Omnisax Garden Party Collection Giveaway

The perfect companion for your many shopping trips, Omnisax features reusable, foldable bags that are nothing short of gorgeous.

The latest collection, Garden Party, features beautiful designs of soft florals and swirling brights. Each bag is designed and specially tested to hold at least 20kg and carry twice as much groceries as an ordinary bag. And better yet, they’re washable and easy to fold.

We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to win the Garden Party Pouch Set, including five of the blossoming designs.


To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what you would serve at a garden party.

Competition closes 02/05/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
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– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email.

73 thoughts on “Omnisax Garden Party Collection Giveaway

  1. I would do a buffet High Tea, one of the best ones I have attended – with mini pies, quiches and sandwiches, with macaroons, mini cheesecakes, pavlovas and brownies with honeyed cream. I’m sure the options are endless – and I’m sure I’d keep going.

  2. Themeing the party as a walk with the fairies i would serve enchanted foods from all around the world-with the main center piece being a stack of fairy bread-bring out the inner child in everyone.

  3. I would have an Alice in Wonderland themed garden party and serve cake pops decorated as white rose bushes. I would provide paint brushes and red food dye so the guests can “paint the roses red” before biting into their delicious red velvet cake pops.

  4. Cupcakes with fondant bees landing on them; pink lemonade with butterfly straws; chocolate noodle cups with an ‘egg’ in the middle of the nest. Such a relaxing place for a party with all my friends.

  5. Mini quiches,sausage rolls,party pies & an assortment of cheeses .Cool homemade Lemonade & tea served in proper china cups & saucers.To finish off mini pavolas,strawbery tartlets & lemon meringue pies.

  6. Surrounded with softly lit lanterns at dusk in autumn providing a lush magical setting . I would highlight my gardens seasonality with assortment of finger foods and hors d’oevre varied in texture and taste. Ingredients appropriate to setting. Rich dishes with cream and cheese, root vegetables and game meats. Charcuterie tray or crudites. Snacks like olives, black truffle popcorn and spiced nuts. Salty- cheese gougeres, bacon wrapped figs, caviar blinis with creme fraiche. Crunchy- fava bean bruschetta, crostini with tapenade, lotus chips with spicy mayonnaise. Creamy-duck rillettes with prunes foie gras mousse, brandade stuffed piquillo peppers. Spiced-roasted 5 spice chickpeas, garlic sausages en croute, pan fried chorizo. Sweet-summer melon with jambon de bayonne, baked brie with honey and candied walnut. Earthy- mushroom volau vents, white truffle robiola flatbread, wagyu beef negimaki. Delicate-vegetable summer rolls, oysters with migonette, patato pancake with gravlax and dill. Chilled- Melon with jambon de bayonne, chilled mussels with saffron, aioli venison carpaccio with baby herb salad.

  7. I would definitely serve ‘Dirt Cake’… which is a chocolate mudcake baked in a terracotta plant pot. When cooled, add chocolate icing and sprinkle on crushed chocolate biscuits to look like dirt. Then “plant” a couple of beautiful bright fake flowers… Gorgeous & Delicious!

  8. Having been to a garden party I did so love the unusual cucumber sandwiches and curried egg sandwiches and that’s what I would serve as they were very popular and so different to what you would expect.

  9. I’d love to have a garden Garden Party, where everything served is from my garden. Since I don’t have a garden yet, this is all imagination at the moment. But I’d love to serve raw vegie swizzle sticks in apple cocktails, mini potato frittatas, stuffed flowers (zucchini, nasturtium etc) and a multitude of salads,

  10. To set the theme I would have an avenue of giant pinwheels tied with pink and white bows directing the guests to tulle draped trees. Champagne and strawberries served on platters and lemonade and strawberries for the children.

    An assortment of finger foods for ease of eating. Leak and broccoli tartlets, salmon filo parcels, curried lamb samosas, nut patties with mango relish. Yum! Not to forget our sweet tooth – rhubarb syrup puddings, mini white chocolate cheesecakes, chocolate fudge torte and of course lamingtons; every childs favourite.

    We can’t forget the magic dress-up corner for the children to play dress-ups and run around like little garden fairies – complete with wands, tiaras and dainty wings.

    So when does it start – I’m coming!

  11. I would serve traditional cucumber sandwiches and yummy macarons in fruity flavours. Lemonade sprinkled with edible flower petals also be very refreshing for my guests.

  12. My High Tea is decadent cupcakes , mini savory delights of chicken,avocado & peanut butter sandwiches,strawberries with a dark chocolate fountain all served in sugarcoated dainty dishes with a array of Earl Grey,lady Grey & Chai Tea’s…all in my back garden with glitter as you arrive & as you leave a goodie magic bag of liqueur chocolates & lip glosses.

  13. I would love to have a simple garden party with some nice and clean canapes, some refreshing drinks and plenty of laughter

  14. Chicken Caesar Salad, Apple Tartlets with Cream, and Champagne with Strawberries. Food that is delicious and just a little bit fancy without being too fussy. Perfect for a garden party.

  15. A fairy themed high tea, so adults and children can spoil themselves, little triangular sandwiches filled with your heart desires, or craved. Achocolate fondue to dip your strawberries, lolly gobble bliss bombs. pink marshmallows and skittles ♥♥

  16. BBQ as in australia thats the best way to garden party relax with great friends and great food and leftovers for days

  17. what i would serve at a garden party is you cannot have a garden party without having scones with either tea and coffee and even hot chocolate for those cold days we have been having lately

  18. Butterfly cakes, gorgeous little fluffy cupcakes topped with vanilla whipped cream; scones fresh from the oven; ribbon sandwiches with various fillings.

  19. I’d serve the usual gourmet sandwiches, mini-quiches, petit fours etc. but….the big difference with my tea party would be the people serving…those nice topless men from ManPower Australia. Now that would make a memorable garden party!

  20. I would serve mini gingerbread muffins – these are surprisingly light, and tend to appeal both to people who like sweet and savory treats. And they’re just a little unusual, so people might remember them fondly.

  21. In this fantasy world (you haven’t seen MY garden) I would delegate to my caterer girlfriend. She can organise whatever food she likes while I enjoy my guests!

  22. I would serve delicate, floral, fragrant tea like Jasmine Green Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea.

    I would pick dainty finger food that crumbles in the first bite and some sweet food that is subtle but flavoursome like well aerated lemon tart.

    For something that’s more filling, scone would be the ideal choice with choices of sweet, fruity jam like raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.

  23. I would want my garden party to be memorable, fun and delicious so i would serve mini blackberry pies, mojo pork kebabs, strawberry cupcakes, chicken salad sandwiches and rhubarb fizz and lemonade…

  24. A High Tea – with cupcakes, macrons, and lots of little nibbles – champagne and plenty of cups of tea!

  25. My guests would be seated at a table seating twelve with a perfect lace tablecloth, mismatched vintage china and vases with blossoming flowers.

    The table will be filled with fudgey brownie cookies, oreo cake pops, strawberry and lemonade cake, pink champagne cupcakes, tea sandwiches, vanilla and lilac macaroons, scones with fresh cream and jam and a variety of coffee, teas and iced lemonade.

  26. Champagne, and lots of it, so by the time I bring our the mini pies and pasties with sauce everyone is too sloshed to care.

  27. A garden tea party. Finger foods-all delicate and feminine. I can see crust-less club sandwiches ( crab and Camembert, cucumber, cream cheese and gherkin), mini quiches and red velvet cupcakes, jelly cakes and cream horns.

  28. I’d have a pink and white polka dot theme with yummy marshmallow teacups, cookies with pink icing, scones, yum.

  29. I would have savories like corn chips and dips, crackers topped with garnish, cheese, pieces of ham. Lovely little dainty cupcakes with pretty butterfly decorations ontop….easy little finger food for everyone to enjoy, big and small.

  30. I would serve food from my garden at my Garden Party – rocket salad, tomato and basil bruschetta, roasted vegetable tarts, berry cupcakes, washed down with home-made cordials and herb teas !

  31. i would serve a platter of cheeses mmm almond and apricot coconut cheese and some beautiful riesling

  32. Cups of tea, fairy bread, pigs in blankets, cupcakes with TONS of pink icing.. and thats just for us adults!

  33. Quiche lorraine, spinach and feta pasties, toasties with cream cheese and smoked salmon and dill, little sausage rolls, mixed filled vol au vents, cucumber sandwiches, selection of dips with crackers. All so yummy nobody will notice it is sugar free!

  34. Definitely an Aussie Barby, but with a more formal twist. Meat and seasonal vegetables all served on china platters. Crystal glasses, fine china dinner wear, all on a perfectly set table, with matching napkins. Jars decorated with ribbon bows, filled with blooms from the garden to decorate the tables. A real opportunity to bring out the super feminine side of me, and share it with those I love!

  35. OMG… cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes…
    all sorts of flavours and fillings…
    ohhh and some healthy nibblies…. for those that are watching their waist lines…:D
    With plenty of water, tea/coffee and smoothies…:D
    sounds that good I want to have one now….lol

  36. I’d do a bright and festive Mexican Fiesta for family and friends. Serve quesadillas, grilled corn, guacamole and chips, salsa, and plenty of tacos where the guests makes their own. For dessert Empanadas, Chocolate Tres Leches Cake and Churros. Play mariachi music, and serve margaritas and beer.

  37. I’d invite the Queen to my garden party & no-one would even notice what I served. Though the fine china & delicate, delicious morsels would indeed be fit for the Queen.

  38. A garden party for my fur child Rei and her dog parents and aunts,
    On the menu little boys (frankfurts), home made liver, cheese and apple biscuits for a great choice, in shapes of cats hydrants and dog bones. Puppy milk to drink giving them all great milk mush moustaches

  39. I would serve up some lovely home made cakes and sandwiches at a garden party. And i would include other types of drinks.. Be it water infused with lemon and lime. And then theres the other choice of tea either flavoured teas or just black or green tea. Or coffee either instant or ground. There are some many items that i would like to share with my friends and maily its their company and lots of conversation.

  40. I love some little cakes and keeping it simple some cute sandwiches and finger food, not going overboard in food, but serving some nice hot tea and coffee and enjoy your guests.

  41. We’ve just moved from the City to an acreage block so my definition of a garden party is everyone coming over in their gum boots and wide brim hats to pull out weeds. BYO everything.

  42. At my garden party I’d serve:

    Wraps, cold meats and salad
    Barbecued chicken, pieces of salmon, prawns and lamb kebabs
    New potatoes served warm with butter and herbs
    Char-grilled vegetables, such as eggplant, capsicum and zucchini
    Gourmet cheeses and specialty crackers
    A range of delicious dips and crudités
    Fresh fruit (particularly if presented with chocolate dipping sauce — just delicious and always a hit!)

    and to drink:

    Homemade lemonade
    Summer punch (with or without alcohol)
    Ginger beer, sparkling water and delicious fruit juices
    Tea and coffee

    I’d have to say the best garden parties involve warm hospitality. That means the host/hostess enjoys themselves to the utmost that it trickled down to the guests resulting in all involved having a great time. This, coupled with a great ambience, such as one created with fairy lights, candles and pretty floral table clothes would make for an exceptional time as the ambience really adds to the memories that people will take away and keep forever!

  43. Served by my butler, the finest of teas,
    Laid on a cloth of lace, under the trees.
    Cucumber sandwiches, bite size for ease,
    Followed by wicked and luscious brownies.

  44. My spatula is my magic kitchen wand, I adore creating tantalizingly and delicious food fit for entertaining an entire royal family. With an outdoor picnic comes lamingtons, mini gourmet sandwiches and fresh lemonade = scrumptious perfection.

  45. something like my Reiki group do, we always say its simple but it not. There are sweet and savory including chocolates, also chocolates.Tea always serve in bone china cups and saucers

  46. I would host a delicate garden party with an Anne of Green Gables theme where everyone gets dressed up and we have tea in fine china tea cups and yummy cupcakes and finger sandwiches!

  47. I would serve at a garden party would be few sugar free treats as I am a sugar free girl .,yummy sugar free cupcakes, with nice fresh egg and lettuce sandwiches. Cheese ball and crackers.
    got everyone covered.

  48. Masterchef in the kitchen I’m not,
    But my “Sparkling” themed High Tea would really rock!
    Attractive ribbon sandwiches, light and airy scones,
    Soft velvety profiteroles, with delicate macarons.
    Served with sparkly sugar crystals and decorations of bling,
    On a warm sunny day in the height of spring!

  49. I’d have hunky topless waiters with awesome six packs serve at my tea party. It wouldn’t matter what they served as all the ladies wouldn’t notice the food!

  50. Sweet vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing – delicate, delicious and a definite hit, that will make sure everyone comes back for more

  51. Fairy bread, butterfly cupcakes & pixie dust (sherbert )… with 2 young girls a garden party would be a fairy garden party

  52. Popping candy sundaes that make my guests jump in their seats and look up at the beautiful trees and sky – to fully appreciate the location.

  53. Eye candy!! I’d enlist an army of semi clad spunks to serve champagne and cucumber sandwiches, at my girls only garden party aka gossip and giggles session 😉

  54. High Tea Fresh Cream and scones English Tea with soft cucumber crust free sandwich’s.
    In 1930s Dress Code style Only

  55. I would serve things made of sugar and spice and all things nice!
    ADorable cupcakes decorated with sugared roses, Olive, feta and walnut vol au vents, smoked salmon sandwiches and Earl Greay tea!

  56. I’d put a big bowl of hydrangeas in the middle of a long shabby chic inspired table, set up with damask table cloth and silverware, then I’d serve lavender and cream cupcakes and several pots of different herbal teas.

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