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Chia seeds are receiving quite a lot of worshipping of the late so what better time then to feature a company dedicated entirely to the seed?

The Chia Co was founded by fourth generation farmer John Foss after researching natural solutions to modern diet related diseases and discovering that the teeny seed contains ample amounts of health benefits.


Whilst there are numerous brands of chia making their eager appearance The Chia Co is the world’s largest producer of raw and natural chia seeds. Alongside the popular seed, they also have a range consisting of Chia Oil, Chia Bran, Ground Chia Seeds and Chia Shots. In short, The Chia Co is a haven for all things chia.


If that’s not enough to convince you of their dedication to the seed, then consider this. All chia products are proudly

  • – Gluten Free
  • – Halal certified
  • – Kosher certified
  • – Excellent source of Omega 3 (ALA)
  • – High Source of Protein
  • – Rich in Antioxidants
  • – Excellent source of dietary fiber
  • – Endorsed by the Coeliac Society Inc (Australia)
  • – Endorsed by the National Heart Foundation (Australia)
  • – Grown naturally / GMO Free

Stockists – To discover more about chia seeds, The Chia Co, look up tasty recipes or to locate your nearest stockists, visit or phone 1300 244 226 (Australia only)

One thought on “The Chia Co

  1. I’ve been seeing alot of magazines talking about Chia Seeds and their benefits. I am interested but I looked at some packet (brand unknown) and nearly fainted at the price of it.

    I am thinking I had better look around and find at least one packet I could afford to at least try.

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