and yoga shorts.

  14. My dream outfit is purple fitted stretch pants, with a mauve, longish. loose tee and a vee neck. My figure is not the greatest and I want something comfortable and flattering. I hate short tops that expose my tummy when I am exercising

  15. My dream outfit is tight above the knee stretchy pants probably black, a loose racer back breathable (and brightly coloured) top and a racer back sports bra.

  16. Whilst attempting ever so hard to be more “yummy” than “glummy, this mummy just needs something that looks great for the school drop off so I can keep motivated to exercise as soon as that school bell rings!

  17. One that is comfortable and practical and makes me look like Miranda Kerr. Well you did say it was our DREAM work-out outfit!

  18. my dream work-out outfit would be something comfortable, and something warm for the winter weather, or keeps me cool for the summer weather.

    especially now, i like thermal tops/tights, earband and gloves.

  19. 3/4 quarter aerobic leggings, sports crop top with an oversized tank top (to cover my bum) water drink bottle in my left hand and great music pumping in my ears with my phone. And of course be jogging along the shoreline.

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