Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist Giveaway

Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist is an exotically exquisite facial mist that is nothing short of divine. A delicate combination of Bulgarian rose, soothing aloe vera juice and antioxidant-rich acai fruit extract helps to combat skin dehydration and makes a refreshing and revitalising treat to spritz throughout the day.

Packaged in an elegant glass bottle, this facial mist can be used –


  • –  As a gentle skin toner. Simply spray onto a cotton pad and wipe gently over face
  • – For when skin is feeling a little stressed from working in an air-conditioned environment
  • – For skin parched from the wintery winds
  • – A pick-me-up after exercise and long flights
  • – As an anti-stressing aid. The beautiful rose scent has a very calming effect

We have one bottle to giveaway to a lucky Beauty and Lace reader!

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us where you would take your bottle if you went travelling?

Competition closes 03/06/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email.

*All Planet Eve Organics products are proudly Australian Certified Organic, who have one of the strictest certifying standards in the world

87 thoughts on “Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist Giveaway

  1. i would take to a botanic garden so i could walk around and feel fresh and beautiful as a rose blooming on a spring day.

  2. Im like a cracked record. I have been saving for just over 4 years now and long to get back to see my adopted Dad in the USA so see that would certainly be a long flight that my skin would want rehydration from Planet Eve.

  3. I would take my bottle with me to Australia’s Outback. The beautiful scent would keep me feeling fresh during the days hot heat & at night would help me drift off to sleep, spritzed on my face after a lovely bath. The stylish glass bottle would add some class to my red centre bathroom & would remind me off the city life of home.

  4. I would take my bottle of Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist everywhere with me for keeping my face refreshed, as I would store it in my handbag.

  5. I’m heading to Europe for 5wks in mid-June – this hydrating mist would be perfect to refresh my skin after the looooong flights, and to cool and hydrate on the beaches of Santorini 🙂

  6. I’d take this Rose Mist with me on a trip to The Netherlands when I meet up with my father’s side of the family after over thirty years. The last trip on the plane was really long and dehydrated my skin so much. This would be my luxurious necessity!

  7. I would take it all over australia when i go on a road trip soon. My skin would never get the chance to get dry and stressed!!

  8. I would take it to Egypt and spray it when my skin is feeling yukky from all of the exploring I would do in the pyramids! Cleopatra would be proud 😉

  9. I love travelling. I even like flying. But I can’t stand airports – too closed in, too many people, too much waiting, too much air-conditioning. I’d test the anti-stress powers of Planet Eve’s rose scent to keep my nerves in check.

  10. On a cruise to anywhere. Imagine the beautiful smell in the cabin as well as following me wherever I went.

  11. I would take it travelling on the buses and trains in Sydney. If you’re a regular traveller in Winter and have whiffed eau-de-mass-commuter you would know exactly why.

  12. My husband and I are planning to do the Great Ocean Road by ourselves (mind you this won’t be for a while because our kids are still little!) so that’s where I’d take my bottle of Planet Eve Organic Rose Hydration Mist >;o)

  13. Travelling ? HA ! Haven’t had the time or money to go anywhere in years ! But theoretically speaking, I would love to refresh my skin over in Norway on a trip with my family.

  14. I’m planning a long weekend (4 nights) in Canberra in 4 weeks….the facial mist would be awesome to keep my skin hydrated and healthy while battling the freezing temperatures there. This gorgeous Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist would not leave my side!

  15. I would take it Glamping with me,
    As easy as 1 2 3,
    I will apply this refreshing mist,
    And hopefully attract a little kiss!

  16. I’d take my bottle to a gorgeous health spa in Bali I’ve been dreaming of visiting later this year – I’d need this spray to cope with the hot, humid weather

  17. Well, I should of taken it to Japan. There was a lot of smog in the air and my skin felt terrible.

  18. I would take my bottle on the plane with me. To refresh/hydrate my skin during flight and also to protect it from the air-conditioning.

  19. I would take it with me everywhere, everyday, so I would be able to freshen and hydrate my skin wherever I am…and always have the beautiful scent of roses around me! Absolute bliss!

  20. Im going to Hawaii soon, so this mist would be very handy for the flight and during the day to freshen up 🙂

  21. I would take it with me EVERYWHERE I go. From a quick retouch before dropping the littlies to school to even going to do my shopping and then if I go out at night … nothing beats a fresh face as you face all the challenges of life 🙂

  22. If I went travelling to Europe, I would take Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist with me to keep me spruced up and hydrated and ready to really enjoy my holiday!

  23. Russia: I’ve always wanted to travel there and I know the climate would be very unkind to my skin.

  24. High on a mountain in the Austrian alps, where white snow, sun and icy wind work nasty magic on my skin, hydration mist would be handy there

  25. I would take it with me travelling to an island resort so that I’d be refreshed when I got there.

  26. When we go away this winter to explore a NSW country town, this hydrating, relaxing face spray could be just what my skin needs!

  27. I would take it with me everywhere – except sadly not on a
    plane because it would be too big – perfect for when I arrive on my island getaway!

  28. I would take mine to Bali in September, when I am going for 3 weeks. The climate over there is very dehydrating and harsh on the skin and this would be perfect.

  29. I would take my Planet Eve Organic Rose Hydration Mist to Bangkok with me next month because you need something to freshen up walking the streets over there and this sounds divine 🙂

  30. I’d have it in my handbag and spritz myself after skiing, it’d be interesting to see if it freezes!

  31. I would take this bottle with me to Melbourne! I’m travelling there in winter and my skin is going to need a whole lot of hydration!! The rose scent would undoubtedly make me feel wonderfully calm too!

  32. I’m actually going away on a trip on Monday with two of my children. Flying home to Europe to visit my father because he is very sick. It would have been ideal to take this bottle with me. Four flights and a trip that will take up 40 hours door to door. My skin and my eyes always gets so dry by flying, drinking water and moisturising isn’t helping.

  33. Everywhere I go so that it would always be on hand to not only use but to show friends and possible admirers

  34. I love rose scents and this spritzer sounds amazing especially in the cold winds that can dry out skin. And to also be able to use as a facial toner, this product sounds just amazing would love this.

  35. I would definitely pack Planet Eve on a romantic weekend with my partner. My rosy scent will hopefully add to the atmosphere even though I plan on a rose scented hotel room with petals in the spa!

  36. A handbag essential in my dried up old office where the heating almost blasts me out of my seat each day!

  37. I would take it with me to The Whitsunday’s as it would help against the tropical climate air and refresh and revitalise me.

  38. I’d take it to Disneyland! Running after the kiddies I’d definitely need a refresher. BTW Disneyland is wishful thinking :-p

  39. I would take it with me when I go dancing, so that I smell as sweet and fresh as a rose till the wee hours of morning

  40. i would take it with me on my wknd trips with mates to the coast so i look good when me and my girls are out on the town and out on the prowl, so i look fresh and gorgeous

  41. What a gorgeous product! This would be ideal to have in your handbag permanently but I sure would love to take it to a island paradise such as Bora Bora – ahhhhhhh heaven in a bottle and on earth!

  42. My boyfriend is Vietnamese and I travel there for long stints. Its so humid there and they have no brand products that are terrible. I only usually put things on my face that I could eat so organic face care is my thing! I recently 6 bottles of rose water for my face and its all gone! I love the smell!

  43. I’ve returned from England to live in the Tropics . . I’d forgotten just how dastardly damaging to skin this tropical environment can be. Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist , please help me retain my acquired “English Rose” complexion with its rosy fragrance inspiring flashbacks to wonderful times away.

  44. Travelling back and forth chasing after bub
    The runaway toddler who’s faster than a lion cub.
    One moment of distraction and she’s run away,
    Playing hide and seek in the shop’s fashion displays.

    The Rose Hydration Mist could be my favourite companion
    To spray my face, provide calming relaxation
    To those stressful moments when you think she’s gone
    And your heart’s in your throat and you’re feeling forlorn.

  45. Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration mist is going to be my number one product in my handbag ! For calm hydrated times anywhere anytime !!

  46. Id take it where ever I would travel as I think every day on holiday a little pick me up goes a long way.

  47. This Rose Hydration Mist would have been ideal for on the long plane flight to Los Angeles and at the Grand Canyon where I have just returned from a holiday two days ago!
    But I would be content to carry it around in my ‘Mary Poppins’ handbag and use it to refresh, calm and de-stress myself daily!

  48. Suffer with dry sensitive skin – love to trial Rose Hydration Mist. Sounds like the product for me. I hope I am one of the lucky receipients.

  49. A bottle and mist as beautiful as this deserves a to travel to the most amazing place on this earth – Tuscany.

  50. Malaysia. It’s my family’s favourite holiday destination and I love it. The only downside’s that flying really dehydrates my skin so this would be perfect!

  51. A smile creeps across my face as the fresh Bulgarian rose scent tickles my nose and my skin wears a luscious sheen of Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist. With every spritz I’d imagine a new location:

    … It would be hard not to feel like an exotic princess while bouncing along on the back of a camel ride in the sand hills of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates while lightly sprinkling my face from the elegant glass bottle….

    Ah, where could I travel next?

  52. I would take it to a trip away to the snow so i can stay hydrated, soft and smell great in the harsh conditions!

  53. I’m a humanitarian aid worker, so travel the world a fair bit. I would carry it with me on all those long-haul flights from Oz and back again.

  54. Taking my Rose Hydration Mist to my interview in a couple of weeks as an anti-stressing aid. The beautiful rose scent has a very calming effect.. I get so nervous so I will spray it when I’m in the life. Calm me down.

  55. Unfortunately i dont have any exotic holiday plans, just a visit to my daughter for the arrival of my 1st grandbaby, so i would take my bottle everywhere in my handbag & im sure i’d use it while in the delivery room to sooth both our nerves for my daughter & myself. Lovely way to calm down between contractions!

  56. It would travel in my handbag wherever I go, so I can use it anytime, anywhere I needed a quick mist of hydration to get me through another sight-seeing tour!

  57. I would keep it in my desk at work to spray away the stress of teaching at a special school.

  58. I wish I could go back in time with a bottle of Planet Ever rose hydrating mist to my trip to India a couple of years back. It sure would have come in handy on those hot, sweaty and exhausting 30hr overnight train trips! Will definitely be taking in to Vietnam with me this year!

  59. I would take the “Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist” with me on the plane to Europe. Yes I am going on a European River Cruise – Amsterdam to the Black Sea. On a VERY long flight my sensitve skin will be thirsty and the Rose hydration might be just what my skin needs!!!!!!!!

  60. Mikonos, Greece – it beholds the best sunsets in the world and the ocean is so blue you can see your reflection in it. A great place to sip on a glass of wine, spray a few pumps of Planet Eve Organics Rose Hydration Mist and contemplate the future, while reflecting on the past.

  61. If I won a bottle of this rose potion, I would take it to every place I went if I got the slightest notion! but most of all I would spray it on to make myself feel glamorous on romantic occasions.

  62. Travelling always makes me stressed and I need to remain calm and collected when I am not around my normal surroundings.

  63. the dog show- a great pick-me-up in the morning after a night dog show with a morning one to prepare for

  64. I’d take my bottle on walks along the coast because the strong coastal wind leaves my skin feeling dry but with this spray I am sure my skin will feel more hydrated and plump.

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